Alrighty, loves! It took hours of tears and fighting and screaming and just pure confusion, but I have finally committed. I will be attending Seattle Pacific University. Of all places, I never imagined I would end up there. While it isnt Hawaii, I know Seattle, and I know I’ll be okay there. Being the first in my family to go to college, its been quite a struggle, and such pressure has been put on my shoulders, and this was the one option my mom would tolerate with. I am excited for my future, I am also scared shitless but what else can you do? No more are the sleepless nights and goodbye to the tears of frustration!

Its a chance for me to prove myself to my mother, who while I know loves me, still struggles to let me go and let me make decisions on my own.

So hello SPU. Im ready for you :)

Lifehack: if you go into the theaters with the mindset that books and movies are different forms of entertainment you’ll be a lot happier in life

Long Distance Relationships

They are exhausting 
They are hard
You get used to being lonely
Your used to only seeing their face through Skype
You get used to airport reunions and goodbyes
Your used to dropping a ton of money just to see them for a few days
It’s easier to get frustrated with each other 
You end up hating the distance

But, you learn to appreciate the distance. I believe that all relationships who can get through long distance, are true and can face anything. You learn to appreciate the time you do get to spend together, you fall in love with the same pictures months apart. Trust is a necessity between the two people. You learn how to make choices and get through arguments together even being miles apart. While I have resented the distance that has pulled us apart for the last three years, I also know it has built the wonderful and strong relationship we have today. While, I’m excited to finally close the distance between us I know that a part of me will miss it. 

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He won't abandon his family but that doesn't mean he needs to be romantically involved with Marian! It's not either romantic relationship or leaving them both forever. That's what's frustrating. Can't he be single for a while? Or take things slow with Marian? But he went from pining after Regina to ILY and you're my happy ending in no time.

Okay, but what would that accomplish? Seriously, you’re going to have to explain it to me. I hear the upset, I see the posts, but someone please explain to me what the point would be, if he’s stuck out here, in this world, with Marian and no Regina, forever.

Are we hoping that after a few months of grieving Regina, he will decide he no longer wants Marian either and will leave and go find some other nice lady to love, or….? Because other than that, the end result will be the same: he will end up with Marian. So all Robin is doing is taking them to the end result without taking his own time to grieve, for the sake of Marian and their child, and the peace and comfort and happiness of their home life.

Because assuming he’s not running a con of his own here, assuming this is Robin trying to be genuine despite his misgivings, I just don’t see the point of creating more tension and distance by him telling her, when she’s clearly upset and feeling like he’s not in this with her “You’re right, I’m not, I’m in love with someone else and I need time.”

And the thing is, he’d be totally within his rights to do that. If that was what he wanted. But Robin isn’t generally a selfish guy, and I would imagine he already feels like he’s the bad guy here. He feels like she’s a stranger to him, things don’t feel the way they did before, Marian is saying it feels like he’s not really there with her. He needs to step up and be the husband and father they are counting on him to be, so he doubles down and commits. He ignores his gut, and does what sounds like the “right thing” again.

He’s being totally played, and it’s unfortunate and horrible for Robin and Roland and Regina, but he’s making a choice based on what he knows. And what he knows is that he can mitigate the pain of others by keeping his own pain private and playing the part until he feels the part. That’s not out of character for Robin, no matter how much it may upset people that their ship is in danger for OH MY GOD YOU GUYS LIKE ONE MORE EPISODE EVERYBODY CALM DOWN THE PRESS RELEASE SAYS REGINA IS ON HER WAY TO FIND HIM LIKE NEXT WEEK. CHILL. JUST CHILL. 



I just… Robin is not the bad guy here. He’s trying to be the good guy.

Blurb: Halcyon. 

It wasn’t the late night study sessions and the early morning classes that had Harry at his wits end, it was never feeling rested. He was three months from graduating and everything felt like it was closing in around him, studying law seemed like fun in the beginning. That was before the 30 thousand word essays and late night cramming sessions that had recently been ending in frustrated tears and drained coffee cups.

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In the end of the day,
I hope that you’ll miss me in the same way because I can’t let these tears keep falling the same way
and there’s no logical reason as to why heart strings can’t be tied back together and why skinny love reminds me of an eating disorder.
But in reality it’s just you and me.
The way the reality is reality until it’s a dream and the things that I left behind are long gone because I let them crash and I was deprived and didn’t want to let you see me cry.
So I looked away and till this day I can’t hold my breathe anymore and maybe I want to leave but I really don’t want you to leave me.
And all of this means absolutely nothing bc I fucking hate you.
But I fucking love you.
And if I could keep walking in this rain of frustration my feet would get sore and I would need some medical attention but depression can’t he healed with anything found in first aid. The strife and the bargain of taking your own life each day.
They say it’s just a thought but to me it’s a reminder of how truly fucked up I am.
A mark on the calendar for when to break down.
But tonight I want to sneak out in the night and sleep outside; kill myself in hidden sight.
I don’t want you to know when I’m gone , I want you to move on.
I am not a tragic depression story.
I’m okay in the eyes of glory, and I’m lost in the pages of my own story. Skipping to the end bc I’m impatient and everything nowadays is merely derogatory.
I see so much hope in you, that the kids in the playground wouldn’t have a future bc i know you’re going some where and you’ll be better off without me and I’m so happy you but I like to stay in solitude, But dear god I’m so scared that me leaving will hurt you.
I want you to be happy without me. Although being happy is only temporary and you know that better than anybody.
But I want the air to rethink its blow when I breathe and I can’t see what it’s about; for it’s just simply seen.
You only need because I’m there now but I want you too need me when someone else is there trying to take my place and tear out my lungs for face value and triumph.
Conceit is mostly skins deep but when that skin is gone what do you see?
Tied up veins overlapping trying to hold together your so called “beauty”. But that’s the thing.
Everyone’s beautiful to me and that makes is so much clearer than looking in a deathly cleaned mirror, that some will and can be better than me. And i know that when someone else comes along they’ll take my place, they’ll trace my steps and you’ll have a new hand to lace fingers with.
Any person can.
Even if tried to stop them the earth would shift and I fall back to the staring line of bullshiting my way though life too the very end. And I love you but you don’t know; you just don’t know how your smile is a simple reminder of how much more you more deserve, which is far better than me and I can’t let you waste your time. I want you to see me and say that you cared but then let me go and get set free.
After all that you’ve told me I can’t really breathe and I hope you see me for I was trying to but for now I’ll just sleep.
—  before him was you but when there was you there was pain.(A New)

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Imagine walking in from a very hard day. You're tired, frustrated and have the headache to end all headaches. Imagine Chanyeol bouncing over like a loving puppy, happy to see you home, until he sees your expression. The jovial tilt to his mouth falls some as he asks what's wrong before giving you a hug and a kiss on the forehead. He gets you some aspirin and leads you over to the couch to hear about your day, trying to crack jokes to make you laugh and feel better, holding your hand in his.

this is him running over:

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I'm shocked they would continue the show without the main character of the series! Delena was THE reason that I fell in love with the series. I put up with the crappy & frustrating writing until I couldn't stand it anymore for DE. Now it just feels like the show has slapped me in the face once again. Your positivity & kindness are a light in this darkness! Your blog is the only way that I truly enjoy DE anymore so thank you. I just hope they do DE justice in the end! Without DE I'm out for good.

Same. Thank you for your kind words. Its very much appreciative and needed right now. I will continue to try to keep this blog up and running the best I can. And through my tears, I will, with the best of my ability, try to remain positive for myself and all of you.

i really do love how effortlessly the whole flashback bit of the episode tells you So Much about yusuke, both in what he shows and does and what you can kind of read between the lines 

i mean sure he’s this punk kid, barely goes to school, teases his (probably only) friend, gets shit from teachers, gets shit from his (young, unemployed) mom…but he’s just this angry little ball of Fuck The World So Hard because he’s sick and tired of getting lectured and bossed around because he’s basically given up on making something of himself, and all the expectations people have pisses him off. he just wants to be left alone to do his own thing, but no one will do that, and he’s frustrated because hey assholes can’t you see i gave up on me ages ago so why aren’t you giving up 

idk i just really really love yusuke and oh my god he has this one speech in the end of season 3 (and a few in s4 i think) that i am going to go on and on and on over bc it’s so perfect 

(side note: if i’m talking so much about yusuke, god can you imagine how much i’m gonna talk about my favorite of the boys? y’all are doomed when we get to kurama)

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ships meme: princess tutu?

otp:  Fakir/Ahiru!  I don’t remember at what point they pinged on my radar (I initially shipped Fakir/Mytho) but once they did I never looked back.  A frustrated nerd boy and an adorable flailing duck.  The moment he saw her naked and was awkward as hell and she was awkward as hell, I knew they would be awkward in love forever and it would be GREAT.

favourite canon pairing:  Well, Fakir/Ahiru is pretty canon, but Mytho/Rue is even more canon and HOLY SHIT LET ME TELL YOU MY FEELINGS.  This girl who was told all her life that the only way she could ever have love in it was to steal it.  To manipulate people and force them to love her with no other choice, she truly believed that.  And you know that she was never really happy, she knew it wasn’t real.  Until her friends got through to her and showed her that she was worth loving, that she was worth a happy ending.  When Mytho loved her for herself, jfc, I want to weep because that girl deserves all the real love and emotional support in the world.

Rue doesn’t want to hurt or manipulate people, but she believed she had no other choice.  When she realized that wasn’t true, she was sorry about all the hurt, she wanted to be genuine with them, and basically IF YOU DON’T LOVE RUE I DON’T COMPREHEND.

worst pairing ever:  None of the pairings really struck me as terrible, at least not that were romantic or that were around for long.  You could take any of the four and create something worthwhile out of it!  (Except maybe Fakir/Rue, but they didn’t look at each other like that.)

guilty pleasure pairing:  ….part of me still kinda maybe likes Fakir/Mytho. He was so protective, like BL manga levels of protective and GET AWAY FROM HIM and then there’s all the pantsless Mytho stuff… yeah, I kinda maybe enjoy it sometimes.

a pairing you want to see more:  Rue/Ahiru!  It’s harder to fit into the timeframe of the story, but hardly impossible and their friendship was so great, MORE RUE AND AHIRU KISSING STUFF PLEASE.

that pairing everyone likes but you’re like “lol no”:  I think I’m pretty in line with fandom!  There’s not a lot of batshit pairings around and I like the ones that are popular, so.

favorite non-romantic pair:   I like all the friendships in the series and I’m totally ready to ship a lot of them, but I also like Rue and Ahiru as platonic friends, because Ahiru’s faith in Rue, the sheer level of belief she had in Rue (and she was right about her!) is wonderful and meaningful and that hug at the end OH MY GOD JUST LEAVE ME HERE WITH MY FEELINGS.

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Can you imagine Takuto from Thief X, when he becomes dishonest with how he feels ("You look very c-c very c-cu-cut--CUBE."), as soon as no one is looking, mouths to himself "OH MY GOD" in frustration? Like he's trying to hug MC and goes "You're very a-ador-additional. To the LNR family. My family." etc, his head in top of her's, he's just blushing like mad and shuts his eyes and goes "(OH MY GOD WHATS WRONG WITH ME)"

ahahaha omg I can definitely imagine that happening with Takuto! XD He’s such a adorkable person omf <33 And I do believe he’ll curse himself in his head when he does it hehe~ Probably be all, “Goddamn it! Why can’t I just say it out like a normal person?!” and “I’ll get it right the next time.. Definitely!!” But always ends up failing hah! Ooh Takkun~ c’: Such a unique and adorable soul lol! <3 (And nothing is wrong with you!! You’re a cutie xD)


🍥 Seriously? So littlest furries meds came today. The directions said to give ¼ a capsule a day. Really ¼ of a CAPSULE?? Let me get out my medical scale 😜

🍥 I jumped back on the less of me is better for my head bandwagon. Now to get my ass back to the gym where I used to be so happy.

🍥 Why the fuck did he write me?

🍥 Still trying to figure out the insurance thing. Jesus, this is so frustrating and stressful.

🍥 I keep trying to send myself something at work and it keeps bouncing back. This is worrisome considering it is the email address ending for all of my references. Hopefully it is a glitch and I am not an idiot. 🙀 please please please don’t be an idiot.

Hope you all had a lovely day. P.S. I owe one of you a response for a lovely helpful message. I haven’t ditched you, I have not a any time to reply properly :-)

“I wish I could throw you away.
Bundle you up in a paper towel,
crumple you, toss you toward the
trash can hope I sink the shot, and
slam dunk you in if I fall short.

I want to write all over these four
walls, splatter paint and sharpie
new words inside my mind. To
destroy the pictures, carpeting and
sheetrock that reek of the precious
time you gave to me, my time I
wasted on you.

I wish I could shrug you off, a
coat too big when the weather is
too warm, missing most of its
buttons, feeling heavy and filthy.
The color is all wrong, and all the
laundry detergent in the world can’t
wash away your stains.

I want to rerecord our conversations,
or record over them entirely. Put
my television shows, music, and
my audio books all over our wasted
breath, useless words, every “I
love you” and conversations that
never mattered in the end.”

Frustration || Carrie Mae Hanrahan

In regards to the various anons I have received, I am asking you to simply come to me off anon. If you do so, I will accept this as a proper apology. I understand that sometimes things do not go our way in role plays like we want them to. I promise - I have been there, and it is incredibly frustrating in the end when something doesn’t play out like it did in your head. We all have our moments, and I just want you to know that I forgive you for the anons. It might be one person, or it could even be a couple. I’m not sure, but I just wish that whoever sent them would  just come to me. You can discuss your issues with my characters, and I will try to make something work out for the two of us. However, if I received another anon I will turn every single one of them into the main. They are able to track them, so I would advise that you go with the first and only other option I am giving you. It isn’t a threat. I am just simply trying to resolve the unnecessary tension that has been built on the dash. I love every single person in this roleplay, so if you had a moment of weakness where something one of my characters did irritated you, I am willing to forgive you and keep your identity secret. Just please come talk to me. I’m not mad anymore. I was mad because it hurts when you get anons that address characters you’ve worked hard to build, and anons that regard your roleplaying as questionable and not that great. However, I have been in your position where I have wanted to voice my frustration. Just come talk to me. We will figure all of this out, I promise.

To my love

“Thousands of miles separate us,
And soon to be thousands upon thousands will too.
Years try to keep us apart, sometimes leaving my vision of us askew.
The distance is immense; even when you’re in the same city as me trying to see you is a chore.
I look at you through a screen every single day and see everything I want and everything I want to explore.
But the calls always end with me feeling empty because the phone never gets your voice completely right.
I lay in bed imagining your touch and your presence, just looking forward to your next flight.
I feel your absence every day and it hurts a lot; but the second I get to see you it is all worth it.
The pain, the sadness, the frustrations, it’s all worth it. Your touch, your kiss, your voice.. It’s always better than I remember. They say distance makes the heart grow fonder, well I would have to agree with that. My love for you has grown and blossomed into something beautiful and Id much rather spend hours with you than months with anyone else.”

Negative Attention

These kids LOVE it. It’s probably what they’re used to.

Spiderman pretends he doesn’t know names of animals, colors, or how to count. Once every few days, he’ll point to animals and say exactly who is who. And about once a week he’ll identify all the colors properly.

He always counts, “One, two, five, seven” even though he counts 1-10 by himself every time we walk up stairs. Anyway. During breakfast, he looks at me, and just says all the numbers 1-10. Like, ‘here mom, I know them, I just want to torture you by pretending you haven’t taught me anything over the past four months of your insignificant life.’

Toddlers. Are. So. Frustrating.
And I have two.
End rant.

I love the relationship between Mikoshiba and Kashima, I think we need more chapters about them.  I want to know how they spend time together or how Mikoshiba try to hide his otaku side ((but cmmn he’s too obvious)) or maybe Mikoshiba who’s secretly shiping HoriKashi tries to make them end up together giving her “advices” as if it were one of his games but as Kashima doesn’t follow his indications Mikoshiba just yell her something like “Kashima you are taking the wrong route!!!” and he get really frustrated bc he thinks he’s losing the game omg XD

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tbh i think you're really cute and I love how passionate you are about snakes and other reptiles! it sucks how many people look at me weird when they find out i love reptiles rats and other "weird" pets

Oh my gosh. I’m grinning really big rn thanks so much anon!! ;O; 

It’s pretty disheartening how people look at exotic and typically “strange” pets, which is almost 100% of the time borne of ignorance and the lack of education about the animal. And even more frustrating is when I try to explain this and end up getting so worked up and aggitated that I can’t sufficiently and calmly advocate for them and just end up upset because some jerk is telling me the only way they wanna see my beloved pets is dead or mutilated. The best we can do is go right on loving them enough to make up for all the hate they get, so don’t let it get ya down, Nonnie!! Keep on loving reptiles and rodents and all the animals that don’t typically get good reps. Lord knows that they need a little affection :)