I cried a lot ;_____;

spacedusting asked:

tell me a story omg

okay so this one time I was drinking with my ex roommates on something we called “water whiskey wednesday”. Basically we bought a bottle of whiskey every wednesday on the day a new ep of Free! ETernal Summer would come out and we’d play a Free! drinking game right?

Well long story short, I dont remember Season two of Free! other than Rin cried a lot??? Souske was an emo butt who had a shoulder injury and??? there was a montage scene??? of characters???? that were literally???? never??? referenced?????? ever again?????????????????????

But anyway one particlar night one of them found my Bad Dragon “Teeny Weenie” which is basically a teeny tiny replica of a larger dildo (that id recieved as a gag gift a while back)  and put it between her teeth and proceeded to run circles around the apartment. somehow this attracted my other drunken roomates to chase her, all lauging along the way. one of them got too shaken up at this point and fell near the toilet and sang “MAKE US FREE SO SPLASH KASENE-BLUEGH” as she vomited into the toilet and I kid you not we all clapped on queuue to the song and it was irresponsibly great.

this was an amazing vacation and my body only hurts a little and i havent cried in four entire days and i got a lot of work done and i read a book ive been meaning to for ages and its so gorgeous here and i got to swim and i wore a bikini in public for the first time in like >2 years and felt great and i am ready to go home now :)


Tonight was one of those nights when the Lord reminded me of His great love for me through sweet fellowship and even sweeter friends.

Also, I saw Cinderella and it was beautiful and I cried a lot

i admit i hated jonathan morgenstern in all the books he appears but when he died omfg i cried a lot bcs okay he was a bad person but no one tried hard to fix him. he just wanted to be loved, and no one cared in all the books wtf doesn’t exist other way?


“We’re learning a lot about this thing called Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. This war time disease. This combat fatigue diagnosis. And we read something worth sharing. Fact, urban youth are twice as likely to get Post Traumatic Stress Disorder than soldiers who are coming home from war. So tell me, what’s the difference between homicide in the streets and bloodshed on the battlefields of Iraq. […] The only difference there is between a soldier with PTSD and one of my students with it is that a soldier gets to leave the battlefield, while my kids go home to it.”

Javon Johnson & Terisa Siagatonu- “PTSD”