Hi babes! So basically right now I’m introducing to you our 10x10 credits to idea to aiko-li. I really want this to work out and with that being said let’s do it. Since you guys are the only ones who stayed with me I appreciate that and this is the best idea for us. Since running the rpg was a little too much for me I decided that a plot would be easier. I will be doing you guys mini bios tonight and tomorrow as well. The official plot will start to tomorrow and yes you guys already know each other. We are in Atlanta now. A family and couples part that is filled with drama, good times, lust, love and the list goes on and on. Maybe the singles will have somebody to come for them and maybe somebody will break up. The home wreckers can always make their way through in this game. Couples retreats will happen no later than September 26, 2014 and we will be in the Bahamas so get ready for a crazy ride. I have a few rules to go with this plot. 

  • Plots will be given out by me or other admins and you can also fanmail us your own 
  • Pregnancies are on no limit but what I do ask is that you inform me of when your going to do it. Like I said I don’t want everybody with a baby this is not the pregnancy pact. We already have one pregnancy ready and I’ve talked to that couple. So when somebody is pregnant wait until after they have their baby to announce their pregnancy. We don’t need five pregnant angry women around here cause no not how life works. 
  • Keep ooc talk to a minimum. We don’t need to know your whole life sometimes. It’s fine but not so much it gets annoying when we’re supposed to be ic. 
  • Keep ooc information away from the dash 
  • If you are inactive on your blog for 5 days you get a trail. We don’t have many people so try your best to tell me when you leave or why you’re gone. 
  • Don’t stay in kik all the time. I don’t want to have to ban it. 
  • Keep ooc drama off the dash 
  • Have fun. That’s what this is about and its more freedom than the actual rpg. I’ll try to get more people in for the even count. 

With that being said we’ll get started at 5pm est. After I get about five more males maybe two females I’m closing it and it’ll just be us. Maybe there will be times where I might open it up to people then stop accepting when needed. If you know any guys that might want to come tell them and I’ll try to couple them up. No bios needed just information. With that being said I love you guys and be good. (: 

Guys I need help!

What do you do when you really like a guy but he has a girlfriend? I don’t want to be a home wrecker but he’s so perfect and I’m so sad because I didn’t even know until last night that he had a girlfriend and now it’s too late to just “stop liking him” and I sit by him in three classes so I can’t just ignore him