Today’s project: find Jeremy Brett’s hat.  But not just any hat.  The hat in question needs to be a Homburg, it needs to be gray, it needs a black ribbon, and it needs to be trimmed with iridescent brown and lavender satin ribbon, which would of course denote top quality.

And indeed, by drilling my way through over 3,000 gray fedoras on ebay, I have finally found THE ONE HAT AND MODEL that was, indeed, Jeremy Brett’s hat.  It is the Royal Stetson Deluxe “Madison” model in medium gray, vintage 1940s and 50s.  This isn’t an easy hat to come by.  There are all of two on Ebay, and they cost nearly 400 bucks.  It’s that iridescent lavender brown trim that is the real challenge to find.  

You can find a Homburg on gentlemens emporium, for about 50 bucks, but it is not THIS HAT IN PARTICULAR.  This one has not had the wire brim molded and streamlined for wearing as Jeremy’s has been because it’s fresh out of the vintage box, but it’s the same hat.

So here you go.  

Vous le savez, le chapeau fait son retour dans le vestiaire masculin depuis quelques temps déjà. BoomBros vous a fait un résumé des modèles et des manières de porter le couvre-chef, à vous de voir si vous souhaitez être élégant ou non.

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