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gamzee is a piece of trash, fuck you.

I never denied what he is or what he’s done.  “#too impure for this world”, remember?  He crossed the moral event horizon like it was the gate to his promised land, which in a lot of ways it seems he believed it was.  

But who he was and could have been and his personhood as a character are all still important to me.  And if Vriska is getting a chance to “redeem” herself, I don’t see why Gamzee can’t at least have a chance to explain himself, and the fact remains he used to be a sweet, messed up kid on a beach and I miss that version of him that is never going to come back.

tl;dr I’m perfectly aware of all the gross shit he’s done.  I don’t want him to be a good guy.  I don’t think he’ll get redeemed.  I’m not sure what could happen that could possibly pull that off at this point, to be honest.  I will still fight you for him though.

Especially since anon haters are basically the lowest of the low as far as I’m concerned.

Why you shouldn’t hate davekat

Hey so I didn’t want to rant about this (or maybe I did. shut up.) either way there’s been a lot of davekat hate as of late (mostly from johndave, johnkat, jadekat, and davejade shippers and i get you’re upset but geez guys) so I’m gonna lay down some reasons why you should actually be really happy for this ship being canon. [click to read more] 

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If you're still taking prompts, could you write some Arafef ? They're my N°1 fempair in Homestuck but sadly, they don't get a lot of attention, so that'd be really nice of you ! Have a nice day !

The rocky outcrops made descending into the cavern easier but by no means safe.  Aradia picked her footing carefully, testing each foothold before easing her weight down.  Pebbles dislodged and fell to the darkness below her with echoing clinks, and the dim flashlight affixed to her helmet only illuminated a fraction of their fall.  Her messenger bag swung lightly against her thigh.

She knew it was a bad idea to go adventuring into such dangerous terrain alone, but her closest friends were either busy or unwilling to accompany her.  She had been itching to explore the deep network of caves in the forest for ages.  She couldn’t stand to wait anymore.  Besides, she was being careful, and she had a first aid kit stashed away in her bag.  As long as she took her time and thought things through, everything would be fine.

She picked a path to a small landing below her.  The cavern was quiet save for the steady sound of running water, perhaps from a small underground stream of sorts.  Aradia removed her journal and a brighter flashlight from her bag and wrote down the observation.  With both flashlights, she leaned over the side of landing to see what she could make out below her.

The passage seemed to grow more uneven as it snaked into the belly of the earth, which was good news.  It would make her descent easier.  Aradia stashed her tools away and turned to lower herself from the landing, hugging the rock until she could find the best foothold.  Her fingers gripped the moist rock as she felt her way down.  Just as she was preparing to transfer her weight, the stone beneath her fingers cracked and splintered, and she began to fall backwards.  She scrambled for another hold, her remaining grip straining with the effort of holding her steady, but the slick surface of the rock betrayed her.  She dropped several feet and slammed into a sloping outcrop, which rolled her downwards into the darkness.  Another small drop left her unconscious.

Aradia slowly came to consciousness laying on her back on a flat, smooth surface.  A soft light surrounded her, providing just enough light to see by.  Above the sound of rippling water was a rustling of fabric and the distinct noise of something rummaging through objects of various textures.  Aradia turned towards the noise, groaning when a sudden throb of pain shot through her head.

“Careful!” someone said, the word marked by a distinct but unidentifiable accent.  Aradia opened her eyes a little wider and looked around.  She froze when she saw who was sharing the space with her.

A woman was leaning out of the water, all sleek skin and flowing hair.  Gliding in uniform lines down her form were glowing freckles, illuminating her body from her face down into the pool.  She bore magnificent gills along the sides of her neck and torso.  Aradia gaped at her, and she smiled.

“You shore did fall a ways!” she said with her strange accent.  “I wouldn’t move if I were you.  Unless you want to tell me what to do with this?  I can patch you up!”  She gestured to the first aid kit, which rested open by Aradia’s bag, mostly soaked.  Aradia glanced from her to the first aid kit back to her.  “I’m Feferi, by the way,” she added.

“Yeah, okay,” she said slowly.  “Am I bleeding?”

Feferi leaned out of the pool and inspected Aradia’s head, touching her chin gently when she needed to turn it.  Her fingers were smooth and cool.  Aradia kept her eyes on her, inspecting her more closely.  “Nope!” Feferi finally said, splashing back into the water.

“I think we’re good, then,” Aradia said.  “Maybe my helmet helped…where is it?”

“Oh, this?” Feferi asked, fetching the battered helmet.  The lightbulb had been shattered.  “This is for your head, right?”  She put it on her head, and it balanced on two prong-like horns emerging from her hair.  Aradia smiled.

“Yeah, that’s right,” she said.  “But I don’t think it was made for you.”

“Human things usually aren’t,” Feferi replied, removing the helmet.

“So you aren’t human?”

“We’ve got a smart one here!  What gave it away?”

Aradia laughed.  “Maybe the gills.”

Feferi returned the laugh with a strange, wet giggle of her own.  “So what’s a human doing so far down here?” she asked.

“Falling, mostly.”

Feferi laughed again.  “I like you!  Usually, people freak out and try to krill me.”

“Maybe it’s the concussion,” Aradia said.  Feferi dissolved into a fit of laughter, and without warning, she dived into the pool and exploded through the surface soaking wet.

“Sorry,” she said, “it gets too dry out here.  How are you going to get out?”

Aradia looked up into the dark, twisting hole above her.  The slightest glint of light was visible, but it was a far way away.  “Climb, probably,” she said.

“Good luck with that!” Feferi said with a hint of sarcasm.  “I wish I could lend a fin, but climbing isn’t my fishschtick.”

Aradia laughed and slowly sat up, despite the pounding in her head.  She groaned.  “I think I’ll have to stay down here for a while, though,” she said.

“I can keep you company, if you want,” Feferi offered.

“That would be nice.  Actually…”  She reached inside her bag and pulled out her journal.  “Do you mind if I sketch you?”

Feferi’s smile broadened into a wide grin.  “Of course you can!  No one’s offered before.”  She shimmied out of the pool and leaned into a pose.

“You seem like you’ve been waiting for someone to ask,” Aradia said as she got her pencil.

“Maybe,” Feferi replied coyly.  “We don’t have much paper down here.”

“Are you trapped in this cave?” Aradia asked, sketching an outline.

“No, there are ways out,” Feferi said.  “I can travel to all sorts of places!  It’s just bright out there in the daytime.”

“That makes sense.”

“Oh, but hey!  I’ve never had a human frond before.  Do you think we could meet somewhere on the surface?”

The excitement in her voice took Aradia aback, and she found herself attracted to the idea.  “Sure,” she said.  “Where do you usually hang out?”

“At the lake by the village!  Calliope Lake!”  She was so excited that she broke her pose, but Aradia was secretly grateful for the more natural posture.  “But only at night.”

“I know where that is,” Aradia said.  “And I’d be happy to meet you there!”

Okay D//avekat is apparently canon now woohoo
I don’t give a fuck
Stop shoving it in my goddamn face

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Hey, with what we have been shown in the flash + Andrew's (twitter) and Rachel's (reddit) comments, do you think Dave and Karkat's relationship is <> (though I don't believe that to be possible with a human, especially Dave u_u), bros, <3, or impossible to say due to the whole flash being seen through a Vriskalens? And if you don't mind me asking, what do YOU think about the ship? :P Thanks n__n

I haven’t seen Rachel’s reddit comments yet -and considering how rough a time this comp is having with tumblr I probably wont be able to dig back through my dash to find them- but yeah I can talk about that.

Davekat came off to me as being real <> in (John)Canon in that they were really supportive of and there for each other and reassuring. In the Vriskalens(I love that term btw ^u^) upd8, there relationship looked a lot warmer, and Dave was shown being much more open with his emotions. I don’t necessarily think that means a Red relationship; <> is a Romance to Trolls -equal to but different from <3- and we shouldn’t be surprised about <> being portrayed in a Romantic light.

Second, <> has a physical side and is intensely intimate emotionally. Equius and Nepeta cuddled, they held each other, they shared their most intimate secrets, they exchanged clothing, face-touching and petting is directly and visually tied to <>, and they respected each others’ opinions on how they should behave. I’ve never really been one who objected to the idea of physical, and even sexual, elements within depictions of moiraillegiance provided that the primary emotional core of the relationship is reining in the bad and promoting the good while providing trust-worthy counsel, so the idea of Davekat being a physical relationship doesn’t, to me, preclude it being <>. For me the dif between <> and <3 is that <3 is procreative and exclusively encouraging, while <> doesn’t have to be sexual or physical and is about two people reining each other in and helping each other be better while not pulling any punches.

Third, I’m not really sure how relevant Quadrants are to the Meteor crew right now. The Humans romantic experience doesn’t conform to the Quadrants, Vriska is a serial Quadrant smearer, Terezi’s feelings for Vriska were similarly confused while her Red courtship of Karkat included lots of teasing and challenges that may have read as black, and none of the two “Quadrant Conventional” members were all that xp’d and socialized into the quad system anyway. I think it’s entirely plausible Karkat and Kanaya would both be picking up quadrant smearing behavior from the humans they love, which would take their Roms in directions they didn’t intend originally, while to Humans it would just be “Friendship/Love”.

So I guess my opinion of it would be I like reading it as <>, I don’t mind if it’s physical or sexual <>, but I think <3 is good too, and if it is revealed to be a <3 relationship, I’m not going to be surprised by it.

Also, I’ve read some pretty gr8 Davekat Blackfic in my time, so there’s that too >:3


Hey, we realised we cosplay a lot of ships. We were gonna start a DaveKat blog like this one. Then we realised. We’re gonna make a blog with like a ton of ships.


Basically what you do is, you send us an ask (on the other blog that is), specify what characters the message is to, and ask a question, ask us to make a gifset, ask us to do something, WHATEVER YOUR LITTLE SHIPPING HEART DESIRES.

We have a list of the characters we have right now, but you can request other ones or even other fandoms, we can try to make it happen.

So yeah, There’s nothing there right now so get asking! 

We won’t be posting shit right away, since John is still away, so yeah.

Most of these will probably be humanstuck for the time being since neither of us have most of the horns needed, but all the kids are hella complete.

Thank for time.

((we would also like to apologize for being inactive, John isn’t at home and Dave isn’t in a great mental state at the moment))

Today I Came Back From Break And Explained To Them What Had Happened To My Life
  • Me:So over vacation Karezi sunk. I was a bit sad about it, but I got over it quickly. Because a new ship became canon. A ship that is better than all the ships in Homestuck. The ship was Davekat... It is a beautiful ship that is wonderful and my new OTP. Davekat......
  • Friends:Wait—What?