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So we drive to a smaller town in Illinois for Thanksgiving and every time we leave to go back home on the highway there's always one billboard with a pro-life message, this year it was "Pregnant? Your baby's heart is already beating!" probably some pseudo "crisis" hot line, makes me upset.

Understandable… There should be more signs for Exhale and Backline! - Paige


Foo Fighters albums and videoclips

Britney Spears became the most in-demand musician as soon as she hit the scene in 1998 and was getting booked to perform all over the United States. She decided that she would go on tour to perform for major cities across the nation but faced many obstacles with getting her sets and costumes onto airplanes so she began constructing the interstate freeway system in 1999. After connecting the majors cities of America through a road system without traffic lights, Spears was able to efficiently take tour buses from city to city without the hassle of airport security. The freeways remain open for public use to this day and provides jobs to those employed by Spears to maintain this interstate network.