“I originally dreamt of being a model, but honestly I didn’t prepare very well, so now at the age of 26 I have started modeling.”
“If you can’t be a model, then what would you like to do?
“I would like to be the boss of a grilled pork belly place.”
“Why out of all things would you like to be that?”
“I want to eat as I please the meat and alcohol I can’t have when I’m a model.”

"저는 원래 모델이 꿈이었는데, 사실 준비가 잘 안 돼서 26살인데 이제야 좀 모델로서 시작하고 있어요."
"혹시 모델이 안 되면 뭘 하고 싶나요?"
"삼겹살 집 사장이요."
"왜 하필 삼겹살 집 사장이에요?"
"모델 때 못 먹는 고기하고 술을 마음껏 먹고 싶거든요."

near Yeungdeungpo Station 

"You’ve been helping feed the homeless for over 30 years, day in and day out, rain or shine. Is there anything you want for yourself? How about a personal wish?"

"I have been asked this before, and it’s always the same. I only wish for good health and happiness.”

"Why did you choose being healthy as your wish?"

"That’s the only way I can keep helping the homeless, which is the one thing that makes me happy."


Intriguing Digital Sculptures Present Distorted Visions of the Human Body

Seoul-based digital artist and sculptor Kyuin Shim explores complex themes through his distorted visions of the human body. With a mastery of constructing sculptures and realistic, digital 3D renderings, the Korean artist creates monochromatic, mannequin-like figures whose forms are transformed in fascinating, sometimes unsettling, ways.

“She’s a recluse, so every day I need to take her out. She lives in Seoul, yet this is her first time coming out to a place like this. She likes things like reptiles and bugs, so we came here with an alligator stuffed animal as well. Hey! Why do you keep hiding? By the way, she’s particularly good at catching flies.”

“이 누나가 히키코모리라서 제가 맨날 끌고 나와요. 서울 사는 데 이런 데는 처음 와 본대요. 이 누나가 파충류, 곤충, 이런 걸 좋아해서 악어 인형도 같이 들고 왔어요. 누나! 왜 자꾸 피해. 아참 이 누나 특기가 파리 잡기예요.”

near Guro District Office

"What was the worst moment of your life?"

"It’s funny you ask, it just happened two weeks ago. My boyfriend dumped me all of a sudden. He said he was tired of me."

"I’m sorry to hear that. What are you going to do next?"

"I think things happen for a reason. I am going to do some traveling in May and then study abroad in the States. I am going to meet someone better and get my revenge."



" ‘@Choice37 : Realtaeyang and i at @HumanPotential’ A-yo choice! "

BigBang’s Taeyang / Dong Youngbae with YG Producer Choice37 at his wife Rebekah Kim’s Human Potential store.

Choice37 wears Nike Air Jordan sneakers. 

From Taeyang’s Twitter - twitter.com/realtaeyang and CHoice37’s Twitter - twitter.com/Choice37