To complicate matters...

I have very mild TMJ - my jaw clicks regularly when I yawn or open my mouth as widely as possible. It always goes right back into place when I close it again.

Except for last night. I was already having trouble sleeping and when I finally rolled over and was drifting off, my jaw dislodged out of place on the right side. I couldn’t close my mouth, the alignment was off, and it was obviously excruciatingly painful.

I started looking online for solutions (because taking myself to the ER at 1 am didn’t seem like the best plan of action, while in retrospect it probably should have been). Everything said I needed to let the jaw relax to realign itself. But naturally, it’s a little hard to let it relax when you’re having a full blown panic attack because it’s never done this before.

Once I finally calmed myself and laid back down to breathe, I ended up falling back asleep without resolving it. I woke up to the feeling of my jaw clicking back into place several hours later. It’s still a little tender today, but when I woke up this morning, I couldn’t even figure out if it was a dream or not until I checked the search history on my phone.

Needless to say, as soon as I get back to Michigan, I’ll be going into a specialist to start finally getting this resolved - I’ve been putting off a surgery for years because it would require wiring my jaw shut, but this was enough to scare me into that seeming like a reasonable solution. 

Now I’m just worried it’s going to happen again before I can get it handled.

  • Murdoc:*strums a single note on bass*
  • Fan:Holy crap okay did you hear the complexity in that note? It was like a "Bzzz" with a twist of "auuh." Yet it was so simple. How long do you think that took to create? Oh my God I could never come up with something that amazing! Murdoc is a genius.

What if the Gentry Twins were Happy Buddies™ and the only way Doctor Money could keep them working was to tell both of them he was holding the other hostage. So they would be constantly living in fear of having their brother/sister murdered if they didn’t work hard enough. 

It’s a sick and disgusting and an efficient idea for the Doc.

Also their pupils are really dilated because they’re probably on a ton of drugs to cope with the situation.

GUUUUUUUUUYS! I found Babyplier himself when he was in college!! markiplier Does this bring back the oh so wonderful memories of Collegeplier/Babyplier? :3

OoC Post


Little innocent me was wandering the booths and I saw a thing with lucha masks on it so I ventured closer. Then I saw some Jake the Snake stuff and I’m like “oh cool”. And then I pay more attention to the older guy of the pair sitting behind the table. I watch for a second and then “… HOLY CRAP, THAT’S ACTUALLY JAKE THE SNAKE!!”

So I wait for him to finish his conversation (because one must be courteous) and got a shirt and a photo from him (he owes me an actual picture with me that I plan to collect tomorrow). He joked about the fact that I was noticeably shaking and I laughed it off and commented that I was excited, to which he replied with a laugh that it made him feel good about himself. XD I also got a hug from him.

Also, when one sees that an artist has a print of the Macho Man hanging ten off a Japanese woodcut-style tsunami wave, you should totally give into the urge and buy it.


Now here’s a real blast from the past.  Holy crap…  ;o)

anonymous asked:

top 5 trevor moments

Basically everything he does lol

I’ll try to narrow it down (these are probably going to be in no particular order)

1. BABABABABABABA! in the prologue. I get excited and yell each time even though I know I better be prepared to cry afterwards. 

2. When he walks into Michael’s house for the first time/the whole Fame or Shame mission in general because I melt when Tracey hugs him and he gets that little smile on his face.

3. When he trips over that fence at Franklin’s aunt’s house.

4. The Wrap Up mission when he basically saves Michael. It warms my Trikey fangirl heart.

5. OH MY GOD HOW COULD I FORGET THE END OF SERIES A FUNDING???? When he plays with those Impotent Rage action figures it’s the cutest thing ever. I actually vote this to be #1.  

Holy crap that was difficult but fun. Thank you!