I am just so damn proud of her


Fairy Tail Week: Day 6:Stronger


Jerry Seinfeld bickers with Miranda Sings as they film Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee

This is my client Andrea F and I am am just so damn proud of her I had to share her #success (with her permission of course) so far!! In just 6 short weeks this amazing lady has dropped 8 pounds, 2.7% body fat and 13.5 inches!!! And ya know what? She hasn’t starved herself, not even close. No crazy diets, no extreme restrictions. Just making healthier food choices, holding herself accountable for the foods she eats, and training with me weekly in addition to taking my Max Incinerate classes and other various forms of activity.

Take note ladies- weight training burns fat!!! Congrats Andrea! Your hard work and #determination shows! #BOOM #results #chicksthatlift