I can't seem to fall asleep


said: Ah, anything for my adorable wife! *squeezes* (did you get good sleep last night?)

Awww goooosh~! But you’re just as adorable! That is a fact~! *Squeezes back and buries face more~*

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send me a ship and one of these and i’ll write a mini fic
12 - things you said when you thought i was asleep

The sharpest emotion he felt for Rachel was jealousy, to be certain. She was the one in charge of divination at the Greek camp, effectively, his counterpart in that scum of a world, and yet, no one seemed to hate her as they did him.

He watched her, chest rising and falling as she was curled in the fetal position. A sign of innocence, to be sure. He wanted to gut her insides.

And then, with a small sigh, he reminded himself that she had yet to do anything wrong, that people would most certainly blame him for her death, and that she was an Oracle, meaning Lord Apollo had handpicked her himself. Gods only knew why he would— she didn’t seem all that pretty to him, with her wild hair and insolent gaze, but… gods had their preferences, he supposed.

So, quietly, he draped a spare toga over her, laid a small stuffed rabbit by her side. He moved away, still watching her. And then, as an experiment of kindness, he impulsively pressed his lips to the top of her head and whispered, “Sleep well, graecus.

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/curls around papa uwu

       He wakes to the feel of a stiff back and an inexplicable weight pressed against his side. The sore muscles in his back that twinge in protest with each halting movement he knows immediately is from his poor decision to fall asleep at his desk, but why his right arm seems to have been restrained and why his legs seems to have fallen asleep he’s yet to discern.

            Cracking open one eye, he can’t help the snort of amusement when he spies the small form that’s curled against his frame, her tiny hands having latched around his arm and taken it prisoner while she joined him in his awkward slumber. With one mystery solved, he’s presented with another dilemma. He could interrupt his little girl’s peaceful sleep so that he could regain control of all four limbs, but he sees no real reason to get up yet. A few more moments and then he’ll think of bringing her back to her bed and tucking her in for the night.

       “Good night, Small lady.” He presses a kiss against the crown of her head, gloved fingers combing through her pink hair. “Sleep tight.”