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Happy birthday to Madd aka deancasheadcanons! Have some fic-related manips/photosets made by me.

kvetch: v.1 (Yiddish) to complain by mnwood

Summary: And that’s when he always runs past cute-boy-who-smiles-at-him. He noticed it during the second week of the semester. The first time it happened (a Monday), Cas was wiping sweat from his face with his forearm when he looked up and saw big green eyes staring right at him almost as if he was waiting on him to notice him. Cas had smiled first that day because that’s what you do when you run past people, you smile politely and keep right on jogging. But the way cute-boy-who-smiles-at-him smiled back at him that day had Cas weak in the knees for a second and nearly tripping over the loose, uneven bricks of the Hillsborough sidewalk. http://archiveofourown.org/works/2500487

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For those writing prompts. Life is Strange, Pricefield maybe? Or Marshfield?? Thank you!! Have a good day too by the way

Contains spoilers for Ep3. 500~ words, Chloe-centric introspective Pricefield.

Chloe had always been a big fan of dares.

Perhaps it was the thrill of the unknown, the challenge behind the smirk that accompanied it, or the knowledge that whatever she herself ended up doing, it would royally piss off all that tried to discipline her. Perhaps it was the element of control, as she took the reins into her own hands, directing others into certain shame or, occasionally, danger.

Perhaps it was the way she, for once, felt like the puppeteer of her own life.

The result, of course, was always some kind of punishment, a good laugh before authority set in once again to render her life dull and boring. She could hear the words running through her mind. Chloe, did you really dare Rachel to climb onto the school roof? Do you have any idea how dangerous that is? (Of course, she did. But Chloe would have done anything for Rachel, and she had only wanted her to prove the same.)

This time, however, it was different.

The dare had slipped from her mouth with the same familiar smile, the same surge of power that had always flicked through her like a bolt, the same jovial stance, the same “come on, I know you’re about to chicken out on me, Max” face that she had adopted so many times before. Max wasn’t like Rachel. Max wasn’t like Chloe. Max wasn’t like any of them, really. She was good, and sweet, and kind, and if Chloe thought about it too much it hurt a little bit and she wasn’t sure if that was jealousy or something else entirely.

Chloe didn’t want to think about that something else.

So, when she had dropped the dare as she had, suddenly, in her domain, in her bedroom, in her control, she had hardly expected Max to fall in line and take the bait. She had expected her to recoil, to back off, and to wriggle out of it as she had been so good at doing before. Chloe had wanted, of course, for her to take the opportunity – but the want was buried beneath a thousand layers of guilt and hate and anger and most of all, the incurable awareness that she could lose this all in a second, her trust little more than tiny shards of broken glass, waiting to cut the palms any that came too close.

She had wanted. But everything Chloe had ever wanted was now lost.

Except for Max.  

So Chloe had been ready. She had been ready to brush off her feelings and joke about Max’s inability to take a good dare, her defences high and her humour sharp. The tensions would build and she would eventually snap, when Max least expected it, like a wounded animal slowly bleeding out, but to let her know the pain she had caused? Never.

So when Max leaned forward and brushed their lips together, Chloe didn’t quite know what to do.

Happiness wasn’t exactly a familiar sensation within her heart.

But as she backed off, making a casual joke about Warren’s chances, her heart fluttered with the wings of a newborn hope.

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I completely understand people being on mobile and can't add gifs but not everyday.. I don't know what to respond when there is not expression and such. i Know you already said that but you should put warning.

We’ve said it quite a few times now, and I’m getting worse at putting gifs in my reponses on the main but I’d never not put a gif on my character account unless I was of course mobile. 

Members, I feel like despite all the times we’ve pointed it out, you guys just seem to ignore us. We’re trying so hard to make this roleplay enjoyable for everyone and we just want you all to try as much as we try for you. I hate logging onto the main and seeing messages like these, you know? Cause it means that someone isn’t enjoying this roleplay as much as they could be. I’ve already made a post about how you can write like a mini para for a text starter. I’m going to link you to the post again. I always say please like once you’ve read the post, but I feel some of you just like the post and don’t take on board the helpful tips we are trying to supply you guys with.


I know it’s long, but it’s benefical for everyone and will make your starters get more notes and such. I only reminded you guys a week or so ago about this, but I will talk to Yas and Gabi and if we notice people still making it difficult for people to respond to them, then we might have to start issuing warnings.

Also please like this post once you have read this one and the one I’ve linked to

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What are some of your lashton head cannons I love love love your writing

okay you know their first kiss was actually back-stage. neither luke nor ashton wanted to say anything about how they were obviously into each other, so you just know they danced around each other for months. MONTHS I’M SAYING. every band practice, every lingering look, every smirk and smile and each and every time one looked away too fast and the other was left with a question mark on their foreheads.

but after a show they’re not 100% themselves, are they? they’re like, this enhanced version, the superpowered almost divine versions of themselves. they can do anything. they can conquer the world. and they can definitely do whatever the fuck they feel like doing.

so after a particularly crowded gig but before they could have sold out at any arenas, they probably had this moment of going back to their dressing room, ashton’s hand over luke’s shoulders just because, and they were smiling so big, and their chests so inflated, and they really were gods right then.

it had felt like the only logical and sensible thing to do, i bet. luke holding his breath and stopping abruptly, ashton with a shadow of smile still on his face, and then it clicking for him, his heartbeat loud enough to let everyone in the city know what’s going on. but he doesn’t, not for sure, so he just waits, and when luke licks his lips and touches ashton’s waist, he knows. he suddenly knows. and he’s okay with it. with this finally being the moment. because they’re gods.

so they kiss for the first time, on their way to the dressing room, michael and calum way ahead, yelling something about fifa, ashton’s hands cupping luke’s face, luke humming against his lips.


I’ve been drunk since Friday and I heard a thingy on the radio about one direction fans forcefully introducing the world to a song called No Control, and like I LOVE no control, and all my friends were too hungover to function today, so I drank some more and made this 👍

Going into the Bruce Banner tag, hoping to see cute edits and drawings:

Seeing nothing but tagged Bruce Banner and Mark Ruffalo hate in relation to Brutasha:


Part 1

Part 2

And here we get to our point- if you fight Mamoru, if you KILL him, he will indeed give you a speech about how great his girlfriend and her ladygang is before he dies.


Galaxia is like “YEAH I KILLED THE EARTH GUY EARTH IS MINE!!!” and Mamoru’s like “haha what no. Are you kidding me, lady, I was always the least of your obstacles there. My girlfriend and her friends are AMAZING AGENTS OF LOVE AND JUSTICE and they are going to stop you for sure.”

On one hand it’s works zinger to a woman who killed him, like “yeah whatevs you took ME out but  you’re STILL going to fail,my gf’s gonna kick your ass with the power of love BYE”.

But it’s more than that. He’s does not actually sound that angry at all. Like, he’s dying, and he dies with a smile on his face because he knows it will be okay. He couldn’t do it, but she can. Usagi will be fine and she and her frineds will protect the earth. His belief in her is so profound and sincere that it brings him peace. He can leave it to Usagi. He doesn;t have anything to worry about. He just holds onto the thought of her, how she’ll be okay, how great she is, and that allows him to die with a smile on his face.

This sincere unwavering belief in Usagi, in the bonds that hold the Senshi together, to the point where he doesn’t mind dying because he knows Usagi can protect everything even if he couldn’t and he truly know in his heart she can do ANYTHING, is sincerely my favorite thing about Mamoru and Usagi’s relationship, and this is where the anime most blatantly showed that aspect of it. So it’s definitely one of my fave scenes for that reason.

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but isn’t it a bad thing if you specify a character is a trans but don’t do the same with cis characters? (unless you have a specific context for this)

Look, I know you mean well but I’m getting a little pissed off at the rush of ‘you are WRONG, trans person, let me a cis person tell you what to think’  that happened over the course of… five seconds? Give or take? 

The short answer is no. The long answer is that being trans is part of my identity, it’s a part of a lot of peoples’ identity, and that is not going to change. I don’t need to know if your character is cis. To be honest, I don’t fucking care. I need to know if there are trans characters in books. I need to know if there’s a chance people like me can actually find examples of themselves in what they read. That’s really fucking important.

I am tired of trans women being revealed by humiliating torn clothing scenes that reduce them to their genitals. I’m tired of seeing narratives of well-meaning cis people looking for signs that somewhere, somehow, the person they’re looking at might have different junk under layers of clothing because that’s all that matters and intersex people don’t exist or something. I’m tired of being able the count the number of fictional trans men on one hand. I’m tired of non-binary folks getting screwed, yet again. Just fucking say we’re trans. It’s not a dirty word, you don’t have to be scared of it. It’s literally the least you can do.

I’m sorry, I know you’re trying to figure out the best way to do things, but this isn’t helping. It’s distracting from the issue, it’s steamrolling over actually acknowledging trans people, and it sounds a bit insulting.

Now if you’re excuse me, I’m going to go punch babies–I mean, not punch babies. That. 

Agent Black


“What the hell do you think you’re doing?”

Dean turned around abruptly, his hands still on the lock pick that was stuck in your front door. 

“Y/N… Hi. I uh, you’re home.” He breathed out a forced laugh and pulled the pick from your door and straightened up, turning to you with a sheepish look on his face.

You crossed your arms over your chest and set back on your heel, putting your full weight on one leg. He looked good; no visible scratches or bullet wounds anyway. It had been a long time since you’d seen him, almost a year, and if he was here monsters where here….or something worse.

“Long time no see, huh? You look good, no, you look great.”

“Cut the crap, Dean.” You replied, forcing the smile off of your face at his compliment. “What are you doing here, and why are you breaking in to my house?”  


The Last Days of Winter, Wonderfalls!AU

The animals - or animal objects was more correct - had started talking to him a few weeks after his wife died, telling him to do things, and repeated themselves until he did what he was asked to do. He had thought he was going mad. Completely mad. Until he had listened, and from then on, things had actually gotten better.

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Does Giorno have the potential to be the creepiest/scariest Jojo?

I’m not sure I really understand what you mean with this question so I hope my reply is related to what you actually wanted to know.

It depends on what you mean by creepy and scary, but the way I interpret those, I would personally say yes. If you mean creepy as in “could turn your clothes into millipedes and let them crawl into your eyes if he really doesn’t like you” yeah, probably. Giorno seems to favour a lot of creepy crawlies or “gross” animals when it comes to giving life to things and use them in battle (off the top of my head: frogs, a fly, a jellyfish, snakes, scorpions, piranhas, African termites and the flesh eating beetle that I love to bring up). He seems more like the type to turn something into a tarantula than into a fluffy cat, so that has the potential to be creepy to a lot of people.

As for scary, I again would say yes. Thinking a little deeper for a second - kids who grow up idolizing criminals and dreaming to become gangsters, no matter their end goal, have ultimately internalized a certain type of violence. It really is no wonder that Giorno is the least merciful of all the Jojos. And I don’t mean that as in “he cannot feel sympathy for other people”, because he clearly does! … But you have to fit certain criteria to be shown that side of Giorno. He does suggest to kill civilians who get in their way without even blinking, and states Cioccolatta doesn’t deserve mercy. Cioccolatta is a literal monster, so of course we as the reader, cheer for Giorno when he kills him, but let’s think of Jonathan for example, since he’s the one people compare Giorno to: Do you think Jonathan would have gone back on his word once he promised (because Giorno promised) to spare someone like Cioccolatta? Of course not! Jonathan would have kept his word and handed Cioccolatta to the authorities because that is the right thing to do and criminals belong in jail. Meanwhile, Giorno gets so much satisfaction out of seeing Cioccolatta’s face fall when he stutters “but you promised!!

I lied

Giorno is the only Jojo who, while a kid, yes, also grew up wanting to be a criminal. For the greater good, maybe, but he has assimilated and internalized criminal methods, and not only that but once you think of him critically for a second and especially compare him to other “civilian” Jojos, you see he has no second thoughts when it comes to not only applying but also living by those methods and codes.

He’s not like Jonathan who kills Bruford almost as an act of mercy, and weeps when he supposedly kills Dio, the ultimate evil, because he wishes there would have been another way. He’s not like Johnny who yes, does not hesitate to kill, but only when it’s been proven it is the only way out. This, along with the fact Giorno has the kind of determination that allows him to unblinkingly tear and cut off his own limbs when he’s only 15 without a split second of hesitation, could very well make him, in my opinion, the scariest Jojo.

….. And yeah, GER can trap you in an eternal loop of un-death. There’s that too.

Okay so straight-up the weirdest thing that happened to me in middle school was this:

In history class, our teacher would read from the memoirs of a guy who traveled America on his motorcycle, making observations on what was going on in the world, including mundane things like the change of the shape of the Coca Cola bottle in 1916. His name was Harmon and he liked to drink coke paired with chocolate bars.

This wasn’t the weird part. It made sense, enough, that someone would have decided that we kids needed to get a more individual sense of history.

However, then we were told that this Harmon guy was actually still alive.

Cool, we thought. He’d be over a hundred, but whatever. That can happen.

And then we were told that we would be having a “Harmon Days” event in which Harmon would visit our school and give a talk and blah blah you know I don’t even remember it that clearly? There were supposed to be other events and activities and we would all get coke and chocolate.

Also. We were supposed to dress up in our best costumes of the era of his memoirs

SHOUTOUT TO MY MOM who made me a skirt and matching jacket w/puffed sleeves for this event I had a great costume and I even used it again before I totally grew out of it. But she put in so much effort for something that REALLY DIDN’T DESERVE IT.

Because during Harmon’s talk, he revealed that he was…not real.

So picture this: you have a bunch of middle school kids sort of dressed up like they were from the 19-teens, and this really, really old dude takes the podium to talk to them. And his talk is going along, blah blah blah, and then he PEELS OFF HIS FACE. And it doesn’t come off all at once, so he keeps PICKING AT the extremely professional old-man latex makeup he was wearing.

And I think, I think, because I cannot recall exactly through the haze of betrayal, that he kept talking about how he was the creator of the FICTIONAL Harmon (who we had all grown attached to while thinking of him as a REAL person) and you know what? I don’t recall anything else. I just remembered being PISSED OFF because I had been digging getting a personal view of history but now how could I trust than anything we had heard was really how it had been? I had already faced the deceptions of the American Diaries series or whatever. WHY had we been given a FAKE in history class??? Why? And why had it been such an ELABORATE fake?????

I remembered most of the other kids being disgusted, but most of the adults were really pleased? One of them actually referred to the whole thing as “giving them [aka us] Santa Claus again” WRONG. You gave us a guy who was moderately interesting because he was real and had really seen history. As a fiction, it was unutterably dull. Santa Claus is magic and brings presents and has a whole huge cultural persona. Who the fuck was Harmon? No one.

Was this a local author? Did this happen in any other middle schools? Why couldn’t we have read a real memoir? WHO AUTHORIZED THIS? 

There was more historical accuracy in the making of my simplicity-pattern costume than Harmon’s entire existence. 

And the thing is, lots of other weird things happened to me in middle school, but they all have context–maybe not the best context, but it’s there. Except for Harmon. Fucking Harmon. It’s like every teacher was replaced with a space alien that thought this would be a great idea for a month or two, and then switched back to being their mostly good selves.

So, anyway, that’s my experience with Harmon Days, which was a load of bullshit, except for the costume my mom made, go mom, you are the real MVP.

Signs Based On People I Know
  • Aries:Plays the victim sometimes. Creative ideas and will always want you to see what they made and it's usually because they trust you. Straight-forward.
  • Taurus:Very sweet and will compliment you all the time. Good to be around! Probably a good artist (musically or drawing/painting/ect wise) and creative. Lovely.
  • Gemini:Passionate about what they like or believe in. Will not take any bullshit and could probably kill you, but overall really nice person.
  • Cancer:Caring. Will always wanna talk and make you feel better. Does not actually cry all the time. A little weird though sometimes. They could be clingy, but trust me, they just want to know if you're okay and they love you a lot.
  • Leo:Very confident in themselves, loves food. Will fight if you make their friends sad though. Gives great advice and will make you feel better when you're down. Always picks up your mood.
  • Virgo:Sarcastic, but the funny kind. Probably a memer also. May say hurtful things however.
  • Libra:Does not take bullshit at all. Takes things rather emotionally and personally. Gives great advice though and will always be there for you nonetheless. Strong minded.
  • Scorpio:-
  • Sagittarius:Cares about other people, but will think they're always right. Will not stop talking about their break ups and really needs to move on when something happens to them. Good intentions, and may say things that could offend someone. Forgetful.
  • Capricorn:Disorganized, and a dreamer. Sarcastic jokes and sometimes you can't tell if they're joking or not. Moods may fluctuate and doesn't prefer help from others and tend to keep it to themselves sometimes.
  • Aquarius:Focused on one thing in life, but is distracted easily. Doesn't like to be called out when they said/did something wrong. Needs to stop being so gullible. Wants to be unique, but follows the crowd a little too much.
  • Pisces:-

Okay, you know how there was kinda a three way thing between Vlad, Maddie and jack in college? Like, Jack liked Maddie, Vlad liked Maddie and Maddie liked Jack? I was thinking about that, and about if Jack knew about Vlad’s crush on Maddie.

What if Jack was a little more vindictive that we think? What if he was a little bit more selfish?

What if the Proto Portal wasn’t an accident at all?

Jack’s calculations were incorrect before the flashback even started. Yeah, maybe the cola in the filtrator was an actual accident, but that doesn’t mean that anything else was. 

What if Jack was trying to get Vlad out of the way for a little bit so he could hit it off with Maddie? An experiment accident would be the perfect opportunity. “Whoops, sorry Vlad, I didn’t realize it’d do that, I didn’t mean it.” It was probably only meant to keep Vlad down for a couple of weeks, to prevent Vlad from admitting his own feelings. After all, Jack still did care for Vlad, he wouldn’t want to seriously hurt him.

And it just went horribly wrong.