When I come home, to sit still, to chop carrots, to call my mother while I make soup, to sweep the porch, to walk barefoot through the creek, to fall asleep in my own bed while the city is still awake, to lower my voice, all the way back to the earth, to remember a story I don’t want to forget, the couple who flew from Croatia to put a thimble in my hand, with my grandmother watching, I rest it beside the others, on the windowsill, beside the bookcase, full of books my friends have written, I have a bookcase full of books my friends have written, that is so much, that is so much.

I want to believe in love
I want to be positive about it
But how can I
If every time I think I got it right
Everything turns upside down
And my heart is spliced in million parts
And I can never put them back together
Just like an enormous puzzle
With a lot of missing pieces.
—  I just want a love story, is it to much?

Dear anon, I’m not publishing that ask because no thank you I do not want that on my blog. But yes, Regina stopping Emma from killing Lily (thereby stopping her from going dark) was an act of love.

Just like Emma breaking the first curse was an act of love. Regina breaking the second curse was an act of love. Charming giving up his heart was an act of love. Emma turning back from the hat was an act of love. They happen a lot on Once. Love and hope and faith are kind of integral to the show, you may have noticed.

We started season 4 with the Frozen arc, based on a story where Anna saves her sister with an act of true love, and Elsa learns to control her magic as she learns to love herself. We saw both of those things paralleled on Once, with Emma and Regina building a sister-like relationship (bickering and rivalry included) and Emma learning to accept and love herself and thus control her powers.

How is it surprising or controversial for Lana to say that Regina stopping Emma from giving in to her dark side was an act of love? It was. Yes, some people will interpret that as meaning “romantic love”, but that’s on them.

To me, the big deal with that is that Regina is now capable of doing that. She’s capable of being compassionate and helpful and loving and caring towards people other than Henry. She opened up to Robin, and then she mended some bridges with Snow and began building up a friendship with Emma, two women whom she hated to the point of wanting them dead. I know some people think that she doesn’t deserve that, and that’s fair enough. But I feel like a lot of people object to it mainly because they fear it turning into a romance thing, and thus threaten their preferred ship. If that’s your reason for objecting to it you can safely stop, because that’s not the story being told here.

Regina will be one of the people fighting to save Emma. And we will see the friendship between these two be tested and continue to grow. And I think that’s awesome, because:

Friendship between women isn’t something that’s often the focus of stories. And here we have a story of two women who start out as rivals, catty and vindictive behaviour included (albeit exaggerated; it’s a show about magic and fairytales after all), and work it out. They aren’t besties from the moment they meet. They haven’t known each other forever and grew up having sleepovers and sharing secrets. They start out as enemies, and slowly, bit by bit, learn to work together, find common goals and concerns, and eventually become friends. They go from bitter rivalry to saving each other.

That’s powerful, to me. It’s inspirational, even. This kind of focus on female characters and depth in exploring their relationships and motivations and willingness to portray women as flawed and problematic and still capable and deserving of second chances… that’s rare. Usually, in film/TV, female rivalries are painted as simplistic and silly, with the heroine on one side and The Bitch on the other, and in the end The Bitch is flung into a pool or has ketchup thrown on her expensive dress or whatever. Which helps keep up this ridiculous tendency to pit women against each other, encouraging these rivalries rather than teaching girls how to resolve them and support each other instead, telling us hey, look, she disagrees with you, she’s a bitch, tear her down.

There’s none of that on Once. The heroines resolve their problems by listening, and understanding, and forgiving, and managing to do all of that while taking no shit. Because yes, that is possible. It’s not always perfect, it’s not always written 100% the way it probably should be, but overall it’s there and even the fact that they’re trying to tell that kind of story is huge. I think it’s a powerful, important story, and honestly, looking at some of the behaviour in the fandom, we need a lot more like it.

anonymous asked:

Hi I'm 13 and I'm an aspiring animator! I'm trying to learn all I can about traditional animation and I've purchased Toon Boom Studio and a scanner for my paper drawings. I rly love your artwork! And seeing as you're an animator open to animation questions I hope u don't mind my asking: I rly want to start a YouTube animation channel but (as embarrassing as this is, I just have know idea how to start a full project. How should I start? Scripting, story boarding?

13 and you’re already ramping up to a full project ? Go back in time and make the 13 year old me have that kind of drive haha. 

I totally dont mind anyone asking questions so ask away ! and dont be embarrassed cuz its actually pretty hard to start. there’s so much that goes behind animation but my first piece of advice is to just have fun and dont let it overwhelm you :)  . Now im probably the worst person to ask for this because I dont think ive EVER finished a project but this is what I would do in a sense of ..just me , rather then ‘ANIMATION PRODUCTION LINE’ . 

wall o text under the read more 

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A Moment of Truth

Cloud is the sole survivor of an infantry patrol gone terribly awry, and unfortunately for him, the Army is looking for a scapegoat. No one was prepared for a SOLDIER to crash the court-martial.

Chapter Eleven - (FFnet) (Ao3)

kaiuchiha15 asked:

Actually, satan wanted to be worshipped because he was literally the prettiest angel. God created EVERYTHING. I think one has more leverage over the other. And you can say whatever want, but if you're going to make a statement like that, be sure to back it.

You know what they say

History is written by the winners.

Sorry but I’ve spent my whole life thoroughly questioning my faith, I think I’m validated enough to say God is a giant asshole who I want nothing to do with if he exists, which I highly doubt.

The Bible is a cool story and Psalms is wonderfully written poetry. 

It’s a historical text that shaped many important things in our culture but it’s time to move on and realize that human beings wrote those texts when science was not capable of explaining things the way it does now.

I’m not going to degrade myself to acting like someone from the 1500s when I have access to real, proven information right in front of me.

I’m a Bible nerd. I throw a fit when bible movies don’t depict a story right. I call people out on misquotes all the time.

I like the Bible like I like a book of fables.

I do not, however, follow the christian faith.


Hello, writerly friends!

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Guys, I’m very very excited about Speculative Relationships Vol 2, an anthology I hope to be a part of. The image above is the first page from my story. The anthology is up on kickstarter now. This is a truly incredibly book and I very much hope that it gets funded. The kickstarter has one more week, so if you have any disposable income and an interest in sci-fi, romance, comics, or any combination of the 3, I highly recommend you back this book. I’m really proud of everyone in it, and we all want to share our work with as many people as possible.

Note: There are lots of backer reward levels to choose from. You could get a print from me or a copy of Spec. Rel. 1!

Hi Taylor!!😇

My name is Meg and I doubt you’re ever going to see this but it’s still worth a shot. So earlier today I got logged out of my old account taylor-boulevard which you followed me on. I sadly can’t get back into the account because of a long story that no one cares about and basically ends in me needing to start writing down what emails I use and the passwords that belong with them!! Anyways I was wondering if your cute little self could follow me again? It would make me soooo insanely happy (and I actually wrote down the correct information this time so this won’t happen again). Again I know you probably won’t see this but just in case I wanted to post this. Also, if anyone else took the time to read this and reblogged it thank you so much! You deserve a gold star and homemade waffles for breakfast tomorrow! ⭐️

P.S. Taylor if you wanted a better reason to follow me again I would just like to inform you that the day 1989 came out I played the album straight through and danced to all of the songs using a giant doughnut raft as a prop. Love ya! taylorswift

Hello my beautiful peopleeee! I am HERE :D Yaaay and I am so excited to be back and continue the story :) <3 As always enjoy and have fun reading the part :)

“Bad boy stole my heart” Jungkook story - Part 4

Part 1 / Part 2 / Part 3

“Y/N wake up” Jungkook shaked you gently

He smiled looking at you sleeping,he thought you were so cute.Jungkook didn’t want to wake you up but you guys had to go to school.
You slowly open your eyes and Jungkook was smiling at you.
“I don’t want to wake up” you said and turn to another side
“We gotta go to school” Jungkook shaked you again
“I don’t care” you said and close your eyes trying to fall asleep again

Jungkook sighs and slowly stands up,because his stomach still hurts..He walked to your side and crouched and looked at you.
You open your eyes and laugh and cover your face with your hands.
Jungkook laughed and move them away.
“Get up..Like right now” he said
“School is boring and also your bed is very comfortable” you said
“Do you want me to get you out of the bed?” Jungkook raised his eyebrow at you
You didn’t say anything..Jungkook stood up and grabbed your hands
“NO! You’re still hurt” you shouted and got up by yourself
“I’m fine” Jungkook looked at you
“No you’re not” you said getting up
“What do you know? I’m fine..See?” Jungkook starts to strech and it started to hurt him like hell
“Ouch” he grabbed his stomach
“See? I know that you’re not okay” you wink and take your stuff

Jungkook imitates your voice and what you’ve just said.You turn towards him.
“I’ll stop..So-rry” he said
“I usually am not sorry for anything..It’s so weird saying that” Jungkook looked at you
You just roll your eyes and you together go to school.

When you guys walked together in front of school,everyone was staring at you two.
You got annoyed by it and Jungkook noticed that..
“I’ll leave you here,so that poeple don’t think something” Jungkook said and left right away
You just nodded and continue to walk..
“Jimin is such a great kisser!” Maya walks next to you
“Why are you saying that to me? DO I look like I care” you laughed
“Well I had to tell someone…And he’s such a sweet heart and even he’s a bad guy,he is actually a nice guy and good” Maya looked at you smiling
At that moment you thought about Jungkook..When he said he doesn’t want to hurt you and this morning how he was nice to you..Maybe that’s his good side…You smiled at Maya
“I’m sure every bad guy has a good side” you said to her
“Yeah” Maya smiled thinking about Jimin
“And hey..Why did Jungkook and you walked together to school?” she added asking
“I was walking to school and he just camed out of nowhere” you smiled
“R-ight” she looked at you
“You guys could be a cute couple” she smiled
“Maya stop it!” you were serious
“Okay God!” she laughed

You got a text from Jimin:
*Hey Y/N..Meet me after the class outside* 
-*I’ll see you there*
you replied and put your phone in your purse.

Before you enter the class you looked around to see if Jungkook was there,but he wasn’t..

After class you went outside and Jimin was standing there already waiting for you.
He smiled when he saw you and hugged you tightly.
“Soo what is up Jimin?” you smiled
“See..Maya and I kind of got-”
“Kind of” you point out what he has said and Jimin stops to talk and looks at you
“Okay,continue” you smiled
“We got serious..Like I don’t know whenever I see her my heart beats faster..” Jimin explains putting his hand on his chest..
“Oh wow..” you looked at him
“You are in loveeeee” you poked his chest
“Nooo I’m not!” Jimin said and you both laugh

Jungkook was outside too..He was walking and he saw you and Jimin standing together.
First he looked at you and then at Jimin…When he saw you both laugh,Jungkook got a little jealous..
You didn’t notice Jungkook until he passed by you two.

“Y/N focus!” Jimin grabs your face and laugh a little
“You’re face is funny when I do this” he added still laughing
“I’m focused!” you laughed and slap his hands
“Don’t do that!” Jimin was holding his hand
“It hurts!” he added
“How you feel when you’re..In..Love?” Jimin asked looking nervous
“I feel happy about everyday..You know I will get to see him again..But mostly my heart skips a beat when he looks at me or does something sweet” you smiled,and Jungkook was standing next to front door of school and he was looking at you..
But you noticed that look wasn’t a nice one,it was filled with anger and jelaousy.
“But Jimin..It’s different between guys and girls..So if your heart beats faster,if you’re nervous around her..Probably you’re in love” you added looking back at Jimin
“Nooooo I don’t want to be in love!” Jimin got all worried
“Jimin! You’re in relationship ,of course you will start falling for her!” you puts your hands on his shoulders
“Thanks for helping me out” Jimin smiled and kissed your cheek
“No problem” you smiled and hug him

When Jimin walked away….You looked to the direction where Jungkook was standing,he wasn’t there anymore.
You walked inside and went towards your locker..Few girls said hi to you and you waved at them.

Next thing you know..Jungkook closed your locker and pushed you hard against the lockers,putting his hands beside you so you can’t escape him.
“How can you do that to me?!” he shouted
“What are you talking about?” you were confused because he was yelling at you for no reason..
“I saw you flirting with Jimin! He kissed your cheek even on the end!” he shouted agan
“Jungkook….He is my friend” you said trying to stay calm
“He’s obviously not since you guys hug and kiss each other!” 
“We..Don’t-” you push him away from you
“How can your mood change in such a quick time?!” you shouted
“You know yourself that we are just friends! And we didn’t kiss at all!” you added being very angry at Jungkook
“What do you even care?! Are you jealous? By the way he has a fucking girlfriend!” you push him one more time and walk away

Jungkook kept looking at you walking away from him..
“Yeah I am jealous..I wanted to kiss you like that too” Jungkook thought to himself
He punches lockers very hard..A girl walks over to him.
“Jungkook…Party tonight..I want to see you there” she smiled and handed him a paper
Jungkook smiled at her and forgot what happened between you two.
He pushed her.
“You’re really pretty” he wispers to her
His hand was on her waist and slowly started to low down on her ass.
She bit her lip and they started to kiss..

You forgot your phone in your locker and you went back hoping not to see Jungkook there.
You stop to walk when you saw Jungkook making out with a girl..
She was all over him..
“You’re a fucking asshole” you said looking at him

He stopped to kiss the girl..She went off because she didn’t want to fight.
“Y/N….” Jungkook walked closer to you
“I hate you so much” you said and walked away

Jungkook followed you…Because he knew what he has done..And that was wrong.He shouldn’t have done that.
You didn’t care about school anyway and you left to a place where he dragged you the other day..

“Y/N I didn’t meant to..” Jungkook touches your hand,you move it away
“I’m sick of you and your “trying to be nice” acting” you turn towards him
“What I did was wrong..And I did that because I was angry!” he tried to explain
“Angry because all of those stuff I have said to you?” you asked
“Yes” he simply said looking down
“All of those thing were true? You were jealous?” 
“Don’t press my buttons Y/N..I’ve said that they were” he still was looking down
“By doing that what you just done..You make us tear apart more and more everyday” 
“I’m sorry” Jungkook looked up at you
“Are you really sorry or that is just a fake sorry?” you said
Jungkook kept staring at you..
“Do you trust me?” he said
“No” you said coldly
“Fine” he looked at you and put his hands in his pockets and turn around
“I give up” Jungkook said clinching his jaw
“Give up on what Jungkook?” 
“You..I can’t get you to trust me for once..I always screw up everything..And I am really sorry for that” he looked at you 

You stood there frozen..You didn’t want him to leave you or give up on you like he said.
“I..Don’t want you to..Leave” you said being honest
Jungkook turned around towards you…He camed closer to you and pressed his lips on your ,not caring about anything,just you.
His hands held your face..Jungkook’s lips were heaven to you..So soft..
Jungkook pulled away a little..
“I promise to you..I will never hurt you again” his nose was touching yours and his eyes were looking at your eyes.
You smiled and pulled Jungkook’s T-shirt closer and he pressed his lips on yours again..

You thought this is gonna be good or bad decision that you made..And it is to trust on those words that he said to you.

broadwaysweetie asked:

So I read/started watching Outlander because of how you talked about it and I just finished the book. But I'm crying because Jaime isn't real and like I need a Scottish guy to say some of those things to me pronto. But I just wanted to say thank you for opening my eyes to a new TV/book series.

^^ that’s been me ever since I started watching Outlander. I’m not sure buttermybooks can handle me anymore because all I do is cry over Outlander and Jamie (also Finn Nelson from MMFD but that’s a different story) but for real that show wrecked me real fast. Like I already wanted to marry a Scottish guy before but now it’s like a need, a necessity. Jamie is perfection and it’s cruel that he doesn’t exist. ::sigh:: Either way I’m glad I could bring this amazing show into your life. Now I’m going to go back to swooning over Jamie and all that is Outlander

(will you look at that? the face of an angel!)

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Before I forget to mention it, I have a story in this.

I bought the print copy (alright, I may have bought more than one, I tend to spill tea when I least expect it) and I’ve got to tell you - it’s great.

It’s just small enough to fit into a mid-size bag so you can take it with you and read it anywhere, and big enough to hide your face behind when you don’t want to be recognised and pulled back into that great-aunt’s birthday party/ lichen-counting expedition/ sleeper car with three snoring strangers, and it’s jam-packed with great reading from lots of people we all know and love. Plus my weird story. That is not false modesty, it is one weird story. So go for it!

Now I’d better come up with some prose for the August issue quick :)

booksandpens98 asked:

I tried writing teen stories for a really long time and they all turned out bad. I then went into poetry and I actually love it. But then poetry turned into really really really good short story and kinda want to dip back into longer teen fiction, any tips to help me not land in my bad teen fiction rut

It’s hard to say without knowing more about what you wrote and why you thought it was bad. The fact that you branched out into some other types of writing and feel more confident now may help you stay out of your rut. My post Frustrated with Writing Quality has some general tips that might help, too. :)

anonymous asked:

Can you write coming out stories with the boys to celebrate America legalizing marriage equality? ☺️ love your writing! ❤️💛💚💙💜

You didn’t specify what you wanted, and I low key have a head cannon that Luke will have a gay son and it’s super cute so I did that. Off we go.

You fiddled with your hands nervously as you and your husband, Luke, sat on the couch across from your son and his girlfriend. He told you that he needed to talk to you both, and so there you sat. He stood up and began to pace back and forth nervously.

“Did you get Tarryn pregnant?” Luke asked suddenly, eyeing the young girl that sat across from him. You smacked his arm, but looked at your son nervously.

“You didn’t, did you?” You asked, biting your lip. Your son shook his head quickly and took a seat next to Tarryn.

“No,” he said shakily, grabbing her hand, “actually, Tarryn and I aren’t dating.” Tarryn rubbed his hand supportively with hers, and you raised an eyebrow.

“Why would you tell us you are, honey?” You questioned. You watched as your son took a shaky breath, before Tarryn whispered “just tell them” in his ear.

“Son, just tell us what’s going on.” Luke said, leaning forward and placing his elbows on his knees.

“I’m gay.” You son said, tears evident in his eyes. Your eyes widened before you reached across and tackled him in a hug.

“Oh, baby, is that all? You scared us so badly.” You mumbled, rubbing his hair gently.

“Wait. Y-you’re okay with it?” He asked, pulling back and staring at Luke who hadn’t said anything yet. You turned around and suddenly everyone’s eyes were on your husband.

“Of course we’re okay with it, Ethan.” He said with a small smile. They stood up and hugged tightly, your son’s muffled sobs heard through the quiet room.

You eyed Tarryn who was smiling happily at the two, tears in her eyes. You reached over and touched her knee gently as Luke whispered comforting words into your sons ear.

“Are you okay, dear?” You asked quietly. She looked at you and nodded quickly, wiping her eyes.

“I’m just so happy. He was so scared.” She smiled and fiddled with her hair. “It’s just nice to see him so relieved.” You rubbed her leg gently.

“Thanks for being such a good friend to him.” You said. She beamed.

“Of course. Who wouldn’t for their boyfriend?” She gave you a wink and the two of you laughed softly.

Dear Charlie,

I don’t know what’s wrong. I’ve been so happy lately, at least when i’m with him. But then i get home and it’s a completely different story. I’m lonely and sad. All of the pain comes rushing back. I don’t want to fall back into my pattern. I can’t afford a relapse, i’m on a sport’s team, if i relapse someone will see. I’m so weak and i’m afraid. The last scars of my weakness are just healing, i can’t succumb to this addiction any longer but i’m afraid that in the solitude I just might. I can’t even look at a pencil sharpener without getting anxious. Why can’t i just stop? I know I need to fight, but i don’t know how much longer i can hold this up Charlie.

On 3x04

The episode is what I expected – “super” cute and “super” powerful (Jonnor + Lena’s storylines!).  I’m glad Cole put the plug in for why labels can be good and important.  The shirt was funny, and it’s hopefully a running gag.  I would like to see Jude smile more like he did at the end of the episode.

The “conclusion” did seem a little rushed, but I get it, there are other stories.  I’m confident that had Jude gone home, Connor would have broken up with Jude.  I’m happy though that Jude didn’t admit to a label under duress – He went to Connor with the intention of saying he was gay before Connor wanted to break it off.  Thank goodness for Cole!  I’m pretty sure it’ll come back up, but hopefully Jonnor moves on to how to deal with the “labels” in a more public setting.  As much as I love Jude, I was pulling more for Connor in this episode.

Also, we all should know that Jude is gay (not bi, not pan, etc) – if you don’t see it, then let me know and I’ll put together a video of all the “hints.”  The Fosters folks were pretty damn subtle in Season 1, but they got real blatant in Season 2.  Jude’s just not checking the box, not because he isn’t gay, but because he just doesn’t like labels (very different).  If this were real life, I wouldn’t be forcing the label, but Jude is fictitious and we have people other than Jude in his mind who have confirmed that Jude is gay.  Jude did say he was gay to Connor, but I’m not sure that will carry through to the public.  I hope it does, but I can see it coming back as a source of tension.

Overall, I’m happy.

brunetteauthorette99 asked:

On the subject of Whispers: my friend and I have a theory that he's actually not a natural-born sensate, but rather someone who can simulate sensate abilities, thanks to his experimentation on sensates that he's captured. Basically, he's like an evil Batman sensate: rich and with lots of gadgets that make up for his superpower shortcomings.

Do you realize how incredibly frightening that is though cause that essentially means the opportunities to hurt the cluster are incredibly endless… 😓

but that would lowkey be intriguing like I really want an episode on Whispers backstory…
Speaking of back stories… When will we get a glimpse into Jonas and Angela’s????

asktheravenclan asked:

"Ah'll tell yah my story if yah tell meh yahrs." Morgana said as she sat across from the other, flicking on the tape recorder.

“Judging by the fact that I’m stuck here, obviously I messed up by eating someone important,” The gorgon sat back in the chair, noting the protective dark glasses that the other was wearing over the eyes. “Except it was only one time, so I dunno why you’re keeping me here.” Mairon wasn’t about to reveal his story, not to someone who was part of this organisation. He glared at the tape recorder.

I hate my name (nameless)

I want to read back my name
through your eyes.
I want to conjure up the light you associate.
With my assortment of letters.

When I read it, the name I’ve been assigned.
I see the roles cast for me.
I see the impositions pressed upon me.
…I feel like a strangled deer
…I’m a butterfly without wing dust

It’s colourless, unwelcome,
Like a reminder of a lover who left you to fuck someone better.

So I want to hear what you say
besides my name, when you read it back.
I want to bask in your planetary arrangement
Be felt by your hands discovering me as foreign
Not adjust your assumptions or your story,

Just read it back through your lips.
until then, let me be