Once upon a time, there was a very curious cat.
                       Anything suspicious was worth investigating to the feline.
                       And one day…
                                                                       he died.


Get To Know Me Meme: 5 Families [2/5]

The Banks-Smith Family

"We never started out trying to make some big social statement or leave a big fingerprint on American pop culture, we were just trying to have fun. We wanted to not only present some positive black images, but also give people a vehicle to relieve some of the stress in their busy lives."

-Will Smith - L.A. Times, May 20, 1996

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HEY so I hope you don’t mind me just kinda putting this in my Xillia verse? ‘Cause it needs more fleshing and default verse Hubert already got one so I don’t really want to write the same thing over again

   His current place of residence was Fenmont, having business at the
   research lab. Recent long days had been spent assisting on the Lance,
   and finally he was to be granted a reprieve in a change of scenery. Granted,
   it was also work related, but then, what wasn’t? A glance upon desk brought
   attention to a thick envelope as he readied to leave work, a frown tinting
   face as it hadn’t been there earlier. Ah—but Alvin had been, or so he’d thought
   he’d seen the trademark brown coat. Perhaps it was to do with his other job
   starting soon—

   How wrong he was. Upon setting letter opener to parchment a trail of glitter
   began to fall, brow raising and the researcher emitting a small articulation of
   surprise. Good grief—what kind of heinous mind sent someone a packet of
   glitter? Nevermind he was in an area which any excess of debris could cause
   inaccurate readings from what experiments were being conducted.

   A scowl was settled firmly on his face as he set to cleaning the mess, only
   further scattering about glitter the more he attempted to amass the majority
   into a singular spot. He’d thought he’d done rather well for a while—until an
   arrival of another researcher brought in a gust of air.

   Well. So much for leaving soon.