I do it to myself


That’s it, I’ve seen one too many posts about this anime. (Sarah, look at this XD)

Did I get the plot down?


at this point i don’t consider myself a dog person or a cat person i just want to hug all the pets.


Thallen Week Day 4: Social Media AU

Eddie always reblogged stuff from hucklebarryallen and kind of had a little crush on the blogger behind it. Then one day, he spotted Barry in a grocery store and he mustered up the courage to ask for a picture. He thought he was lucky enough to meet his internet idol so he was even more surprised when Barry ended up asking for his url…and his number. 

Fic written by the amazing actualciscoramon coming soon!

but like you wake up from hunger in the middle of the night so you unwrap yourself from ashtons arms and crawl out of bed then instantly regret it because its freezing but you continue through the house to the kitchen driven by hunger and you try to make a pb&j but you can’t reach the pb to save your life so you stand there on your tippy toes trying to reach it and right before youre about to climb on the counter you feel ash push up against your back side and giggle a little before he reaches over you and gives the pb to you but he cant leave just like that bc your wearing nothing except panties and his tshirt and it drives him crazy when you do that so he pulls up his shirt that youre wearing and pushes his face into your neck and breaths out a desperate “babbyyy come back to bed” while playing with the lace trim on your panties and kissing your neck slowly until he knows you cant say no and grabs your hand and pulls you back to bed!!!


*laughter on the verge of hysteria* 

this episode use to be a gift, now it’s slap in the face. 

you two are anything but resolved. you haven’t even begun. 


yes hello i’m sorry for my face ;;

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Imagine Sam beating you at Monopoly

“Hell yes!” Sam yelled and rose from his seat, welcoming his grand victory with wide open arms. “Oh my god, I won!” He was screaming in a high pitched tone, obviously doing all this only to tease you. He started dancing, waving his arms up in the air while moving his feet back and forth.

You decided to join his little game so you stood up on your chair, becoming taller than him in an instant. “Oh my god, Sammy! You won!” You exclaimed, throwing your arms up towards the roof, celebrating along with him. He laughed loudly at your play and wrapped his arms around you, lifting you from the chair.

“You don’t know how good this feels Y/N.”

You laughed ad threw your head back, feeling way too lucky.

“I think I have an idea, Sam.”


I was tagged by gcneroe to do the six selfies thing, and i worked really hard to find the six best pictures of me and im pretty sure i nailed it. oh and thanks bruhh!!! c:

I’m going to tag touchesbutts, stripperleepace, sebastionstan, awbucky, themadkiing, and buckyforcap