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Oscar and David use to be on the prowl for pussy at 15 but now David tries to hide his past because now he is only ever on a prowl for The Lord.

Amend the Hunting Act? Nargh...

'By all manner o' means let the otter be set up, and let un be given pride of place again' the wainscot; for if ever wild crittur deserved the honour, this one do, if only for the good he's done the landlord.' - Page 150, The Life Story of an Otter by J. C. Tregarthen.

The honour that the otter is given here is the honour of NOT being dismembered for the purpose of trophies (the pads, mask and rudder; the rest, of course, goes to the hounds that shook and ripped him to death). I offer this as an introduction to the reality of hunting with dogs which was banned from England & Wales in 2004 (The Hunting Act).

This post concerns the red fox, the deers and the hares of the United Kingdom, and specifically their future should the Act be amended or repealed entirely.

As it stands, the Hunting Act allows the flushing of certain mammals (not, for example, the otter, which is fortunately protected under Schedule 5 of the Wildlife and Countryside Act) from cover with the use of no more than two dogs in order to shoot them.

The amount of dogs that can be legally used is viewed as the main issue; the Federation of Welsh Farmers’ Packs (FWFP) compared the effectiveness of two hounds to ‘full’ packs in Scotland. The results showed that larger packs were more efficient; but then, I could have guessed that without a trial.

As a result, the countryside alliance (the self-proclaimed voice of the countryside) call not just for an amendment of the clause concerning the amount of dogs, but a full blown repeal of the entire Act so that they can manage foxes in the same way as Scotland where full pack hunting remains legal.

Strangely, though, amending the clause in question would allow them to do just that, whereas a full repeal of the Hunting Act would allow once more the legal hunting of hares.

While foxes are an understandable cause of distress to poultry farmers and to a lesser extent sheep farmers as they will, although rarely, predate newborn lambs in exceptional circumstances such as famine, it is a stretch of the imagination to dislike hares for the same reason (problems limited to the rare grazing of crops), so I can only look on calls for a repeal rather than an amendment with suspicion. Today, both species of hare in the UK are in decline.

Deer would also fall prey to this amendment/repeal. Whilst it is lamentably necessary to control the numbers of deer in Britain since the wolf and the lynx were eradicated, thus removing the natural control factors, and since an additional four species have been introduced over time (the fallow, sika, Reeve’s muntjac and Chinese water deer), the method of killing them with dogs is among other things inefficient, drawn out and brutally inhumane.

And then we come to the fox, and a plea from the League Against Cruel Sports (LACS). An understanding of the ecology of red fox has led to humane alternatives for the protection of farm animals; certain products act as deterrents by mimicking the territorial scents of foxes, keeping them away from farm boundaries. These can be purchased from The Fox Project in Kent and other suppliers. With these in place it may not even be necessary to harm foxes at all (and cheaper!). The LACS have launched their campaign to secure the future of the Hunting Act, backed by a scientific report which proves the following claims of the FWFP are not true.

* That foxes have increased since the implementation of the Hunting Act.

- In fact, since 2004, the population of the red fox has remained stable if it hasn’t declined (by 20% in one separate study by the European Journal of Wildlife Research, which is summarised in the Telegraph article below).

* That hunting to protect livestock actually achieves a decrease in the population.

- If anything, it makes the problem worse for the landowner. Killing foxes in the area only serves to open up the potential for other foxes to move in, a sort of vacuum effect.

* That the financial impact of the red fox due to lamb predation is significant.

- Several studies prove this not to be true, which can be found in the references of the report commissioned by the League.

Finally, I end by saying outright that I fully support the League Against Cruel Sports in their campaign to preserve the Hunting Act….though, admittedly, my stance may have been obvious all along. Whilst the calls to amend it to protect livestock may be genuine (if misguided, as evidence proves), the assault on the Hunting Act is clearly for more than agricultural gain.

If you,  like myself, do not wish to see a return to the days when wild creatures were the mere toys of so-called sportsmen then watch this video, but please bear in mind you may find the footage distressing:

If you feel despondent after watching it, then don’t worry; you can join the campaign to keep the ban in place by writing to your MP or by joining the LACS.



Further information

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16) Photos Freely Offered by Maggie Bruce. Visit Her Excellent Photography Page Here:

Next week, Eastenders will respond formally to government proposals on the minimum price of alcohol, and Eldorado will be recommissioned to cover foreign policy.

Because of course the BBC would, if it wanted to respond to a government policy, do it through the medium of a soap opera storyline. Brilliant.

Reposting the following from a closed FB group:

On March 31, 2011, 28-year-old former Marine and a Purple Heart
recipient Clay Hunt shot himself in his Houston apartment. While this
aspect of the story may sound unsettlingly familiar, what shocked
friends and family most was that since his return from Afghanistan,
Hunt had worked tirelessly in service to his fellow veterans, lobbying
on Capitol Hill, bicycling with wounded veterans and performing
humanitarian work overseas. It seemed he was doing all the right
things to deal with combat-related issues but Hunt could not get past
the survivor’s guilt, depression and other emotional struggles after

Despite the VA’s own admissions, the continued lobbying in Congress
and the public’s call for action, barriers still exist for Veterans
seeking metal health care. The Clay Hunt Suicide Prevention for
American Veterans (Clay Hunt SAV) Act (full text here:…/113th-congr…/house-bill/5059/text ) seeks to address these issues in
a number of ways.

Increasing Access to Mental Health Care:
• Amends the requirements for reviewing potentially improper discharge
characterizations of individuals diagnosed with PTSD or TBI so that
vets can get full access to the care they have earned—this language is
similar to a Walz bill, HR 975, the Service members Mental Health
Review Act.
• Requires the VA to create a one-stop, interactive website to serve
as a centralized source of information regarding all mental health
services for veterans.
Increasing Capacity to Meet the Demand for Mental Health Care:
• Addresses the shortage of mental health care professionals by
authorizing the VA to conduct a student loan repayment pilot program
aimed at recruiting and retaining psychiatrists.
• Requires the DoD and National Guard to review the staffing
requirements for Directors of Psychological Health in each state.
Improving the Quality of Care for Troops and Veterans:
• Requires a yearly evaluation, conducted by a third party, of all
mental health care and suicide prevention practices and programs at
the DoD and VA to find out what’s working and what’s not working and
make recommendations to improve care.
Providing Continuous, Seamless Care to Troops and Veterans:
• Establishes a strategic relationship between the VA and the National
Guard to facilitate a greater continuity of care between the National
Guard and the VA.
• Authorizes a Government Accountability Office (GAO) report on the
transition of care for PTSD and TBI between the DoD and the VA.
Developing Community Support for Veterans:
• Establishes a peer support and community outreach pilot program to
assist transitioning service members with accessing VA mental health
care services.

There is so much that needs to be done to address the issue of
suicides among Veterans, but if you are looking to do something today,
you can sign the linked petition, urging Congress to pass the Clay
Hunt SAV Act. Better yet, call or visit your Representative office to
urge the same.…/82506-eliminate-barriers-to-qualit…


McConaughey is the co-owner of a ranch that sells cattle and horses…and canned hunts (deer). Please call him out on his blatant support of animal cruelty. 

On Twitter use #cannedcoward and #cannedhunting and tweet at @McConaughey. 

Original article: by Donny Moss

Thank you to for posting this in the VoT FB group. I had no idea!

What’s more mysterious than a mysterious box of mystery? GISHWHES! We like to think of it as our crazy third cousin (twice removed) who shows up once a year, throws a huge party (possibly while we’re out of town,) and yet leaves us wishing they’d stayed another week or two. After all, how can you stay mad at someone who gift-wraps 90,000 pledges to commit a random act of kindness and a Guinness World Record to boot! It almost makes you forget that they ate all your kale chips and walked off with your favorite sock monkey hat.

If you want to join in GISHWHES’ mayhem this year, you still have a few more days to join the hunt.  And if you sign up, you might just get the opportunity to be part of a very special act of kindness or two - this time while possibly wearing flippers and a bow tie. We usually don’t know what our crazy cousin has planned for his visit and that’s pretty much true again this year, but we do know that we’re aiming to change someone’s life for the better. Once again, GISHWHES will take kindness to the extreme.


What the Zodiac Signs Say While on Vacation

Aries: “Lets play a game? Do you want to play? Doesn’t matter you’re going to play anyways. How many exotic birds can you spot on this safari, i bet i can find more than you and name them all as well.”

Taurus: "I’m just going to sit here and read my book on this nice hammock, drink my iced tea and admire the sunset."

Gemini: "I think i want to see the Statue of Liberty first, or maybe Central Park… i heard there are tons of great places and i read so much about them, oh i’m so excited!" 

Cancer: "What if i fall in love with an island boy and we get married and live on the island and we have a cute little island baby named Lilo and we all live happily ever after…What? it could happen." 

Leo: "I have so many places i want to see, first the Eiffel tower and then maybe do some shopping and stop to eat at a cute little cafe where i can wear my beret."

Virgo: "I made a list of everything we’re going to do. The times, the places, its all planned out. It’s the perfect plan for the perfect vacation."

Libra: "I just want to relax and have a good time and get a nice tan and be waited on and i want to buy something cute from the gift shop." 

Scorpio: "Shopping, swimming, lunch, some more swimming, let me work on my tan for about an hour and then we can have a romantic evening."

Sagittarius: "We can surf and maybe hit some local bars, check out the hot babes in their bikinis. I bet you cant get their number before i do."

Capricorn: "i want to go sight seeing.The Colosseum, the Pantheon and the Trevi Fountain. Also grab some Authentic Italian food just so i can subtly brag that i have had Spaghetti in Italy."

Aquarius: "Lets play it by ear and explore the island. There are many things to do and we only have one two weeks to do them, lets go go go." 

Pisces: ” Is this boat safe? What if the boat has a tiny hole in it and the hole expands as we speed off and we sink into the ocean and then we get eaten by sharks. Omg what was that sound? …oh it’s just the motor.”