today plan:

going to go over my report one more time, and print it when im satisfied. send off the email copy today, hand in the hard copy tomorrow morning.

after that need to go out and buy small binders to put those copies in

then finish this other practical report, do some social psych reading, set out a plan for pbs2 revision if i have time

1D will forever be 5/5 to me

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I hadn’t shared my weight loss progress on Tumblr… But I got a big dose of inspiration today so I’ll start now. I followed a bunch of keto/fitspo blogs just now, mostly as I’ve been a bit lazy the last couple of weeks and I’ve got three months till our annual Holiday in the Netherlands so time to up the effort and stop being lazy!! My story: Started keto last May. So in nearly 12 months I’ve lost around 70lb… Start weight 273lbs current weight 203lbs. I’ve gone from a 48"hip and 42" waist to 36" and 32" respectively. And i feel great. Sleep great, skins great, energy is great. So now starts the second part of my Keto journey!

Things standing between me and graduation:

Research paper

‘nother research paper

Teach a yoga class (lol wtf? Why is this part of the class. I’m here to learn lmao)

volunteer 15 more hours at a food pantry (I actually really like this–but it’s hard fitting the time in on top of work and class)

Essay number 521 I’ve written during college

Group Film project (should be fun…but again, hard on time)

Five Six exams


Manly tears

Quick & Dirty Guide To Chapter Outlines

1. Assemble your supplies. Pens, paper, computers, tablets, whatever floats your boat. I personally use a computer and a word processor (or Notability). And your textbook–don’t forget your textbook (or whatever you’re outlining).

2. Quickly flip through your textbook and write down the headings of chapter and subheadings. Use bullets to separate these. Use different colors. Also add anything in bold as sub-sub-headings (that’s trademarked by the way).

3. Now go back through your bare bones outline as you read the book and fill in things that seem important–pay attention to anything that’s bolded (since that’s already in your bare bones outline from step #2), anything that’s defined, anything that relates to your degree (for example, I’m studying medicine and hopefully will be treating patients someday so I’ll pay really close attention to sections describing signs and symptoms and how a patient presents). 

4. Celebrate. 

I want you to think of someone in your life right now who is causing you stress, who is hurting you, who is causing your soul to ache, for tears to fall from your beautiful eyes, and for your hands to shake. Now, I want you to know this: there was a you before this person was in your life, and there will be a you after this person leaves. You are so much stronger than you think, and I believe in you.
—  Friendly reminders.