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I pictured us growing old together.
I mean, imagine that; two high school sweethearts with love that failed to perish though set on fire many years back.
I could see it, you know. It was almost like it was a monochromatic flashback set in slow motion; a vivid memory although yet to happen.
It was the most perfect thing I could think of seeing your stupid signature smile everyday, you know, the one that brightens your whole face, and kissing the map of wrinkles that had resided with age that also told countless stories about how far we had come and the journey in which we had taken. We had the most beautiful children: Asiariyanne, Jupiter and little Jaxon that looked at us as if we were superheroes battling the night. Their eyes so innocent, not yet debased by this world of pain. Fractions of our cells that had collided transforming into the most perfect human beings with nothing but the incredible feeling of unconditional love running through their veins.

I used to think the problem was that we met too young. And so it was inexorable that we would not grow together and instead grow apart.
And that was partially true, I guess.
You had your demons and I had fought mine and we never really took the time to find ourselves before we found each other.
Had we met a different time, say 20 years from now, in an obvious place like a bookstore or a coffee shop, then maybe we could have had a chance of real, genuine happiness.

Maybe, someday we will meet again.
Stumble across each other after doing a double-take. And you say
“excuse me miss, have we met before”
And we will soon fall into old habits with the same undying love that was once a small flame.
Maybe then, that “flashback” [more like flash forward] I had of the future, that I could picture so lucidly
could finally set in motion.

—  it’s 01:22Am 26hours and 14minutes since I left you. How long until the pain stops? Why do I feel like I need you? Why can’t we fix what we had? “Maybe in another lifetime” (Y.A)

this is the world where everyone cannot choose their own fate
this is the world where people have their choosen mates
this is the world where you have to embrace the fact
this is the world where love was nothing but a creation
this is the world where you’ll be killed if you break the bond with your choosen mate
and this is the world where Park Chanyeol falls for Kim Jongin

Chanyeol knew that this thing might cost his life..And the pain of heartbreak had wounded his heart. But for Chanyeol, this was enough. Loving Jongin was enough.


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Luke in Every Episode → No Going Back
↳ How did we get here? Sitting in the snow, leaned up against a tree, bullet in my leg - but alive. When so many of my friends are dead, for no good reason, and I couldn’t do anything to stop it. Everyone we set out with, just…gone. I could’ve done more. And that ain’t up for debate. I know it in my bones, and I’ve gotta live with it.

"You’re the most scientifically interesting person I’ve ever met"

sure its cute now Carlos - but wait until you’ve been together long enough to be kept awake by the glow from the northern lights on your boyfriends chest. Then see how great it is