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So some weeks ago I started again a new file in fire emblem awakening, just to enjoy the plot and the units, because I was missing them, and I wanted a relaxing game. And I took the occasion to think about how Robin and Chrom developed their relationship, from allies, to friends and finally lovers, because their game support can be cute and stupid, but I’m sure there is a lot more behind, hidden between a chapter and another.

So this is the first part of a journey in the first part of the game, in comic strip form :D (how surpising) 


Figured I had enough semi-coherent MSA doodles to just dump them all here. Wish I had posted the comic with Galaham a bit earlier because at the time it was just him and Arthur with that hairstyle which remains one of the funniest things I’ve seen.

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Do you mind talking about what you do for a living?

i work in publishing

Author’s note: This embarrassment ficlet was inspired by this post.  

Author’s note part 2: Thanks to dreamsammy who said that I should write something to expand on the tags I left on the post (which can be found here if you want to see where this monstrosity came from).

Author’s note numero tres: I would also be remiss in not thanking the following lovely, lovely people: techieoliver, shlockpowpow, falaheejackoff, thememorieswedontwant, and (obvi) dreamsammy. I was having some trouble starting this thing and they all were very helpful. (Basically I didn’t know where Connor would have gotten the eyes and they all were so nice to remind me that Connor’s sister has kids. In all the Coliver goodness that was 1x11 I forgot that. Oops. I am officially the worst fan ever.)

Author’s note #4: I can’t believe I’m actually posting this…..don’t judge too harshly….

Connor snorts as he unpacks his suitcase. When did those little monsters have an opportunity to sneak those in?

“What’s so funny?” Oliver asks and Connor glances up. He smiles self-satisfactorily at his boyfriend lounging lazily against the headboard. Oliver’s got a soft smile plastered across his face, his hair’s a mess, and there is a faint mark Connor sucked along his collarbone that Oliver’s absentmindedly running his thumb over. God. Reunion sex is the best. “You were smiling,” Oliver reminds him, pulling Connor back to the present. “What’s so funny?”

“Oh. Nothing.” He tosses the small package over near Oliver’s elbow. “Just these.”

“Googly eyes?” Oliver picks up the package and gives Connor a confused glance. “I’m missing the joke.”

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Clarke & Lexa in The 100 Season 2 Episode 14 - BODYGUARD OF LIES


- A Nano-Second Peck On The Lips.

- One Sided Feelings And Clarke Pulling Away Cause She’s Just Not That Into   That.

- It Was All Just A Dream or We Must Kiss For Traditions Sake.










- I don’t understand!? What is this!? What are they doing!? What are these      FEeLinGS I am experiencing!? Did I at some point pass out!? Am I DrEAmiNG  right now!?




- *DEAD*

What the fuck, I go into the Sophie Hunter tag and find blogs like this, What kind of bullshit is this though?? Wtf is wrong with you guys?! Like can you please stop spamming her tag with your hate and stupid theories, Benedict is a freaking human being who can marry whoever he likes, so treat him like one! Same for Sophie, what kind of jealous, childish, idiotic people are you to post stupid shit like “the pregnancy is clearly fake, she is the worst and should just die, he should have chosen somebody else” I mean wtf??? Is she a mass murderer or what

well those haters would probably prefer a mass murderer in fact so i shouldn´t be surprised

but fucking hell, I´m angry!

man i’m so glad that I went to NärCon Vinter because now I’m feeling really pumped about making cosplays for the first time in like half a year and it feels amazing

If this isn’t 100% exactly the way Kurogane would react then I don’t know what is. Just, “CUTE THINGS? HELL NO I’M OUT OF HERE GOODBYE.”

I also love how Clamp can go from tiny cute running figures to HYPER REALISM LIGHTING SILHOUETTES from one frame to the next. And then we have this.

This chapter is a gift, and it’s only just started. 


Did… did Syaoran jump into the water?

Is that the plan he went with?

Giant lake suddenly exploded with magical light and his plan was jump into it?

Syaoran, we need to have a serious talk about these plans of yours and how many of them involve you jumping into potentially deadly scenarios with only a moment’s notice. 

a letter from John Hancock to his wife Dorothy [1783]

"I should have sent you a four rib piece of beef roasted, but I had it taken off the spit and the barge men with myself devour’d the whole that you must be content with the surloin—"

tumblr made me fall in love with frozen I saw text post after text post have how cute it was and head cannons about depression and great fan art and I loved it and now all I see is hate like “fuck frozen” and “frozen is such shit it shouldn’t have been as popular as it is” or just movie vs movie… and I see text post making fun of people who do still like frozen (I realize it has SO many plot holes and loose ends) but I just thought it was a cute movie and now I feel embarrassed and ashamed for liking it on the site that made me like it????

My head is so heavy with
violins and ash.
With hate and lies.
With sadness and silence.
I do not know what is real anymore.
This sin wraps its loving arms around my waist as if it longs to comfort me and I know not how to gently say goodbye.
My rough hands force this depression against a broken bed and I fuck it until I am screaming my own name; until I do not know if I am coming or going.
There is blood on the backside of my pillow from nights I cry myself to sleep.
My shattered wrists are stuck to my sheets.
And I cannot breathe.
I cannot think.
I cannot eat.
I am shaking and coming apart at my firefly seams.
I slip my blade between the folds of the night and expose every ounce of wretched light.
I will undo myself and make my halfway heart as black as the blurry forest; as empty as the graveyard my brother is buried in.
The ghost of my soul is haunted by the ghost of my own suicide.
I am begging, my love.
Let me sink.
Let me sink.
Let me sink.
—  I am drowning in this fucking storm. How do I shelter myself from my own goddamn mind?

what would y’all recommend as a good introductory text to gramsci? i blame my training in english for routing my engagement w/ marx almost entirely through althusser…