Alice is called in to remove a spider from the room. Alice is not told explicitly to put the spider outside, just to take it out of that area

One hour later “Alice why are you still holding that spider”

"It has tiny feet that tickle when it crawls on me"

My mother warned me about boys who carried matches.
Who liked smoke in dark, gray skies.
Who escaped the world and all it’s hurt
In a haze
Of touch and mind.

She did not warn me
About you,
The boy who carried a magnifying glass.
Who trapped the world
In his observations
Reducing it to ash.

She did not warn me
Your fixated attention
Would eventually scorch my skin.
That the warmth you so loved
Would burn me.
That this glass and light,
Alligned with your sight,
Would hurt me
Again and again.

She warned me of those
Who poured smoke in their lungs
To cloud up the sky
To destroy themselves
To forget what they’ve done.

But she failed to explain
This deepened pain
That comes from boys as yourself.
With your magnifying glass
Finding joy in the ash
Burning down everyone else.

I wish my mother
Had known of the other
To warn of danger much harder to see.
But now I choke
On both kinds of smoke
And mothers
Warn others
Of me.

my friend and i were at a tram station in the city where we saw a girl being abused by who seemed to be her boyfriend, we went straight to a supermarket and bought garbage bags, dressing ourselves in them and running around yelling at everyone that no one deserves to be treated like garbage

i like to take solace in the fact that at least i’m not the worst looking handsome jack cosplayer and by drawing lines all over my outfit with a fabric marker i managed to climb the ranks from ‘mediocre’ to ‘slightly above mediocre’ so that’s something, at least

          jason has spent a great deal of time hating people; & even at times hating himself. ( and wrestling with the idea that anyone he believed cared about him only used him as a replacement/didn’t care as much as he thought ). so much so that the idea of anyone loving him or caring about him is one he finds trouble accepting. not to say that he never will, or doesn’t try— but it inevitably requires someone with a fair degree of patience.

But you're my flame



make me choose 

damedehaans & malialtate asked: Isaac or Augustus?

Come over here so I can examine your face with my hands and see deeper into your soul than any sighted person ever could.

the sun will rise, and we will try again.