Galaxy Hoop has been open for a week now! I want to share my excitement with you by offering a freebee to one lucky hooper!

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Emma Who, otherwise known as Emma Hörnell, spins up something sparkling with sunlight and an amazing Swedish subarctic terrain as her backdrop. Filmed and edited by Cecilia Kreuzberger, her hula hoop skills are accompanied by some impressive juggling. The soundtrack for this is called “Viellja Jearra” by Sofia Jannok, and if you enjoyed this beautiful melody you can find a copy of it on iTunes. View full size & like/comment on hooping.org.


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Have a Hooptastic Day

- Rachel Brown

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this is my latest video on the chicago music festivals new youtube channel…this video is in dedication to BLVisuals.com for sending such a lovley care package <3 


vid I made for insta 😊


Something different. Love singin’.

Hooper problems, pt.2

Pt. 1 here

21) Deep, nasty bruises that look like somebody hit you, when in reality…the hoop did it

22) Letting random people rough around play with your hoop out of politeness and the infinite anxiety which follows omg are they gonna snap it…are they gonna drop it…

23) Swapping out a cute outfit for its lack of ‘hoopability’

24) Wonky planes

25) Coiling down hoops using all your blood and sweat..especially small polypro hoops

26) When the hoop rolls away…far far away

27) Sweating so much the hoop slips off the body

28) Trying to head hoop or nose hoop

29) Guys who assume hooping is just a hyper-sexualized version of waist hooping and try to make inappropriate jokes/use hooping as a way to make unwelcome advances to you

30) The general inappropriateness of people who sexualize hoopers/gender hooping

31) People taking pictures of you hooping without your permission

32) People taking footage of you hooping without your permission

33) Wobbly isolations

34) Drooling over nice hoops you can’t quite afford…not to mention shipping costs

35) LED Hoop-envy

36) When the music you’re playing doesn’t go with your hoop flow

37) Being unable to get rid of stiff/grumpy facial expression while hooping

38) Cats who run for their lives when you bring out the hoop…aw kitty but it’s not a weapon!!!

39) Having no hoop friends, hoop classes, hoop groups near your area

40) Unsmooth ghosting