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          so let me just take  up a boring paragraph    of your time by mentioning how
          completely    astonished    i am to have    so many    amazing followers and
          hawkbabes already like —- wowzer!    i’ve been here for what, a week? and
          i’ve already    built up a little    pigeon army!    not to mention   i get so many
          wonderful messages from all of you,    like seriously thank you so so much!
          i’ve had a few blogs before this but never have i felt so loved and welcomed!

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anonymous asked:

top 5 trevor moments

Basically everything he does lol

I’ll try to narrow it down (these are probably going to be in no particular order)

1. BABABABABABABA! in the prologue. I get excited and yell each time even though I know I better be prepared to cry afterwards. 

2. When he walks into Michael’s house for the first time/the whole Fame or Shame mission in general because I melt when Tracey hugs him and he gets that little smile on his face.

3. When he trips over that fence at Franklin’s aunt’s house.

4. The Wrap Up mission when he basically saves Michael. It warms my Trikey fangirl heart.

5. OH MY GOD HOW COULD I FORGET THE END OF SERIES A FUNDING???? When he plays with those Impotent Rage action figures it’s the cutest thing ever. I actually vote this to be #1.  

Holy crap that was difficult but fun. Thank you!


1. Holy Ghost
2. Canal St. (feat. Bones)
3. Fine Whine (feat. M.I.A. & Future)
4. L$D
5. Excuse Me
6. JD
7. Lord Pretty Flacko Jodye 2
8. Electric Body (feat. Schoolboy Q)
9. Jukebox Joints (prod. by Kanye West)
10. Max B
11. Pharsyde
12. Wavybone (feat. Juicy J & UGK)
13. Westside Highway (feat. James Fauntleroy)
14. Better Things
15. M’$ (feat. Lil Wayne) [Remix]
16. Dreams
17. Everyday (feat. Rod Stewart & Miguel)
18. Back Home (feat. Mos Def)

The Holy Trinity x Playlist

1. Rihanna- Numb
2. Rihanna- Phresh Out The Runway
3. Nicki Minaj- Truffle Butter
4.  Nicki Minaj ft. Beyoncé- Feelin’ Myself
5. Nicki Minaj- Only
6. Beyoncé- 7/11
7. Beyoncé- Drunk In Love
8. Rihanna- Cockiness
9. Rihanna- Talk That Talk
10. Nicki Minaj- Favorite
11. Rihanna- G4L
12. Rihanna- Russian Roulette
13. Rihanna- Man Down
14. Nicki Minaj- Did It On Em
15. Beyoncé- Get Me Bodied
16. Beyoncé- Upgrade U
17. Beyoncé- Baby Boy
18. Rihanna- Umbrella
19. Rihanna- Pon De Replay
20. Rihanna- SOS
21. Nicki Minaj- Beez In The Trap
22. Nicki Minaj- Check It Out
23. Rihanna- Rude Boy
24. Rihanna- Raining Men ft. Nicki Minaj
25. Beyoncé- End Of Time
26. Lady Gaga- Telephone ft. Beyoncé
27. Beyoncé- Countdown
28. Nicki Minaj- Anaconda
29. Nicki Minaj- Moment of Life
30. Rihanna- You Don’t Love Me ft. Vybz Kartel
31. Rihanna- There’s A Thug In My Life
32. Beyoncé- Kitty Kat
33. Beyoncé- Ring The Alarm
34. Beyoncé- Signs
35. Beonce- Dangerously In Love
36. Nicki Minaj- Right Thru Me
37. Nicki Minaj- Save Me
38. Nicki Minaj- Your Love
39. Rihanna- Wait Your Turn
40. Rihanna- Rockstar 101
41. Rihanna- What’s My Name?
42. Beyoncé- Sweet Dream
43. Beyoncé- Me, Myself, and I
44. Beyoncé- Deja Vu
45. Beyoncé- 1+1
46. Nicki Minaj- Fly ft. Rihanna
47. Beyoncé- Dance For You
48. Nicki Minaj- High School
49. Nicki Minaj- The Boys
50. Rihanna- Cheers (Drink To That)
51. Rihanna- BBHMM
52. Beyoncé- Partition
53. Nicki Minaj- Want Some More
54. Beyoncé- Blow
55. Nicki Minaj- Shanghai

More uploaded on my Spotify. Play on Shuffle here: https://play.spotify.com/user/musicallysoul/playlist/2Tonmc1wVu4PNsAVgGnXLH

the many phases of an achievement hunter fan

phase 1: omg!1!! gavin is so cute and funny holy shit!1!! why is michael so angry and mean all the time?!1! wow jacks annoying!!1! ray is so quiet what the fuck??!?!1! ryan seems like a psychopath?!1!1! holy shit!11!1 geoff is their boss?!1! i think geoff is an alcoholic!!1! there’s more than those six?!1! who are the other ones?!1!

phase 2: gavin phase literally everyone has a gavin phase

phase 3: jack is innocent protect him at all costs

phase 4: finds one that is their all time favorite

phase 5: gives up on trying to have a favorite because what the actual fuck i can’t pick

phase 6: what the fuck did you just say about my boys do you wanna fight me?!!? one v one right here right now yeah that’s right back the fuck up or i’ll throw a cactus at you

phase 7: i literally don’t care what the fuck you say about them at this point just leave me alone and let me watch their content iN PEACE SERIOUSLY YES I KNOW THEY SWEAR A LOT SO DO YOU MOM LEAVE ME ALONE

final phase: eh