The Matheson-Monroes | 2.13

"I’m going, it’s not open for debate!"


Things I am nearly incapable of doing because of anxiety and intrusive thoughts:

• taking the last or close-to-last of something in the house, esp. #food or #drink , without asking first, sometimes literally even if it’s something we bought for me

Things my stepdad thinks it’s hilarious to constantly make fun of me for:

• please reread previous bullet point


i don’t usually post the extra characters for the domestic parents kyouten au. but sammy and i are getting close to skipping to Manami’s first year at Raimon. And There’s a character i gave a name to to make a joke during a friendly raimon had against teikoku earlier on in the rp and i realized he’s be a 3rd year when Manami joins raimon, and dumb little baby is captian now and became important„ so i needed to figure out a little about how he looks (and used a random animal generator since that’s still the theme)

so much to do and so little energy to do it with….

I have to remind myself constantly how amazing my life is and how privileged I am and that this summer was actually true, because I keep forgetting about it.
I want to do as many things as I physically can but I should remember about appreciating every single one of them.
I am so so grateful and wouldn’t change anything, because I wouldn’t be myself if it wasn’t for what happened to me.