Oh my gosh

My mom’s gonna pay me today

I might be able to afford something off of bodyline

I’ll make a post later with all the stuff I want in it so people can help me decide uvu

I wanna get a sweet lolita print

Then again, I wanna get some casual lolita uvu

hI im on a computer for now (but no later than like 4 will i be on it) so i can get some things done uvu aLSO PSA : MY BIRTHDAY IS IN EXACTLY A WEEK NOW 
and that is all have a happy friday B)


   Oh, shiny eyes, bright as the sun. When Jax, Caitlyn’s Luxray, looked up at her, she could swear there was gold in those optics. He was big and intimidating by now, but as fast as he looked at his trainer they were kind. She couldn’t help thinking about them when she had the sun shining brightly in her own, blinding her.

  Laying in the grass an early morning, it was several hours until the officer was supposed to be at her office. She found herself taking a walk outside of the city, laying down by a nearby tree with a bottle of water next to her. Maybe she’d take a run if the coffee from breakfast would kick in eventually.

  Sighing, the redhead thought she heard a noise not too far away. She looked up and in the other direction. That’s when she saw a pokémon she was actually familiar with, Raichu, stand there. With her devoted love for all electric-types that came before her adoration of any other time, of course she could’t just let it go.


   ❝ What are you doin’ here, huh? ❞