I am moving up in the world


I’m from Zhuhai, China, and I moved to the U.S when I was 8 years old and I’ve been here for 9 years. Ive felt like I needed to hide my background or not embrace my culture or language because its not commonly accepted for other cultures to outwardly express themselves in public. there are so many injustices in the world and most of them are subconscious, something we grow up accepting because we hear it or see it a lot.

“because you’re asian”

“you’re pretty for a asian girl”

“do you speak asian”

“my eyes look asian in this picture bc they’re squinted”

“you don’t act like you’re asian”

“is your favorite food rice”


“all asian people look alike” (but no every blonde girl with blue eyes does not)

*pulling eyes to make them go upward*

Instead of making fun or degrading another culture because it’s different than yours, be aware and be respectful. I feel like all these other countries love America and the culture here, but we pay no attention to theirs and don’t really care about it. I know most of the time when I talk about China, people don’t listen or think its interesting and it discourages me to talk about it. And when someone says something negative about my race, I usually won’t argue.

So here’s to being able to talk about and express the Chinese culture (and no, not every country in Asia has the same culture, we may look alike but traditions and customs are extremely different so please do not categorize every person with asian features together.)

Fanfic Fridays

flash forward (we’re taking on the world together) by anonymous:  In which Omega Louis and Alpha Harry are absolutely perfect for each other and say I love you too much. (43,746 words, Larry, AU, A/B/O dynamics, bLouis, side Ziam, explicit) 

take me for what i am (who i was meant to be) by anonymous:  Louis is dealing with heartache. Niall signs him up for a dating show to help him move on. (8,296 words, Larry, AU, reality tv, meet-cute, general)

show me (how you want it to be) by carissima:  it’s not the first time harry’s been hit in the face with a dildo. (2,900 words, Larry, canon compliant, humor, sex toys, teen and up)

just close your eyes and dream about it by itiswhatitisbutterfly:  Harry learns what he likes, pretty clothes and confidence. Louis learns he likes that too, just in a different way. Harry and Louis featuring a pretty purple skirt and a pair of pale silky stockings. (8,575 words, Larry, crossdressing, sub Harry, bHarry, explicit)

if you love me right by swallowsmateforlife:  Harry and Louis meet in the hallway of their dorm after both of their roommates kick them out in favor of getting it on. Antics ensue. (4,225 words, Larry, AU, strangers to lovers, pwp, bHarry, explicit)

We’re Alive, Alive (We’re Aviation High) by anonymous:  Louis is getting over a nasty breakup, and decides to go traveling. In one of the cities, he finds a beautiful flower shop with an even more beautiful owner, and decides to stay in said city. (4,678 words, Larry, AU, pre-relationship, general)

In The Country by anonymous:  Harry and his son Luke spend the summer at Harry’s childhood cottage in the country. But after meeting his old playmates and meeting the man of his dreams - will he be able to return to his rock star persona? (16,257 words, Larry, AU, non-famous Louis, single dad!Harry, pining, side Ziam, teen and up)

Under the proposal, called the Too Big to Fail, Too Big to Exist Act, regulators on the Financial Stability Oversight Council would compile a list of institutions which say they are so large that their collapse could trigger an economic crisis—otherwise known as “too big to fail.”

The Treasury Secretary would then have a year from the bill’s passing to break them up.

“If an institution is too big to fail, it is too big to exist,” Sanders said Tuesday. “No single financial institution should have holdings so extensive that its failure could send the world economy into crisis.”

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This should have been done as a condition of the Bailout.
It is never going to pass, but I am glad that Bernie Sanders is putting some pressure on Hilary Clinton with such a progressive move.


I just wanted to say thank you, because every single night you come online and talk to your fans, you’re changing lives.

thank you for the fact that I see people who’ve been in this fandom for years without meeting you or seeing you in concert, being in tears because you’ve liked their photos.

thank you for being one of the biggest superstars in the world and yet you make us all feel like your best friends and that’s something multimillionaire company or label could orchestrate, it comes from a genuinely amazing soul.

thank you for sharing your soul with us.

thank you, because I’ve cried about growing up, growing apart, moving on, starting over, moving away, being unsure of who I am, and do you know what? you’ve been there every single time.

thank you for being yourself. you’re amazing.

thank you for being a cat lady. I really needed someone to make it socially acceptable to put 29 cat stickers on their iphone case while carrying their cat bag in their cat sweater while telling a story about how they were asked out last night but their cat was on their lap and they really didn’t want to move her to get up.

thank you making me laugh.

thank you for making me cry.

thank you for making songs that making me want to dance around in circles for hours and literally not care who’s watching because i’m listening to taylor swift so nothing else is that important

thank you for inspiring me every single day to move on and push through and start over and to anything but give up.

we may have never met but I feel like I’ve known you most of my life, and I don’t know if you’ll ever know how much I wanted to thank you for every second of it. but if you somehow do see this, I wanted to say thank you.

It has been a rough couple of months but things are starting to look up. You breaking my heart then stabbing a knife through it broke me hard enough for me to get some strength to leave. I let go of all the doubts, insecurity, and hurt you caused me and I feel happier than ever. Freedom from your attachment made my sight blurry at first but I see the world clearer now. I am indeed better without you. I am starting to forget the warm color of your eyes when I used to could describe it with an plentiful of words. I moped around the first couple of weeks. I let sadness took over me before I decided that I don’t ever want to feel this way again. I’m never going to feel like I’m not good enough anymore. So I turned my focus on myself. I stopped doing you and I did me. I went out and made myself happy. I strengthen my relationships with my friends. I became a better person and less selfish. I got hired at my dream job. And all these things I have a control over. What I didn’t have control over is you loving me. And I depended on that to make me happy. I realize my mistake and I accepted that we’re not meant to be and I’m so happy with my life. It does get better. Sitting on the floor with a bottle of vodka glued to my lips that night, I would have never guessed I would be able to find happiness in myself. I thought I needed someone to numb the pain. But all I needed was me. I’m enough.

I’m reading Worlds of Thedas vol. 2 because I am way too invested in the DA universe and I still had gift card money to soak up, and I came upon this little tidbit on page 12, about Andraste:

As a young woman, she would become still for long moments, unable to be moved or roused. After, she would report voices, as though from a lost memory, and talk of strange auras or the sound of bells.

Which sounds a lot less like divine inspiration and a lot more like catatonic schizophrenia epilepsy.

[thanks to theotterspeaks and actual-mandible-garrus-labeouf for the fact check!]

hi taylor my name is katherine and I am from arizona. yesterday my parents surprised my best friend and I with tickets to rock in rio. here’s how it went:

yesterday at like 11:00 my mom picked both of us up from school. WE DIDNT KNOW A THING. my mom said that we were working this week so we were going to go to my dad’s office and then to a movie. so first stop this is where we got surprised. so basically my dad just moved offices and he wanted us to see so in the lobby my dad handed us the tickets. we both started immediately crying.

then we rushed to the airport, let me say.. this was all before 2 pm. everything happened so fast we got on our plane and came to vegas. checked in to our hotel and left for rock in rio.

that night we watched Echosmith, Ed Sheeran, and you. and that’s how we got here. this is a video my friend got of me when you came out. I could not believe that you were actually there, it was surreal.

taylor I love you so much :)
ps. one of your dancers said hi to me
pps. I was sitting to your right, against the rail :)