AU where Tadashi is an only child.

He tries to make a personal assistant AI at 18, but due to programming during an all-nighter, he adds in about 10 copies of the various machine learning programs.

This does not seem to affect the little robot’s function at all; he’d programmed it to feel something like satisfaction when it succeeded in something he asked it to do, disappointment when it failed, and something vaguely like fear if either of them were in too much danger, and those all seem to work, and it does its work happily.

He’s surprised to find that the robot, on finding it doesn’t know something, starts asking him for definitions.

He answers as best as he can. It even, once, asks how you’d tell if an animal was sapient. Tadashi responds that, from studies, some very smart animals-parrots, ravens, and chimps-can be taught a little language and even understand it, but only people can ask or comprehend the question ‘why’.

The AI nods and goes back to what it was doing.

Almost a week later, the AI tells Tadashi that it never actually got his full name, just ‘Tadashi’. Tadashi tells it that his full name is Tadashi Hamada. He expects the AI to nod or tell him that it’s updated its database or something.

Instead, it asks a question that rocks his world.


(By tomorrow, the AI’s happily calling himself Hiro. )

Submitted by: Longpost Anon

(Oh no, he’s already in the “why?” phase? Good luck with that one Tadashi. You’ll be getting that question about EVERYTHING XD)


Went shopping in Belgium in today :) Bought some new t-shirts at Primark and went to the La Grande Récré (a toys store) and behold I found Big Hero 6 books! (and a Batman drinking cup + a Bullyland Simba figure).

I sadly can’t read France but look at the pictures!! I might scan them later, so many hatless Tadashi prints aahh. They had like 3 more activity books but alas I was poor ;-;

Headcannon: Tadashi likes anime but Hiro doesn’t. The reason being Tadashi would stay up watching Adult Swim to watch different shows. When aunt cass got Tadashi a laptop, Hiro could hear the clanging of kunai at night (Naruto) or monsters (Bleach maybe?). Let’s just say he lost a lot of sleep because of Tadashi.

AU fusion between the superhero Abigail AU, the various Coma Tadashi AUs, and the amputation AU! And the biohacking AUs, with a dash of Poptart Empire for flavour.

Tadashi gets mixed up with a different burn patient, who dies, and so the wrong person is declared dead. It takes several months for Tadashi to heal enough to be recognisable, by which point the Yokai incident has happened.

He’s comatose for the next three years. Hiro insists that he’s kept alive, and eventually in year three he awakes, thanks to a neuroregenerative process that Aunt Cass agreed to have tested on him (as the first human trial-there were successful rat and mouse trials and they seemed to retain their memories, mostly).

When Hiro’s first allowed to visit him, he’s in such a rush that Abigail ends up portalling them both straight to the hospital room after a battle, still in full and slightly damaged powered-armour supersuits. Tadashi stares at them for about a minute before deciding that he’s dreaming. Hiro then has to explain.

Except a LOT can happen in three years; 2033 was officially declared the Year of the Alien Space Bat, after Yama launched a full scale supervillainous terrorist attack on San Fransokyo, a robot (Baymax) purchased himself for a dollar (due to technically not being a person), half the TH units sold developed sapience (yeah, mass produced Baymaxes), a portal gun was produced, a scientist started selling small feathery dinosaurs genetically reverse-engineered from chickens as pets, construction beginning of a Mars base courtesy of the portal gun making rocket powered spacecraft obsolete, and the CEO of the company that produced poptarts suddenly and unexpectedly established the sovereign nation of the Poptart Empire by taking over half of the USA, resulting in San Fransokyo becoming the capital.

All in ONE YEAR.

Year two of Tadashi’s coma had such gems as Hiro deciding that his new favourite pastime was beating up killer poptart robots in powered armour, losing a limb to Wasabi’s lightsabre-like glove blades, starting a major biohacking movement, getting tattoos and piercings, and somehow ending up creating an actual hive mind in the form of a cluster of linked microbots, and creating commission powered armour for the military.

All in all, it was a LOT less crazy.

Year three was downright tame: Hiro merely had his prosthetic modified to be a wifi router and invented an implant that, when at least two people had it, created a dark-net for biohackers, which quickly became popular.

Gogo had made mag-lev wheels standard (and became very rich), Fred was helping write the Big Hero 7 comics, Wasabi was involved in making a high-power imformation to energy engine (think zero point energy) and his highly efficient lasers were involved in asteroid mining, and Honey Lemon was making a shockingly large amount of money off a fast-acting antidepressant. (The most shocking part about the massive figure involved was not that the medicine was cheap, but rather that it paled compared to her enzyme-like recycling compounds) 

The first envirodome was finished on Mars, and people moved in permanently.

Tadashi believed absolutely NONE of it.

None. At. All.

Nope, this was all a weird dream, he would wake up soon he’d just need to do something to make his brain wake up, maybe pulling out the IV line would wo-when did Hiro grab his arm?

(He realises that it’s not a dream when Hiro gives him a glass of water so cold he’s not surprised to find out there’s a little ice floating on top. )

Submitted by: Longpost Anon

(…whoo boy, I’m gonna have fun tagging THIS.

I don’t even know where to begin reacting to this. Can I just pull a Tadashi and hide under the covers until the crazy goes away? Poor baby, can you imagine adjusting to all THAT? I think he’d rather go back into the coma XD)