so it’s Taeil’s birthday!
and I don’t know what to say hahaha, omg so Taeil is my ultimate bias so he is really important to me. honestly whenever I’m sad when I see him everything is good. I can’t stop smiling when I see him. okay sometimes I’m crying when I see him or when I listen to his songs but it’s all because of him, because he is so perfect!

I hope he will always be happy because if he’s happy I’m happy. he has the best voice in the world and I could listen to him for the rest of my life. I love him so so much, he is my sunshine, my cute baby kjdfjkd I REALLY HOPE HE HAS AN AMAZING DAY BECAUSE IT’S HIS BIRTHDAY AND HE DESERVES IT but okay I’m sure Block B will make his birthday awesome hahahh


(!gifs are not mine, credit goes to pyojamas and siousie :)!)


 An epitome of stage precence and classy interpretation: Roy Khan in Elizabeth x

1: Uncorrupted carmine red
2: Have I found myself eternity
3: Drench me with your innocence tonight
5: All I ever wanted was a fraction of the truth
6: You and I are relics - we provoke and we recline

Oh yes Misha’s such a horrible actor and such a shitty person. It’s so obvious that he had no talent so he cheated his way from homelessness to being on one of the longest shows currently still airing. And everyone is totally lying and exaggerating when they say that he’s inspired them and helped them through anxiety. He’s a shitty douchebag, so obviously no one would ever feel nice or happy after being around him since he’s just so disrespectful of everyone. And only an asshole would help build homes in Haiti. Pfft. What a terrible person, amiright?

Okay so i just read that interview with andrew j. west and he says that even after they filmed the season 4 finale the writers still wouldn’t tell him what his character’s motives were or anything like that and i’m pissing myself laughing cause imagine taking this role thinking you’ll just be the leader of some group and then finding out later that you might be playing a cannibal 

anonymous said:

the person who posted the monokuma tai chi one neglected to include the other THREE text boxes of ellipses you have to click through before you get rerouted back to the question. four text boxes of disgusted silence. bless u komaeda

LMFAO I REMEMBER………..there are like literally 4 screens of “……”s while the screen zooms in on komaeda

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I was waiting for so long for him to sing just a little bit of that song since the “yellow fever” episode.

My prayers have been answered.