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The sight of Planet Unicron was strange. Equally strange was the fact his panels split apart at one side, allowing their ship access.What was unbelievable was the bustling city hidden within the titan. Towering buildings, apartment complexes, shops, theatres, and walking among them, an assortment of beings. Not just transformers, but alien robots, and strange techno-organic life forms."Well, Hotshot," Bracer stated, "Welcome to Darkhaven."

Hotshot was amazed, staring out the window at the hustle and bustle of this city around them and at the sight of so many new creatures. Cybertron never had anything like this. “Holy slag–this place is amazing.”


On the Front Lines Fighting Forest Fires with @caitlinchinn

May 4 is International Firefighters’ Day. To see more moments — both adventurous and mundane — from Caitlin’s life as a firefighter with the La Grande Hotshots, follow @caitlinchinn on Instagram.

“Getting stalked by cougars and run-ins with pissed off bears … Feeling the earth BOOM when a 700-year-old tree that was burning out from the roots cracked and hit the ground not even 100 feet away … Getting drenched with water from rogue bucket drops, and splattered with red retardant from air tankers.”

In five years of fighting forest fires, three of them as a member of an elite 20-person Hotshot crew based in Northeast Oregon, Caitlin Chinn (@caitlinchinn) has had her share of harrowing experiences. For Caitlin, who grew up outside of Seattle, a grueling and dangerous job was not preordained. “I overcame way more difficult social obstacles to become a firefighter than physical ones,” she says. But a life of adventure, where work and play are largely indistinguishable, is exactly what she sought out.

The La Grande Hotshots’ season begins May 18, and kicks off with an 80-hour session of training and physical endurance tests. Then, they wait. “The early-season fires are typically in the Southwest or Alaska, so we’ll probably be headed there first,” Caitlin says.

“I take pictures from places many people don’t get to see and provide my own perspective,” says Caitlin, who emphatically rejects labels people might ascribe to her. “I am just an ordinary person with an extraordinary part-time job. If I happen to inspire people, great!”