I forgot photoshop

*loves the Fic to the point of animating scenes from it*

F O U R  S C Y T H E  C H I L D

I think, at least. I’m still really busy with school, I wish I had been on tumblr more often but I feel like school has been consuming me more than ever so.

I definitely have a feeling I’ll be off hiatus (it does say I’m semi-hiatus In my status, gomen!) after AP testing, which is um.. in May. Until then I’ll be queuing posts so I won’t stay so inactive for my followers, and when I’m finished with all that madness, I’ll be able to finally come back ;u; ALSO. I won’t trash away all the messages I got in the past months. I promise I will read and reply to each one of them when I get to a computer, although I don’t know when that might be. (SOON, I hope)

On another note, my laptop hasn’t been charging at all, which is very obnoxiously annoying because it has to be in a certain position to charge, so yeah. I’m getting a new one for my birthday which is in a couple of months, so I’m really looking forward to that! On a side-side note, it’s not a good idea for me to blog through mobile (which I’m using right now) because it’s insanely slow and can you guys believe I still have an iPhone 4s? Yeah it’s a long story I REALLY NEED TO UPDATE -shot-

But anyWHO this is just a huge lame excuse for being absent for so many months, but I’ll make it up to you guys- somehow. I really miss tumblr. Mostly because you guys make me like, the happiest person ever.

Annnnd that concludes my unnecessarily-long-‘I’m-back’ post. See you guys in May! ^^

i forgot why i had photoshop open so i clicked on it and it was because i photoshopped sufjan into the “dermatologists HATE her!” ad for manda & anet but I’m not posting it on here sorry