I actually uploaded a finished piece

In Madness Borne

Re-imagining the Minotaur legend.

What if he was not some great half man half beast monster, but a child who was thrown into the Labyrinth and survived, becoming as much a part of the darkness as it became a part of him. He hides his humanity behind a mask of monstrosity. The great path of the Labyrinth is known to him, if only he could see his own back; but as he can not in the dark tomb of insanity, he remains trapped in his exile, both yearning for and anathema to the Light.

Time: 5-6 hours 
Medium: Photoshop CS6 


Faith in Glory Lyric video prototype
Final piece for professional practice

This video needs a lot of work doing on it still, one of the typefaces looked much better on paper than it did in the actual video, so I really need to edit that yet, I like how I’ve progressed though, the timing of the lyrics is great, although the timing of the torch could do with a little work so that the video and lyrics flow better.. Also when doing the finished product I need to consider an intro section too, but I’m happy with my progress so far and I’m going to continue it throughout the summer so I have a polished, final piece for Faith in Glory.

Also, for some strange reason, the version I uploaded cuts a small section of the video off, but the actual file is fine, this needs to be rectified asap.