Crazy running into you, taylorswift at my my brother’s graduation from his doctoral program in St. Louis last weekend. It was good catching up! Miss you already! See you soon in Kansas City!

(We passed by a family that had this awesome cut out and I asked if I could get a quick picture and they were so sweet! Of course my mom had to go on and on about how we met *eye roll* MOMS! Am I right?! The girl who was graduating was surprised with tickets to your concert!)

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12, 21, 27, 41~~

12 : How did you meet your best friend and why did you become friends? - i have a few irl best friends, but i’ll say how i met sadie aka some-other-me-is-queen. our moms both had like…christian homeschool blogs (lmao) and they became friends and we hung out when our moms hung out. little did we know we would grow up to be queer meme loving fucks who get drunk/high together

21: Do you think you’d make a good parent? - kinda of…like i know i wouldn’t pull shit on my kids that a lot of parents do, but at this point in my life i don’t want kids and also i personally feel like being severely mentally ill would make it challenging for me to be a good parent

27: Name 5 facts about your appearance -

  1. i have freckles in the summer
  2. my hair is naturally dark brown, but it’s dyed bright red at the moment
  3. i’m a fat babe
  4. i have freakishly small hands
  5. my face is chubby n cute

41: When was the last time you got really really happy and why? - probably a few weeks ago bc i met Jack Barakat from All Time Low and he’s my hero

So I just finished how I met your mother and like srsly wtf

I mean

For one whole season i repeat ONE WHOLE SEASON everything is about Robin and Barneys wedding and how they grow into this loving couple and everything is great

…just to get them divorced in the final episode in about 27 seconds of screen time

And Barney ends up as a sad adult with a love child from banging 31 girls in a row and well he’s kinda happy about the kid but he’s still a sad adult

but oh well what can you do

But hey Ted still met the mom Tracie and they got married and were like totally perfect for each other and got two kids right

Well yeah, they killed of Tracie in the same episode they got married and you’re like wat

But the thing that really grinds my gears is that

After the whole fucking how I met your mom-story is over

Teds kids are like

Well wtf our mom is hella dead anyways, you should totally call our aunt and bang her ;-)))))))))))))))))

and he does


TIFU by getting too high at the beginning of a relationship via /r/tifu

TIFU by getting too high at the beginning of a relationship

Again, like most FU’s, this happened years ago. The summer between junior and senior year of high school to be precise. So about 8 years ago.

Anyway, as a bit of a back story, I had just started having a fling with the “beautiful rich girl” that every school class has. This girl was voted Best Looking, and her parents were loaded. It was awesome for me. However, this is a story about how I first met her Mom.

So this girl (let’s call her Christina) was with her friend at their house (Danielle) getting real drunk together. While I was at my house with my friend (Shawn), who was also dating Danielle at the time, and we were just getting really, really stoned.

At about 2AM, and I’m like seconds away from drifting into my dreams Shawn comes running into my room saying, “Dude, don’t you have your phone? You have to talk to Christina! She is like crying and shit!”

So I grab the phone and learn that her and Danielle were both VERY drunk at this point, and had locked themselves out of Christina’s house. And obviously her parents were asleep inside and she didn’t want to have to wake them up because then they’d smell the weed and cigarettes they had just smoked. So she BEGS me to go pick her up and let them spend the night at my house. So whatever, I’m high as balls still so I just oblige. Go pick them up, bring them back and we fall asleep. 7AM rolls around and I wake up to my dad bursting into my room asking me, very sternly, “WHY THE FUCK ARE THE POLICE TELLING ME YOU KIDNAPPED CHRISTINA?!”

Push came to shove her mom woke up early and freaked out because Christina and Danielle were missing and not answering their phones, so the cops looked into her last number dialed and came directly to my house.

There I was, still trying to remember exactly what had transpired the night before (Christina was too because she pretty much blacked out) until Shawn came to the rescue and told the cops exactly what happened.

TL;DR - Soon-to-be GF got drunk, locked herself out, so I picked her up, let her sleep at my house, and was woken up to police accusing me of kidnapping her.

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When i was younger, i wondered how mom and pop met given that they’re townssss away from each other. Well, they met during college days. They were in same school, but not same course. Still, i wondered why. Then when i grew a little older, my close friends parents were from different islands. So i wondered more. Then my best-friend’s grands were also from another islands away. It really was a huge mystery to the innocent me.
Then i went to college, met few people from various islands of phil, luzon, mindanao… few of these islands away classmates had a relationship. Others who were both from north, some both from south. Regardless of where they come from, no exact formula, they fall in love with each other, the relationship worked.
I was never a believer of such, for me it was stupidity. How could you fall for a stranger? How could you trust your life to a person whom you dont know? How could north understand south and vice versa?
I grew believing id marry someone from my hometown, that i dont trust people from the city. So even i was in the city already, my relationships were from hometown. High school people usually, i wont mind as long as we had the same hometown. I was never a fan of the idea of traveling to places because you love someone from that alien place. Very not good idea, its terrifying! I might get killed, lols, i might not come back to my hometown.

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Rounds: group video chat with up to 12 of your friends

My son is at that age where he’s curious how me and his mom met and kept in touch. I explained that we met in college a long time ago and things bonded. Being both from 2 cities 300+ kilometers away (no need to convert this to miles, if you’re from US just consider this a synonym for “far away”) …