In honor of the Olympics, different arm variations

And how unlike me not to write,
You must’ve taken that with you too,
Along with my soul and since you left,
My veins turned to cement and everything,
Sort of cracked including my heart,
Loving you was a form of self destruction,
It was cliche and I knew the ending to our story,
Long before you realized there even was one,
But I’ll never get why you lead me on,
And helped me to believe this was mutual,
Because you are somewhere else right now,
While my throat goes up in flames,
Watch the news tonight and you’ll hear,
About a wildfire that was so big it took,
Everything with it- sanity, hope, life-
Very similar to what you did to me.

No wonder I am covered in burns.

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I am thinking about collating some of my recent plant photographs into a small ‘Botanic’ zine, would anyone be interested in owning one if I did?!

(This photo from the Rainforest Garden in Madrid would probably be in it)