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Buffy Meme  [2/7] characters →  Tara

I was just afraid if you saw the kind of people I came from, you wouldn’t wanna be anywhere near me.



the day the SU pilot was released online and the day i drew my first fanart for it! there’s somethin special about being a fan of something from the start. Steven Universe is so important to me as an artist what with helping me refocus on my goals and inspiring me endlessly. props to Rebecca Sugar and the whole crewniverse for making the cartoon i wish i could have watched as a kid and the cartoon i want to work on as an adult. 

Anonymous said:

So a tsundere and yandere walk into a bara, but nothing happens as the scene transitions immediately; none meeting the main protagonist hair requirements.

I have been laughing the entire time drawing this. Thanks.


Follow your dreams, Yandere-san.


t: l o v e can be misspelled and messy, but it still w o r k s.
                     it just needs to be given a c h a n c e.

t: are you going to punch me?
h: i don’t think so.
t: okay then….

  • Taeyang:I listened to radio a lot while keeping to myself, when I was separated from my parents. It was a lonely and difficult time but it was bearable because I could listen to the radio.
  • I think I’ve [now] passed the stage of loneliness. I always had to do things by myself. And I wasn’t a kid that welcomed [help]. I feel like I was always battling loneliness. “Right now, I am battling.” I really cried a lot. Now, my spirit isn’t at a level that feels loneliness.
  • Being lonely is… (long pause) What I mean is that I don’t want to say, “I’m lonely,” but the feeling of loneliness, itself, is something I hold dear. It hasn’t been long since I started writing down the thoughts that come to mind when I feel those emotions. Words that I ordinarily never use become real and come to me. When that happens, I just let myself be. What I write and sing then is more ‘me’ than ever, I feel. In that sense, it’s exciting.
Sorry, but I can't and I won't feel bad for Stefan.

While the act of giving in to save his brother was noble and beautiful, etc, I can’t feel that much for Stefan, because if you really analyze it, he brought this on himself. Like every vampire we seen on the show, he should have learned how to control himself. He was a ticking bomb by choice. He’s only paying the consequences of his irresponsibility. If he wasn’t so proud, if he didn’t interpret the world as black and white, he’d been building a resistance long ago. Sure, he’d make a few victims, but much fewer than now. Klaus only took advantage of a weakness that shouldn’t be there.

ok so i know i’m still on hiatus (even tho i’ve been like… making a text post a day…. recently… whatevs) but i just wanted to remind you not to forget to tag anything related to alcohol/addiction/substance use even tho i’m not here posting about it every other day!!!! so here’s a quick update on things i need tagged please

  • any visual of harry’s new tattoo where the word ‘booze’ is clearly visible
  • any images of zayn’s scenes from the night changes video we have so far
  • ANYTHING AT ALL abt the current stink that the shitdick interviewer brought up today. idc what kind of speculation/mention/whatever it is, i really need those tagged. esp. from people reblogging screencaps of the sun article and/or gifs of the reactions to the questions
  • thanks!

as always images are rly the most important bc ts can pick up text if you forget (but pls don’t forget) but if it’s an image it won’t get caught at first!!!