“I wanted to break new ground. I wanted to leave a legacy. I wanted my life, my brain, my existence to mean something. The thing I never really thought about though, the thing I never really wrapped my brain around until now was in order to do that, in order to be remembered, in order to leave something significant behind      y o u   h a v e    t o    l e a v e.


Fortuna: Oh my god we’re fucking enormous lol :D

Eddie: We’re beautiful, I know. Now for the love of god, someone get this thing out of me

By this point I was genuinely worried I was going to end up with triplets. As luck would have it, they only delivered one each! Fortuna gave birth to a baby named Hugo, and Eddie birthed little Aldous. 

Two boys. Yuck.


I pushed with all my forces away from me, but he took advantage of this to grab my wrists and pull me to my bedroom. He was resting on the door undressing and I just couldn’t move, I was frozen. Andrew ripped aggressively my clothes underwear off of me and it was clear what he wanted. It was clear since he entered my house.


??: Hi my name’s Emmett!

Charla: Who are you??

Emmett: I’m from the future! You people are so under educated!

Charla: Okay what do you want?

Emmett: My time machines broken I need you to fix it for me..

Charla: Okay what do I have to do to fix it?

Emmett: Go find my power thingies! They look like lava lamps!

Charla: Okay be right back..


But the tears wouldn’t stop falling even as I looked at my brother and sister in front of me.

"Pull yourself together!" Logan yelled I flinched backwards

"Trysten would not want to see you like this." Delilah agreed 

"b-but if it weren’t for me…"

"He made a great sacrifice yes, but he did it to be with you. I realize that now, he must really care for you if he gave up his tail to be with you." Delilah said shaking me, the tears only fell more.

I felt myself being turned and pushed towards the bed. “Go back to sleep, Autumn. You still need your rest, Trysten will wake eventually and stay awake. I do not believe that this will kill him.” She said. I sat on the bed and crawled under the covers. My body shaking and tears still falling.

Eventually I cried myself to sleep. 


Annie according to character tropes

actually how snk ends like 100% tru 

once upon a time there was a lil blond boy who was a cutie and like really smart and his angry gassy baby friend and that friend was eren and then eren was like 

"armleg let’s do the k issy thing"

and then mikas flew through the window and was like ye smooch u dumb boys 

and then they kissed and eren does a thing that kills all the titans like he just

he kills them all 

and also the dumb pastor guy got stepped on