I’m so fic ADD! I have three word documents open. One chapter fic and two oneshot prompts.

"Two Pink Lines" (two chapters left, baby!)

"Cupid’s Arrow" (prompts: Emma and Hook fighting side by side in Neverland; Hook getting injured while protecting Henry)

"Currently Untitled" (prompt: Emma and Hook get ‘caught in the act’ on the Jolly Roger by Regina, Snow, Charming, and Gold)

Let’s see which one gets done first! lol!

Also, if anyone has any creative titles for the “caught in the act” oneshot, feel free to comment or put them in my ask! I’ll be sure to give you credit if I use it. I just have NOTHING creative at the moment. Maybe I should browse song lyrics…

I can’t stop drawing cat people. Help.

He’s an actual character, though. One who is as old as the hills are young but also having gone through a million revamps. His now-nickname is ‘Phantom’ (as compared from being his actual name) because as he was born of the aristocracy, making his given name is hilariously long. He runs a youth rebellion in the small  country he’s in after having been essentially kicked out from his family’s name. With his potential of power stripped, he goes around getting body modifications in order to set their society from their ways of stagnant tradition - elongating his ears, piercings, dying his hair, and shaving some of it off. His species would be a liger.

Only one person that follows me will know who he came from… lol. But I like him. He’s kind of an intelligent smart ass teenager who comes to fancy himself as a genius. So yeah kind of arrogant too. Once upon a time I was going to write a ‘novel’ about him and everyone else’s shenanigans in a world made for anthropomorphic characters.

Just a doodle to… distract me from the things happening today. <_>