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Local Legends: La Sayona

After my previous post about La Llorona I was made aware of a similar figure from Venezuela known as La Sayona.

As with La Llorona, there are many variations of the La Sayona legend.

One version I found speaks of a woman who lost her children in a house fire. Her husband wasn’t there to help as he was off having an affair with another woman. Legend now says that la sayona lures unloyal, married men in the form of a beautiful, young woman. She then turns into a hideously, burned old woman and kills them. Frightening, eh?

Another more detailed version speaks of a jealous woman married to a loving man. The two have a young boy together. One day the woman is swimming in a nearby river when she notices a man watching her. This happens a few more times over the course of the next few days. Finally, she confronts the man, who tells her that he is there to warn her.

"Your husband is having an affair with your mother," he says.

In a jealous rage she runs home and sets fire to the house, killing both her husband and her son.

She then goes to her mother’s house where she stabs her mother several times in the stomach. It is then, as her mother begins to die, that she learns the truth.

There was no affair. The man by the river had viciously lied to her.

With her last breaths, her mother curses her, dooming her to avenge any woman betrayed by her husband.

And thus La Sayona was born.

So think about that next time you consider cheating, boys. ;-)


A big thanks to Tumblr user @teojansen for reblogging my original post and bringing this legend to my attention.


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We’re throwing a 1950s horror rockabilly zombie apocalypse party today, and this is my outfit! The dress was custom made by Mrs. Spookshow for this occasion. Super fun 50s zombie househusband cuteness! Whatcha think, Tumblr?

The Morning Faery is fond of appearing to housewives and househusbands in the sudden quiet moment when the rest of the family is out the door to school and work. Then, she whispers in your ear: “Don’t do your chores. Don’t worry about it. Leave the dishes, the dusting, the dog-walking, the dinner planning… Do something just for yourself right now.” She is the faery behind that irresistible desire to read a magazine or a book or maybe to watch a little television… but she is also just as likely to urge you to finally write that novel, pick up that oboe, or sign up for that course.
— Good Faeries Bad Faeries, by Brian Froud.

[Artwork: The Morning Faery, by Brian Froud.]