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“Hello,” the boy sitting next to him said.

Jude returned the greeting with a shy smile.

“My name’s Connor. What’s yours?” the other boy asked.


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what about informing yata mom about their wedding though

They would definitely have to tell Yata’s parents. Yata would probably want to do that properly in person and he’d make Fushimi come along. He’d probably be kind of a dork about it too, acting like it’s some big formal thing that needs to be done before they can get married, like “Saru, if—if we’re gonna get married and all then that means you have to meet my parents.” “….I’ve already met your parents, you idiot.” Yata would still make him come along anyway and be all nervous about it the whole way there, telling Fushimi to be on his best behavior and Fushimi’s just like “Again, you idiot, your parents already know me. Your mom still sends me birthday cards.” “Wait she never told me that.”

And then when they do finally tell Yata’s mom she’s totally supportive and wholly unsurprised (“Why should I be surprised Misaki, you’ve had a crush on him since middle school”). Also at some point they tell Yata’s siblings and Yata decides to get Fushimi back for all the “idiot” remarks by telling them they can call Fushimi “big brother Saru” from now on and Fushimi ends up getting kind of flustered and annoyed but he secretly doesn’t totally hate it.

One of my mom’s best friends was transgendered I say was cause he committed suicide. My mom was telling me how when he was younger he looked up to Bruce Jenner and thought of him not only as a role model, but the ideal man. He was a girl trapped in a boys body and to him Bruce was the epitome of who he wanted to be.  During this interview she started crying cause not only has Bruce Jenner become an inspiration to all those who are transgendered, if her friend had lived he could have seen his idol was like him. He was not different, he was normal, he was a man,.

Those of us lucky to be born in the gender we want should recognize the struggle of those who are not. They are, are brothers and sisters that deserve respect and love as much as anyone else. There is no difference . We should love and accept our brothers and sisters with open arms and say “ We are here for you , you matter.”  Life is hard, but your gender shouldn’t make it harder. Who you are shouldn’t matter.  For those in transition, for those who have transitioned, for those thinking and struggling with who you are .. You are beautiful, You matter, You are not different, You are not weird, YOU ARE YOU AND YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL.

Thank you, Bruce Jenner. 

R.I.P Jeremy ( My moms friend) You are missed and loved everyday . 

Wanna hear a short love story?

By Ngan Nguyen, APIASF/GMS Scholar

As I get caught up in my own life and my own relationship questions, I stopped to think about my parents and their relationship. One of my favorite stories over the dinner table is how my mom and dad met. It’s ironic how I don’t believe in love at first sight, but that was how my dad fell for my mom.  My dad was in his late twenties when he met my mom at sixteen. They were introduced to each other through a mutual friend in Nha Trang. “He was supposed to meet with my sister, but she couldn’t come that day so I went instead,” my mom says.  “Your dad liked me right way. He threatened his mom that he would die if he couldn’t marry me,” she laughed as she told me the story. My dad worked to get enough money so he could ask for her hand in marriage and yes, grandma approved.

Little did they know the difficult life that would be waiting for them ahead. I don’t know the details of the hard life they led before and after 1975, but I do know that they had suffered through separation when my dad was in reeducation camp after the Fall of Saigon. Despite living in poverty, my parents made sure their children would never go hungry by starving together. Sometimes I listen to these stories and wonder how those struggles have made their bond grow even stronger. We recently celebrated my parents’ 45th Anniversary, and being the inner reflective person I am, I wanted to try and express my admiration for their relationship.

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alright my parents didn’t know my gender before i was born and when i finally appeared they were so confused that i was a girl and my mom was like “what should we name her?” and my father just went “ana” because that’s my mother’s name and therefore i have literally the same name as my mom and ppl always get confused and ask why i don’t have a middle name but it’s like all my parents wanted was for the baby to come out who even gave a fuck about the name 

I’m actually kinda nervous..

I’m going to be babysitting the children of the super intendant at my school tomorrow.

Like- the top dog at the school’s kids..

He asked me if I could..

And I said yes..

… I have not babysat other before. o_o

Mom: How come you can recite an entire Fanfiction but not remember to turn in your homework?

I’ll remember as soon as the school writes an epic 7 chaptered story of love, pain, and betrayal so captivating that you just vomited and had to take 8 breaks from reading because the characters were so accurate and well portrayed?

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Regarding the question about no meeting up with the guy. He's not a Muslim. He's kind of more than a friend to me. I really like him and he feels the same. But since we met over the Internet how do I tell my mom if I want to marry him? Wouldn't I have to meet him anyways before we decide anything else because we both live in different counties? I appreciate the help

you can’t marry a non muslim

its very rare you will end up marrying this guy since you met him on the net

best to quit while ahead or you’ll end up getting more hurt

my 2cent


  • mom:aww look at bucky's tooth
  • me:i miss seb's snaggletooth
  • mom:he got it fixed?
  • me:yeah he was wearing invisalign when i met him
  • mom:how could you tell??
  • me:i got pretty close to his face
Signs you have been Netflix-ing too much...

I noticed that Jerry from Parks and Rec (/Gary/Larry) is in an episode of friends. That Paul Rudd has a big cameo in both Parks and Rec and Friends, and that in Friends Paul Rudd’s character, Mike, has the same mom as Ted in How I Met your mother. The SAME actress gets dumped on her birthday in Friends AND how I met your mother, and the actress that plays Ross and Monica’s mom in Friends is also Lily’s grandma in How I met Your mother. And also two of the ‘Pretty Little Liars’ are in How I Met Your Mother. And that’s just what I could remember right away while I was writing this!


Ivy: And then your dad was like “THE BEES! THE BEES! OH GOD THE BEES!”

Ivy: So, I used my skills to drag him out of the fire while single-handedly banishing the bees to another dimension using my magic powers.

Ivy: And that’s how I met your father!

Erik: Yeah, okay Mom.

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Last time I talked to my dad was on the 25th of March and itw as to tell him Happy Birthday. All he said in reply was that he was stuck in a shitty sandstorm but thanks and then nothing and that’s typically how our conversations go >_> it’s kinda ridiculous when one considers the fact that I was supposed to move in with him last September but oh well

*watches a story for steven* (also spoilers)

  • marty/marny (couldn’t hear) is definitely related to onion. maybe it’s marmy. short for marmalade. or something silly like that
  • ‘hey steven did i ever tell you how i met your mom?’ ‘yeah’ ‘what about the version where i left my best friend on the side of the highway in the pouring rain with no transportation in the era before cell phones existed?’ ‘oooooh no tell that one dad :D’
  • the giant woman fetish runs in the family which i think we all knew
  • i kinda feel like the story was sped up for steven? like maybe it was originally several days/weeks/months that took him to realize he was willing to give up his whole life to go see rose again
I love imagining them then, knowing no more than I do, just that they liked the way it felt to be together...

My parents fell in love when they were twenty - seven. My father framed pictures, and my mother took them, and so she asked him to help her, and the rest is history.

“Tell me again how you met mom”, I asked my father. He liked the way she dressed, a little mannish, and the way she carried herself - same. Sometimes he got drunk and made her hungry. Sometimes she started fights just because she was hungry. Sometimes they went to parties and watched each other across smoky lofts, amazed.

I want a story on how the Meswarhans met. Connie’s mom is a doctor, her dad a Security Guard. Was Mrs. Meswarhan treating somebody who was violent and taken hostage, and Mr. Meswarhan saved her?
So many ideas! What was it!?