In memory of Pakistani human rights activist, Sabeen Mahmud, who was shot to death today

She was a prominent Pakistani social and human rights activist. The 40 year old Mahmud was one of Pakistan’s most outspoken human rights advocates. Today, she was shot four times at close range, and was pronounced dead shortly after.

I’ve had it with these extremists!! This wonderful woman literally put her life on the line to help others! Do people understand now why it’s so difficult to speak up and push for more human rights in some countries? These barbaric acts are happening far too often! May Sabeen’s hard work continue to have an impact and may she be an example to influence millions of others!


Paintings of Landscapes Shaping Faces

Canadian artist Wanda Koop just released a series of canvas entitled “VIEW from HERE”, which mixes two different genres : portrait and landscape. With ink and acrylic paint, she composes surreal faces made of landscapes’ elements. She questions what we really are, how we construct ourselves socially and what we understand about our relationship with the natural world.

I’m a little crazy now, so I can’t show you pictures with ponies (Because I don’t draw them). But I have a black-and-yellow girl :I

I have many ideas about comic stories, and one of them is about Doppel, buuuut I can’t draw it, because my hands are stupid. Or I am. I don’t know :c Aaaaand this upsets me a little.

So…a black-yellow girl from another not-drawen comic story. Yeah.