I actually wanted to do something very dark

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Hi, I'm a new follower, I love your work and contribution to the fandom♡ and I'd like to know what do you think about the 2 last chapters :)

Hi! Thanks for following me! :)

I enjoyed the last 2 chapters. It was great to get confirmation that Gray hadn’t actually gone to the dark side, but was on an undercover mission instead. While I believed that Gray wasn’t evil, his eyes and black markings threw me off when I was coming up with my theory on him last week. I thought that he was planning for something, but was later affected by the black marks on his hand. I applaud Gray for his good acting skills, and his smart thinking in making use of the black markings when infiltrating Avatar. I do, however, want him to apologise to Juvia when he goes back to see her again.

I’m also very happy to see Team Natsu together again! I was happier than I had expected when I saw the panels of them smiling, and I realised how much I missed seeing them together. Things will get serious again, and I’m just going to enjoy all the little happy moments we get until then.

Seeing Erza mentioning Jellal gives me hope that we might see Crime Sorciere again - I’d love to see the new CS in action! (For some strange reason, I’d really like to see Richard/Hoteye again in particular.)

I wrote a bunch of things about Juvia and Erza’s plan here, so I won’t repeat them. I do have more to say on that issue, but I’ll probably end up going on and on if I start, so I’m not going to thread into that territory for now.

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Yeah it does have it's moments DS2 and the forest is so tense everytime you explore it. So Dark and Demons is medievel knights fantasy, Bloodborne's gothic cosmic horror, what time/theme would you like Miyazaki to turn his twisted vision to next in a hypothetical dream word? I'd love to see him tackle the whole Hitler occult thing or maybe like Japanese folklore like Okami. Can be anything you want even a liscensed thing

He’s said in past interviews he’d actually like to do something very happy. Given how bleak armored core and souls are id love to see what he can do

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Emerald, Dark Venetian Red, Moonstone

Emerald:Favorite thing about yourself?

I’m really good at making sure I get shit done (i’m a little rude to myself about it but hey it works. My personal peptalks are a little harsh tbh. It’s a work in progress) But it’s a great skill to have, considering I with two of the biggest procrastinators I know. *side eyes parentals* 

Dark Venetian Red:Dream job?

I was actually talking about this with my classmate yesterday, I really want to do story boarding and/or concept art for animated shows one day! I’d do animation, but i’m not patient enough for thousands upon thousands of drawings so. (animators are literally little art warriors tbh) 

Moonstone:Something you love the smell of?

1. Rice.

2. There was this very nice scent to the house I grew up in in California. We all kind of dispersed from that household a few years ago, but so much of my family lived there and it was very nice and somehow I remember the scent of it? And then i’ll smell something similar on occasion and it gives me this weird sense of nostalgia and it’s pretty neat if you think about it. Is that weird? 

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Can I have some prompts for Susan Kim please?

Sure thing anon!

  • Susan isn’t very emotional about things, actually she’s pretty detached, so I’m curious to see how she actually does deal with emotional things. Is it something she ignores, something she hides, etc…? So, something to do with that would be interesting.
  • Susan was very young when she moved to Clemment to work with Minyue – pretty much just out of high school – so some flash back stuff could be interesting. Not many people have businesses when they’re that young, especially not brothels.
  • She is kept in the dark about certain business dealings that Minyue and Yangtao get up to, because they want to keep her safe, and usually she’s fine with that. But I imagine sometimes she’s not, if there are police sniffing around, or if one of them (more likely than not Yangtao) ends up hurt for some reason I imagine she’d like to know what’s going on. So, show her struggle with wanting to respect their wishes, but also wanting to help out without knowing what’s going on.

Im having a day. And by ‘a day’ i mean its all going right and all going wrong all at once.
Like, I have this intense happiness just bursting inside me of everything i wanted to feel, then there’s the exact opposite. The opposite is just utter, dark sadness.
this is the most emotional i have felt in a very long time. And for once it’s not because of my depression or anxiety, its actually over something real. Which is awesome. For once my emotions have a real reason to be so strongly present in my mind.
But they’re in such a desperate battle and i don’t know which one is going to succeed to dominate me.
I have so much inside me. So many things i feel i just need to do. And so much holding me here. Holding me in this unhappy place in my life.
What the fuck am I really doing here?
Christ, if only i just had the money to go now. Just fucking go and leave and start doing things i want to do.
Im meant for something better. I really really am. And with recent events and emotions and confessions- i realize i need to be bigger than what i am now.
Life is too fucking awful and stressful and short to just waste away unhappy. I want to make it more bearable. I want to make my life more meaningful.
Im so ready for a change.
im so ready to go on to my next adventure.
i need to make this happen.

I am so fucking mixed up inside. My gut is in knots and i can’t stop it from turning. Maybe its anxiety? But what its butterflies?
I can’t even begin to tell.
With half of me wanting to jump for joy and half of me wanting to fall to my knees and scream… how could i possibly know?
I just want happiness.
And I’m starting to think that i need to just make myself happy. No matter what.
I may hurt some people on the way. I know leaving here is going to make some people uneasy. I may even break a heart. But i need to do this for me.
Planning has begun. I’m not looking back and I’m not changing my mind this time.
This is what will make me happy. Seeing the world. Starting fresh. Ill be happy.
And thats all that matters.
This moment. This life. This fake smile. They need to disappear.

I want some things that i can’t have, things that i deeply long for…. But maybe ill move on.
Maybe this aching feeling in my gut with subside with time.
I do hope it does.
I don’t know how this all came to be. I don’t know what led me here.
But I’m glad. Im glad its come to this. I needed to wake up.
Ive never been so sure in my entire life.


Experiment 1: Erasing the Physical [Photo experiment]

Experimenting with camera techniques, light and shadow. I wanted to explore this binary logic of light - dark and physical-non physical. I.e. Can you touch and grasp things (or be/act human) without having the organs and limbs of a human. An easier example to this is the relation to nightmare stories and to take it metaphorically:

  • At times in your life don’t you feel ‘strangled’ when no one is actually grabbing you by the throat.
  • The nightmare of your own shadow- your shadow will turn against you.
  • Shadows/silhouettes link very well to fear and horror because it is  something we see see but do not know yet know of. It is a prior warning, to things that are going to happen. I.e. someone walking through the back of your house. It is duplicitous and enigmatic.

I feel very exhausted and nauseous and like I shouldn’t be here right now.

I want to go home and lay in the dark and just think and cry and sleep.

I don’t know what to do with this new information and I’m very unhappy but I’m also kind of okay.

I need to talk to someone about this.

I don’t know what to do.