Interviewer (Jon Chu - Director) - “You look in at celebrities at people like Lindsay Lohan, uhh Britney, and all those people and they just feel sad. Like, Michael Jackson.. They feel sad, because they’re like, you can’t escape this. It is an inevitability that a young person will become a train wreck. Do you think about that?”

Justin proceeds to say - ”And, because I have a good head on my shoulders. Maybe I might make a few mistakes, sure, I’m 19. But, I was raised like.. Sunday School every Sunday, like.. My Mom broke it down to me, and she said “This is who you are, you’re gonna be a good person, you’re gonna help people, you’re gonna be quick to forgive, you’re gonna be a humble, genuine person. And if you’re not, there’s gonna be consequences.” She doesn’t agree with some of the decisions that I make, all Mom’s don’t. But she knows, she did was she had to do to raise me, and she did a wonderful, wonderful job. And I’m super grateful for her.”


I am so not ready to see this…



"I can be different… or try harder!"


Charlie & Miles | 2.21

"Being a good guy sucks."


bernice’s romanticised mythological parallels (tsh edition) bunny corcoran + icarus

your family gives you manners and a name; “mold yourself,” they say, as they throw you to the dogs. it is okay. you do not falter, you do not flail. there is a surplus of charm, and an excessive premium on the brashness you think it masks, though it doesn’t - it is okay. you survive. you will stumble upon power and will not realise it. you will see the weight of it, but will not think i have to run i have to run i have to run. you will want to feel the heaviness of severity on your back, you will come close. you will ignore the harm in excess, and they will punish you for it. it is okay. you will fall. you will be remembered. 

sometimes i imagine what it would be like to have ben in season two rather than kenny and imagine ben now in his early twenties and all of his cowardice has gone out the window and he’s become a bit more hardened and more responsible and imagine him furiously trying to protect clem because he knows what a shit move it was for him to run away from her when she was in trouble all of those years ago and IMAGINE BEN PAUL FIGHTING WITH LUKE IT’S A POWER CLASH OF EPIC PROPORTIONS



2x11 // 3x23


Miles & Monroe (feat. Frank and the Blonde Cadet) | 2.18

"Rachel did this to you."

CoD - Trapped in the Catacombs by ~beanaroony