I’ve made a holiday masterpost with some interesting facts/links in case any of you need it! :)


         With the recent national tragedies, heartbreaking injustices and unrest happening around the nation, we invite you to join us for #HolidayBlackout. Our mission with #HolidayBlackout is to focus on healing, supporting, and empowering our fellow Americans and communities during these tough times. This Holiday Season is an opportunity for all of us to come together and support one another. We must stand united and join forces in our fight for justice, equality and respect for all Americans.

          Stand in solidarity with families across the country who’ve lost a loved one due to police brutality and make this holiday season about lifting each other up and empowering one another. Rather than spend money that supports a system that constantly violates the human rights and dignity of fellow citizens, we ask that you give back to your communities and support organizations that are standing up for our brothers and sisters whose human rights are constantly violated. Together, we have the power to ignite change across the country and have our voices heard.


1. GIVE BACK to the community by supporting Blackout for Human Rights and/or one of the charitable organizations we’ve provided below:

Blackout for Human Rights:

Hands Up United:

Ferguson Action:


Gathering For Justice:

2. TAKE ACTION by attending one of our Blackout events, going to any of the countless events listed below or creating your own event in your local community

#HolidayBlackout Film Series (Oakland & LA): TBD

#HolidayBlackout Food and Toy Drive (LA): TBD

#HolidayBlackout March (NYC): TBD

Ferguson National Response Network Events:

3. SPEND TIME with your family, community and loved ones.

4. PARTICIPATE in one of our various digital initiatives for #HolidayBlackout:

a. #HolidayBlackout Twitter Panel Chat: TBD

b. #OurFamiliesMatter: TAKE a photo of you and your family together during the Holiday Season. POST it on Twitter, Facebook and/or Instagram using the hashtags #HolidayBlackout and #OurFamiliesMatter

c. Sign Color of Change's petition to implement critical reforms to end abusive, militarized, and biased policing targeting black and brown communities, and join the Blackout for Human Rights movement by signing up at

For questions and press inquires about Blackout for Human Rights and #HolidayBlackout, please email

Please fire me. After Thanksgiving, some representatives from the Salvation Army came into the store and asked if they could leave a donation container for homeless children on our counter. My boss assured them it was fine. But as soon as they left, I watched her throw it in the trash as she complained about how the red color did not match the decor of the store. She called them a few days later and told them it was stolen. 

i’m seeing a lot of posts from people about having tough christmases already, and it hurts my heart because i wish there was something i could do to change that

i want you all to know that you are loved and that you deserve so much better, especially around the holidays. if you need someone to vent to, i’m here to listen! but i truly hope your holidays improve and that you’re able to find some source of joy on christmas.


TL;DR: I’m taking commissions so I can see my dear childhood friend for the holidays instead of binge watching Ano Hana alone.

Long version:

Hey guys! 

So the holidays are rolling in and usually around this time every year I don’t do anything to celebrate. My family prohibited observing the holidays while I was growing up, and as I got older there wasn't  any traditions to celebrate or anyone to celebrate with. It really sucks because I really love the feeling I get from Christmas and New Years, and usually all my friends are especially busy around this time. Which leaves me feeling kinda isolated and sometimes adds to the occasional seasonal depression. 

anyway, I decided that this year I’d try and do something about it! I was planning on visiting my friend Kiddybro. She’s one of my closest friends, we’ve been homies for almost 10 years, back when we both were two snot nosed brats that drew cheesy naruto ocs (errrr dont ask…) . No matter how rough life got for the both of us, we’ve always worked stuff out and helped the other when we could. I havent seen her for 3 or 4 years now, and miss her most of the time. She’s been there for me this past year (which has been a very hard one) and I honestly can’t express how much I value our friendship. 

Unfortunately one of my two jobs “let me go” , which was really bad timing, especially since this particular job was where I made the majority of my income. I might be able to still pay my bills and be able to visit Kiddy, but I don’t want to risk it since my other job is really undependable sometimes with hours. 

SO …I’m opening commissions! It’ll mostly go toward helping with any difference I’m short on with my budget. I really want to see Kiddy and end this crazy year with some holiday cheer! So it would honestly mean so much to me if you guys could commission me or signal boost!!!!

Here of some examples of what the commissions would look like. 

I’m charging $25 for one character and $45 for two.

Painted busts are $30

My email is 

Thank you!

Holiday Advice from Cristina Yang

Only one thing brings REAL holiday cheer. 

When the women of your family get mad at you for not being lady-like…

When your “funny” uncle asks why you didn’t laugh at his joke, always say…

When your family asks why you’re single…

And every once in a while you have to tell your family..

Because it’s your life!

So don’t worry, you’ll make it through the Holidays, because…

And if people tell you different, they’re…