Hiroyuki Matsumoto

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This is a picture from a blog entry dated May 15th 2012, of a certain Kenji Mitsuhashi, producer. The whole entry is a little promo for Hiroyuki Matsumoto, listing his previous work and saying they would like to work with him.

That sounds great! We might see more of Matsu soon!

And they say something else:


He has a wife? Really? Can someone confirm that before I break all the fangirls’ hearts here with something that came out of google translate? ;)

The post also mentions Matsu’s brother? Haven’t found out more about that yet, but I’m going to look further.

The other pic from that post:


Gamel is back!

Kamen Rider OOO, ep.37

After Gamel (Matsumoto Hiroyuki - Nephrite) and Mezul had been destroyed in earlier episodes (and I was right, Gamel was partly redeemed for being selfless and loveable despite being evil and quite simple minded!), I had always had hope they would come back because they’re still in the opening sequence of Kamen Rider OOO. And yes, they’re back! And Gamel is still munching stuff in every scene (aw…) and if you think Matsu-kun has been blessed by the Gods of Overacting in PGSM, you haven’t seen anything yet! ;D

Luckily, Gamel is a character to have fun with if you’re an actor who doesn’t like to give only 99% ;D  

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(via Trailer: Dear Heart (Dear Heart: Furuete Nemure) - Nippon Cinema)

Hiroyuki Matsumoto is in the cast list of this movie from 2009. Haven’t had a chance to look into the movie, but here’s the trailer. And judging by a certain birthmark, my guess is that Matsu is playing the maniac serial killer.

Somehow I have a feeling this movie is not going for subtleties, therefor we might not get to see the human spin we’re used from Matsu’s villains.

Hehe, I can imagine how this scene went.

Director: “Damnit Matsumoto-san, can you stop looking adorable for one second? You call yourself a villain? Someone put sunglasses on his puppy dog eyes right now or we never get done with the shooting. I don’t want any surprises in this movie so pull yourself together and start being creepy! OK, you know what? Screw that. We’ll just zoom in on your face until the cuteness is mostly out of sight. That should do.”


Matsumoto Hiroyuki’s promotion video from 29 March 2011, because I shamelessly put up almost everything Sailor Donut links to anyway ;D

I’m so going to check out Kamen Rider OOO - Kamen Rider plus Matsu!