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  • Tony Sawicki is missing. Tony Sawicki is no longer present. Tony Sawicki is a figment of your imagination. You are Tony Sawicki. You have always been Tony Sawicki, and Tony Sawicki is not real. You are not real.
  • Everyone says the show is coming back in less than a week, but it doesn’t feel like it. Your perception of time is drastically warped. Something is wrong.
  • You place an order at Hot Topic.
  • The writers say a character is dead, but the character is alive. You can see the fear in their eyes during interviews. They can no longer control their characters. It is too late.
  • You see a gifset of Cosima and Delphine kissing. You reblog it. The next post on your dashboard is the same gifset, and you reblog it again. Oh god. You can’t stop reblogging the gifset. They kiss over and over and over and over and
  • You try to tell your friends and family about Orphan Black, but when you bring it up all you get are looks of terrifying blankness. Did you mean Orange is the New Black? They love Orange is the New Black. They love it. They love it so much. They are getting closer to you. There is something frightening in their eyes. You meant Orange is the New Black, right? Right?
  • A promo image comes out. Your favorite clone’s face is too small. A promo image comes out. Your favorite clone has peculiarly-warped limbs. A promo image comes out. Where your favorite clone’s face should be, there is only void. A promo image comes out. Your favorite clone is transcending her mortal form. Soon she will be free. Soon. Soon.
  • Someone tries to explain how the multiple-clone scenes are filmed. When they open their mouth, there is only screaming. You long for the sweet release of death. No television show is worth this.
  • People keep vanishing, but you don’t know where they go. All of your friends are gone. Maybe it was only you, this whole time. Maybe you are alone.
  • Kira Manning.
  • okay but did you notice how when their tour guides were being stopped in the streets Dan did not say "oh yeah he's really popular here" or "he's the king of YouTube here", he said "he's the AmazingPhil of YouTube here" which just shows how much Dan still admires and fans over Phil just like so long ago.


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“And here’s the thing; I had a really shitty night. The kind where you– where you think you’ve seen the bottom of humanity, and the pit just keeps getting– getting deeper, you know?”

I feel so dumb posting this, but like Steven Universe seriously means the entire world to me right now. All the characters are so well rounded flaws and all. There are entire story lines in place that get followed, it has all the body type representation, and shows how the characters show love and affection despite trauma. It goes into everything like that even how they deal with trauma, and not to forget all the respectful and beautiful canon on screen gay representation through Pearl and Ruby/Sapphire. All the stereotypes and tropes we expect also just get crushed to pieces by everyone on a constant episode-by-episode basis, and Steven’s character being a kind hearted loving kid who doesn’t have a single mean bone in his body and isn’t afraid/insulted to be “feminine” is so god-damn refreshing. Then there’s his dad Greg who’s character is also dealing with trauma and loss of his own but loves his son more than the world combined and does the best he can to show it whenever possible… His character and all the background characters are always so wonderfully diverse and developed on their own. They show different types of families and healthy AND unhealthy dynamics and how to deal and/or respond to them too. If that’s not even enough don’t even get me started on Rose’s character and how she talks about life and love and happiness in mankind and the world we live in and I just…

This is the shit I cry over. If anyone tells me “it’s just a cartoon” I want to punch something because it may just be a cartoon to them, but to me it’s so much more than that… It’s an entire world with inspiring promises created by an amazingly talented women and is everything I look up to and helps me push forward. I’m so so so glad this show exists right now and I’m glad I’m around to see it because it’s so beautiful in so many ways and is everything I want to strive for. 

“She really hurt you, didn’t she? Well this couldn’t have been easy so, thanks.”
“You’re welcome.”

proof frank iero is the nicest human i’ve ever met

okay so for the signing me and lili were like really nervous so we apologised for not knowing what to say and i said “i’m sorry, i’ve never met anybody cool before” and he said “oh i’m sure that’s not true, i’m not even cool”. he signed my cd and lili’s poster, and i told him i couldn’t get tickets for his show, but that i hoped he had a great time playing it. and so basically he ask what my favourite album of all time was, and i said that i didn’t know. he laughed and said that it was a test, but i just told him that i’m not good at picking favourites. he said that was a good answer, and then asked my name. i told him, and he wrote it down on a sheet of paper, and then asked if we’d be around this evening. we said yeah, and he told us to go to the box office at the venue and they’d let us in because he was putting us on the guest list.

frank iero put me and lili on the guest list for his show and it was literally the best show i’ve ever been to

we weren’t allowed to take photos with him, but it was still one of the best experiences of my life so far and i just really want to say thank you to frank

I haven’t said this in awhile, so it’s probably time again:  If you’re ever worried about how much you’re liking/reblogging from me, you really don’t have to worry about it.  Tumblr only shows me a small fraction of the notes over the huge archive of posts I have, so 99% of the time I’m literally not even going to notice if you like+reblog a hundred posts in a row!  But, even if I did notice, the only thought in my head would be, “Oh, man, this person and I clearly are on the same wavelength, awesome.  ♥”

Also, I was looking up some of my old favorite manga series last night and I forgot how spectacularly some of them went off the rails or just… went into complete WTF territory.

It started with looking up Bastard!! again because, hey!  I liked that series!  It was ridiculous and OTT and was basically everything I should hate with all the fanservice and terribly treated female characters right from the beginning, but somehow it still sunk its claws into me.  And every so often I forget where that storyline headed and I go look it up again and experience the WTF HAPPENED TO THIS MANGA? all over again.

And then I was like, “Hey, speaking of OTT manga, how did Tenjou Tenge end again?”  NEVER LOOK UP THE ENDING OF THAT MANGA (if you’re like me and once upon a time had great affection for it) because Oh!great can draw and that manga was pretty great for, like, ¾ths of it but the, holy shit, that ending was just… WHY?  WHY WOULD YOU DO THAT?

And this is why we should never read ongoing manga.  ONLY READ COMPLETED MANGA, ANYTHING ELSE BREAKS YOUR HEART.  (Or else goes on hiatus for like nine years.)

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"my best mate somehow fucked up my tv and tonight is the season premiere of this show i really really like and no livestream will work on my computer so will you please let me watch it on your tv i promise i’ll go back to my flat once it’s over" w/ larry, please? :)

Harry had been looking forward to it all week, had built the bloody thing up in his head until there was no room in his brain to think about anything else, so when he turned on his TV to find only black-and-white fuzz he screamed at the top of his lungs. 


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Just a rant here

Can I just say how proud I am of J2? Of like, their accomplishments on the show and the relationships they’ve built. Ten years is a really long time, and they have been gracious and wonderful humans the entire time, especially with the fandom. They started off playing brothers, but they ended up becoming brothers. And that in itself is spectacular. I love that. They have really invested their time into becoming their characters, so much that they wear parts of them now in everyday life. You can just tell how much these guys care about the show, and they will do anything they can to make it the best it can be. And the relationships they’ve built… They’ve made friends that they’re gonna have for the rest of their lives. On another show, maybe you’d see them at the awards season after the show is done, and make good memories while filming, but always lead separate lives. J2 no longer are two separate people, we expect them to be together. They go on vacations, they watch the show together, their children play together.

It’s just so special to me how far these boys have come I’m sorry

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What are your top 10 characters left out of the show?

This is a really, really tough question, because so many of the storylines are so warped that the inclusion of certain characters just doesn’t really make sense now. Like Val/Dalla for instance. No Dalla means no Mance baby, means no Sam/Gilly trip, which implies no Citadel stuff (could be in next season I guess?). Or like, I would have loved Alys Karstark to be in, but they made the Thenns cannibals so…

I guess if you twisted my arm, here’s what I’d say:

  1. Arianne Martell: without Arianne, the Dornish plot just doesn’t make sense. It is about her relationship with Doran, and the “events” that will get “covered” by other characters are so, so secondary to that.
  2. Quentyn Martell: he’s kind of contingent on Arianne being in, but if she’s in, he has to be. Yes I’m biased towards the inclusion of the Martells. Leave me alone.
  3. Garlan or Willas Tyrell: I could have made do with just one Tyrell brother. I’m partial towards Garlan because I like him and I tend to think he poisoned Joffrey (or maybe even Leonette). But without a brother, Loras can’t be a Kingsguard. And half the point of Loras is that he is an honorable and worthy knight that Jaime respects, but Cersei is hellbent on getting rid of him. And Loras joined the KG to protect his sister because of Joffrey’s troubling reputation. It’s a damn shame.
  4. Wyman Manderly: He won’t be in. He needs to be in. I mean that’s all there is to it. “The North Remembers” is literally meaningless in the show. And like  I’d add Barbrey Dustin too, but her inclusion is dependent on Manderly, it’s dependent on setting up the tensions with the Northern Lords. It’s all cut.
  5. The Griffs: The official show story is now that Varys met Illyrio a few years ago in a “it’s summer and things are fine but BOY is Robert a douche” support group and want to put Viserys Dany on the throne. I also happen to like these characters in their own rights, as well as the ambiguity of Young Griff’s claim. So much potential.
  6. Every character that’s appeared in a flashback ever: I mean, maybe not. They managed to miss the point of Maggy the Frog’s scene, didn’t they. But do show viewers even know about House Dayne?  Plus “Promise me Ned,” said no one, apparently.
  7. The Kettleblacks or something: Or Taena? Someone for Cersei to actually be Cersei around. Don’t get me wrong, I love the Carol Chronicles. But it’s not ASOIAF.
  8. Jeyne Westerling: If the actual book character had been in the show, written as she was suppose to be, we could have avoided the Talisa horror show. It SO undercut the importance of Robb’s arc, and she was anachronistic as fuck. It was the beginning of the end of the “adaptation.”
  9. Jeyne Poole: You’ll see. If the rumors are true, you’ll see.
  10. Coldhands: IDK maybe we could have avoided Crasters or Bran would actually be in the show this season? But they were so determined to have their big battle last year I’m not sure Coldhands’s inclusion would have made a giant impact on how they scripted it.

But at the end of the day, like. These castings would have been meaningless, because D&D just would have continued to miss the point with other characters. And my poor heart really couldn’t take Arianne talking about killing Myrcella, which I’m sure would have been their interpretation.

“Don’t worry about me. It’s just a little rough housing between family. We can hangout some other time, alright?”

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Have you done jongkey? c:

Nope, I haven’t done it yet!
It will be a pleasure to ; u ;
Here we go :)

notp / not really / meh / I could / sometimes / maker, yes / my otp babies

  • Who is the most affectionate?
    They both are, but in total different ways. Kibum has a subtle way of showing affection, hidden in those little daily gestures that only people who know him well are able to read; while Jonghyun on the other way has this natural way of his to show his heart to the people he cares for - he’s so full of love he needs to gift it to people in order not to burst.
    It maybe be a bit annoying at times to have such an affectionate pup around, but truth is Kibum doesn’t mind the mindless nothings and relentless skinship when it comes to Jonghyun.
  • Big spoon/Little spoon?
    The big spoon is almost always Jonghyun - hugs are definitely his thing. Kibum instead likes curling alone on his side, like a cuddly kitten; it’s a sleeping habit of his. But just like a kitten he likes his boyfriend body’s warmth. They are actually both huge fans of spooning each other.

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i am literlly so overwhelmed with how gorgeous rose quartz is i cried. like actually cried. shes large and tall and just so stunning and i’ve never seen a bigger woman portrayed like that on tele and i just cannot stop crying??? this show is fucking with me im so…

im so okay with my body right now. like a kind of weird acceptance. i dunno. i hope we see more of rose quartz. shes so fat. and shes so beautiful. and im so so happy.

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I get lots of anon hate too and I think its awesome how you deal with it so adult like and call them out in a mature way. I ship you and Moose! You both are so nice. You're really pretty and your cosplay is so awesome! I hope my cosplay can be as good as yours some day. I hope you have an amazing day full of your favorite foods and movies and T.V. shows and books and don't listen to the haters!

(( Aww, you’re sweet. =w= And well, after I got my temper down I was able to think clearly enough to say what was on my mind. I am kind of adult since I’m 22, so I hope I can be mature every now and then, XD

And I’m sure your cosplay is already great! If you’re having fun, you’re doing it right. <3 And don’t ever think someone is a better cosplayer than you, ok? Because we all had to start somewhere. )) 

I feel like Youngjae’s totally the type to playfully tease Daehyun and say shit like, “Oh, I don’t really see much of a difference. Are you sure you’re still working out regularly, Daehyunnie? kekeke” when Daehyun sends him photos of himself post-workout

but then would casually show the photos off to every single god damn person he knows because “Look at my smoking hot boyfriend best friend look at those arms. So hot. So hot u can fry an egg on it hot can I get a heLLA YEAH.”