Sneak Peek | 2.15 | Tom Neville Insurance Agency Commercial | (x) - (x)

"For all your insurance needs call Tom Neville Insurance, 612-353-8113!

That’s, 612-353-8113!

Call now!

Se habla español.”


This is inspired by fuku-shuu’s anon from the other day that imagined a really fun modeling AU and given that I have no self control I ended up creating a monster. 

Sorry, mate.

“Levi! How you doing today, are you ready for the photo shoot?”

At the sound of his name with that particular tone and seeing that particular person jumping on their spot with a camera around their neck Levi wanted nothing than to get in the car once again and leave.

He should’ve known they were the photographer, he should’ve fucking known.

“What’s up Hange? You look fucking bouncier than usual.”  Just remembering the last photo shoot with them on charge was enough to make him feel suffocated in his suit, and the though that today was going to be probably the same made his fists clench inside his pockets. Fuck his entire luck, if he had any to begin with.

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Coping with Criticism

my cat Steve almost gave me a heart attack. he was trying to jump out of the window of my room. he was on the ledge and was ready to take a leap when i realised what he was trying to do. my room is on the third floor. is this how it feels to be Bucky Barnes?

I have a problem in which I’m writing a scene where James and Lily find out about each other being Heads and I keep making stupid naughty jokes because ‘they’re heading together’ ‘I don’t know how to head, lily’ ‘I’ll teach you how to head until I consider your actions satisfactory’ ‘I’m going to head until I satisfy your needs, is that what you’re saying’ ‘oh definitely’

People using, “the epic love story,” or variations of it for other relationships but Sam and Dean.


This show has been part of my life for the past 6 years. I’ve laughed with it, cried with it, and loved it so much. Although it’s gone down hill in recent seasons, I’m always going to remember how it made me feel the first time I saw a group of teenagers in red shirts & converse singing don’t stop believin. Glee has taught me to be myself, that dolphins are just gay sharks, to always have courage, to follow my dreams, to be honest with myself, that the show must go all over the place or something, and so much more. Because of glee, I’ve felt less alone and like I wasn’t an outsider. It’s made me want to try a slushy facial, be proud of my flaws, and miss 2009. I’ve made close friends from watching the show. Watching this show, I’ve truly felt like I was part of something special because I am. It made me feel special. I know I’m going to be a crying mess tonight during the finale, but I also know I won’t be the only one. I’m always going to love this show, because it changed my life. It helped me become who I am today. And I’m going to miss it so much. So thank you, glee. I will never stop believing.

All this talk about the girls being tortured in s6 and having to deal with the trauma…not gonna lie, it’s getting me excited (which prob makes me a bad person) but I honestly don’t know if to believe them or not. they’re known for hyping things up, and they’re not particularly good at handling stuff like this, so I really don’t know.

I m curious how many of you are dealing with a frozen state, where you just don t want to do anything at all. Also curious how it has changed your life and what you are doing to counteract it. For me, I used to be very fit and active with long lists of daily things I wanted done and I almost always got through those lists and felt real joy and accomplishment on being so active. Now, I find the simplest task hard to even start. I ve stopped making lists and must break things into smaller… How Many Of You Are Frozen?