His hand on her face is my favourite thing


"Try on my world. See how good it feels."
"Are there drinks in your world?"

Emma Hartvig

I came across Hartvig’s work on ‘It’s Nice That’ where a series of nudes/still life by the photographer were being praised. It wasn’t until I went on her website that I found this image that I was especially drawn to. The positioning of the models body partnered with the low lighting with a subtle blue tinge is what is most pleasing about this photograph. The outline of his body stands out beautifully. There is sharp detail in his body which stands out even more when in front of a dimly light backdrop which gives the appearance that it’s foggy. My favourite thing about this photograph is the hand curling up towards the side of the models face, the hand creating a dark shadow against his face. This is the style I would most like to work like when creating my low key photographs but I’m unsure whether it would work with the use of the magnifying glass.