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I know that it’s still a little bit early for this, but I’m hoping that it gets passed around a little before Easter. 


Bunnies are living, breathing animals. They require all of the care that dogs, cats, and other animals do- If anything, they need more care because they are so fragile. They cannot be outside if it’s warm or cold in the slightest; they have to be picked up and held very carefully to avoid hurting them, and they aren’t often fond of being picked up at all— Especially not by noisy, excited kids on Easter!

Please signal boost this- remind friends and family not to purchase live animals as gifts, share it on social media, and, most importantly, DO NOT BUY BUNNIES AS GIFTS FOR EASTER.

Thank you!

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It’s Easter time friends!

We’ll say this once, we’ll say this a million times: DON’T BUY BUNNIES AS EASTER PRESENTS!

Bunnies are a 10 year commitment and require love, food, hay, kisses, cuddles, and care.  Be responsible and make sure your siblings and your parents know that rabbits are NOT toys.  Spread the word in school. Tell your friends.  Rabbits are real pets, not a holiday trinket.

**And please share this message**


House Rabbit Society - Richard the Lionhead
Hi! I am a baby bunny and am in a foster home. I love my siblings, so if you’re interested in me, it would be great if you could also adopt one of my siblings! If you’d like to meet me, you should email us at so that we can arrange an appointment for us to meet!

I am not yet old enough to be fixed, but if you adopt me, you will get an appointment for a spay/neuter date when I am old enough. Until then, I will require lots of kisses!

Wonderful little chart/poster that I found floating around on Facebook! I’m not sure if I would list carrots among the “2 cups of vegetables” bit, because of how often I have to steer people away from the idea that carrots make up the majority of a rabbit’s diet. Still, lots of useful information broken down into bits!