You make me think of happy things even on days when I’m destined to be sad.
The thought of you can change someone’s mood in a heartbeat
& your voice can make someone’s heart beat fast enough for them to think that they are having a heart attack; you’re the kind worth having a heart attack for.
From what I know, you don’t like your body. And to me that’s totally fine, i don’t like my body either. We’re the same in a lot of ways.
I bet you love the thought of being in love.
I bet that you love when people play with your hair.
I bet you stare at yourself in the mirror and get lost in the imperfections and you count all the things you wish you could change. But if you did, then you wouldn’t be you. And someday someone’s gonna fall for this you. One day you’re going to meet someone who loves you for all the same reasons that you hate yourself. And even the slightest words coming from his mouth are going to sound so different than if anyone else had said them.
And you will be loved; not because you changed yourself, but because you found someone to love you just the way you are.
—  The day I realized you where my happiness// (via nothing-basic)

'Constantly torn between “if it’s meant to be, it will be” and “if you want it, go get it”'

The truth is both. To live a full life you have to go after your dreams wholeheartedly, you can’t sit back and wait for success to happen to you. But you must also accept that comes with no guarantees; you won’t always get what you want; you won’t always win; you won’t always feel amazing. Your victory is in the way you continue to you show up and live your life on a daily basis, no matter what the results, trials, or tribulations.