I don't know what changed about him


Interviewer (Jon Chu - Director) - “You look in at celebrities at people like Lindsay Lohan, uhh Britney, and all those people and they just feel sad. Like, Michael Jackson.. They feel sad, because they’re like, you can’t escape this. It is an inevitability that a young person will become a train wreck. Do you think about that?”

Justin proceeds to say - ”And, because I have a good head on my shoulders. Maybe I might make a few mistakes, sure, I’m 19. But, I was raised like.. Sunday School every Sunday, like.. My Mom broke it down to me, and she said “This is who you are, you’re gonna be a good person, you’re gonna help people, you’re gonna be quick to forgive, you’re gonna be a humble, genuine person. And if you’re not, there’s gonna be consequences.” She doesn’t agree with some of the decisions that I make, all Mom’s don’t. But she knows, she did was she had to do to raise me, and she did a wonderful, wonderful job. And I’m super grateful for her.”


I am so not ready to see this…



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Charlie & Miles | 2.21

"Being a good guy sucks."


"I can be different… or try harder!"


Miles & Monroe (feat. Frank and the Blonde Cadet) | 2.18

"Rachel did this to you."


2x11 // 3x23


A boy from my previous school just wrote to me and he wants us to meet and if I can, I think I will go meet with him. We’ve never really been friends or anything but we were in good terms and he did give me his sweatshirt when I was cold one or two times (I remember!), but I haven’t seen him in years so this is… interesting. We’ll see how it goes.

anonymous asked:

Do you like zico? Cuz I do and it sux :/ he's so problematic but then I see the other side of him working hard and stuff and that's when I love him again. I just feels he is a good person deep down and I hate it when people say horrible things about him. I can understand why they say those things but I think some take it too far :/ but I just wanna know what you think of him.

Hmm I’ve never been asked about zico before so this might not make sense but…

I know Zico has said some problematic things, and when tough cookie dropped I was dissapointed in him. But he does still have his good side; Like you said, he’s incredibly hard working. I just take it in stride. All idols do problematic things; regular people do problematic things that’s just life. I hope he eventually realizes that he did something wrong and tries to fix it.

I kind of want to send a message to the guy I liked in seventh grade, whom I haven’t spoken to in six years, because it’s just occurred to me that he was the first guy to ever tell me I was pretty, and I can still remember that seven years later because that was really important. 

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