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I just want him to have nice things..

Travel 13

Longish chapter. Importantish chapter. Some people will think I dodged certain things again… but if so, it’s with a slightly different approach than usual. Maybe some things aren’t always suited for teleological narrative structure? Or maybe I am insufficiently focused on the customary telos? TT; DR (too theoretical; didn’t read): sex. Of some sort. And then some comedy, for the relief. I wish I had a joke here, but all I got is part 1, part 2, part 3, part 4, part 5, part 6, part 7, part 8, part 9, part 10, part 11, and part 12.

Travel 13

They stop at the first motel they see; Helena does not even remember, by the time they are walking, luggageless, down the outdoor hallway to their room, which chain it belongs to. That they are on the first floor, the first floor outdoors—“Nothing with a view?” Myka had joked weakly at the desk—meant no elevator ride, no transitional space of semi-privacy, nothing to prepare them. If they could have been magically transported from the Flynns’ driveway to the room… but no, they had to get into the car and drive, and look intentionally for signs, and think about what they were going to do; Helena also had to call Charles to tell him she would not be home until morning.

Still, when the door clicks closed, Helena honestly expects be thrown against it: it is almost a conditioned response, now, for her body to tense and then, once Myka is pressed against her, to begin to melt.

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what even is the atrocity? my anatomy that’s what.
no but it’s johnkat day so i figured i would give a nod to my favorite johnkat au ever: REAL MEN WEAR TIGHTS

i do have to say though, this is much better then my last art i gave them, so there is that. i think the first time i drew anything for them was 4/13 last year? something like that.

i’m proud of how it came out regardless of the few anatomical fuck ups. ;;;

Battlestar Galactica/Pacific Rim AU where Lee Adama and Raleigh Becket are co-pilots on earth fighting the Kaiju that the Cylons have teamed up with. Meanwhile, Mako Mori and Cara Thrace are Viper Pilots leading the fight in space. Cause space Kaiju are fuckin insane. Mako’s call-sign is Flashback because of an only slightly life-threatening incident with a Viper and a docking bay. But now she uses that experience to her advantage so she wears that call sign with pride rather than shame.


someoneoffthestreet said:

just saw your tags on that Dean and Frank post and YEAH, YES, basically Frank mentoring Dean in any situation just think of it


dean as a legacy of an old, powerful, elite coven that has a tradition of letting gifted youth apprentice under older, very powerful members. hardly anyone ever actually passes the test to be allowed this internship. dean always knows sam’s going to be able to get in, but he never dreams he could. then frank comes in from out of town and says he wants that winchester boy, and dean thinks he means sam, except that sam’s only 10 so he’s way, way too young for it.

that’s when dean realizes frank means him. john and mary work out an arrangement for dean to stay with frank eight months of the year. he comes back for holidays, birthdays, and special meetings.

at first dean doesn’t think he’s actually making progress, all the magic he’s doing is stuff he’s always been able to do and it doesn’t seem like anything special.

then he goes back home for the first time and the local coven elders decide it’s a good time to test him and see where he is, and he’s capable of using complex, collegiate level magics with little difficulty.

the training has been beyond frustrating, but dean thinks he could stick with it for as long as frank will have him.


Bamon AU - Hand it Over (Cont’ - past Damon’s given sabbatical window.)

"You wanted to know the truth, Bonnie. Give me my stuff back. Start with the ring.”

"You mean the giant tacky one that makes perfect sense now? Hmm." 

"Hey, we’re modern mobsters. That ring is just a non-gangster family thing. Giant gold chains though, totally my brother."


Hand it Over. AU. Damon is forced to take a sabbatical from work after an outburst towards clients. (Considering that this is Damon we’re talking about, it was quite the outburst.) He heads home to Mystic Falls to clear his head, aware that he’s lucky to have a boss who would send him away on paid leave and not take more… drastic actions. 

The truth is that two failed major relationships and a violent job that lately has been renting him out to do dirty work for an annoying bunch of dicks has him wondering why he’s still living the life he is… getting paid for work he rarely enjoys anymore while becoming incrementally isolated every day.

On his first day back in Mystic Falls, Damon decides to go to a grill before bothering with a few groceries. In record time, he manages to offend his waitress, Bonnie Bennett. 

She nicks something of his in retribution.

She doesn’t back down when he shows up again for lunch the next day, not even when he cheekily tells her to return what she’s stolen.

Not that day, the day after, or the day after that.

He winds up visiting her until he’s reached a few days past what was supposed to be the end of his break. His boss tells him that he needs to make a decision.

insidiousmisandry said:

OK BUT classical duo haruka and michiru who hate n'senshi at first (a feeling which is STRONGLY RETURNED by minako and makoto), and who keep on competing for the same audience, but then they end up befriending usagi. they're still kind of dicks to the inners, but eventually it turns into like a sibling teasing thing. (although they keep bringing up the idea of a threesome with usagi and mentioning "stealing her away", which always makes the inners super protective because nO she's just a BABY)



And at first there’s INTENSE RIVALRY between their fanbases.

And then they basically end up playing at all the same venues anyway.

And Usagi makes them all go out together as friends and she’s so happy and can’t sense the DEEP RIVAL TENSION between everyone else.

Michiru starts sending fanfic under a pen name of various shipping pairing between the groups and Minako goes “OKAY YOU CAN STOP SENDING FANFIC NOW”