can we talk about emma basically getting up and getting ready just so she could go out and walk like 2 blocks cuddling with her boyfriend and kiss him before he went to hang out with belle for the day and she went off to check on regina, they are becoming the parents of storybrooke it’s adorable

dianaflynn22 replied to your postYou guys are about to experience the Emergency…

I hope you have a hope you have a paperbag with you so you don’t hyperventillate. So exciting!


This is just so important, because normally rumors on twitter get shot down within 24 hours or so. Normally rumors are quick to get debunked. But not this time. NOT THIS TIME. SO I’M JUST


oh god zayn.

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*Pats her stomach* >:3

"Fuh huh? How’sa bout’ a panty raid? Those’r always fun an’ I know how t’sneak into Kat’s place! Are yeh game?"