The senior class of Profile Junior-Senior High School in Bethlehem, New Hampshire will not be going on a class trip this year. Instead, they have decided to donate the cost of the trip to their principal, Courtney Vashaw, who was recently diagnosed with cancer. 

Just a week earlier, Vashaw informed her students that she had been diagnosed with a rare and aggressive form of soft tissue cancer.

“We decided to not go on our class trip this year, and donate all of our funds to your cause,” senior Ian Baker said, as Vashaw attempted to refuse the gift.

Learn more about the inspiring gift her students gave her here.

As requested, I have made a post where I’m sharing my best tips for neat printing. Because these photos are so zoomed, my printing doesn’t actually look that neat, but all the same. 

So first off, here is my printing: 

One of my main tips is to practice! I mean, it obviously doesn’t make sense to take an hour out of your day to practice printing, but there are some good ways to do it. 

  1. If you catch yourself doodling, write out the alphabet instead!
  2. Rewrite your notes from class. This will help you retain information, have neater notes overall, and help improve your printing. 
  3. If you’re in class and writing something that isn’t time sensitive, try to write as neatly as you can. If you’re in a lecture and the slides are flying by, don’t bother… but sometimes it’s good to practice in class so you get used to it. 

Another thing that I recommend is finding a good pen. Above, I wrote the same sentence in three different pens. The second two have gel ink, which makes my writing messier. The third is the messiest, probably because it has the largest tip size. The type of ink, the size of the tip, the grip, and many other factors of what you’re writing with can change your writing! Once you find a pen that you really like, stick with it and your overall printing should improve. I also recommend using mechanical pencils over number 2 pencils because printing usually looks neater with mechanical! 

My final piece of advice is to choose one style of printing. Trying to change up the style of your printing can make it look really disorganized and trying to remember the different fancy ways to write a specific letter makes it harder for you to keep them neat! 

These are pretty much all my tips, but hopefully they helped! Under the read more, I am going to put all the pens I used, just in case anyone loves pens as much as I do, haha! 

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So, I’m out of high school now. I’d like to thank every other girl in the school who broke dress code with me and I’d like to thank the boys who, when they saw a female shoulder, yelled “Oh my god. I can see your shoulder. I have a boner.” in a very sarcastic voice. I’d like to thank everyone who challenged the school. Especially on toga day.

Partying with Seniors-Jungkook

I am going to a senior party, me, a sophomore, going to a party!! Oh my god, is this overwhelming. I’m really nervous, I wouldn’t know what to do. My friend, Amy, helped me pick out an outfit which consist of a leather skater skirt, a red knit sweater, and a pair of black combat boots.

This is my first time ever attending a senior party, not just any senior party, but the senior party. Jungkook Jeon’s party, he’s like one of the most popular senior you’ll ever meet in my school. Not only is he popular, but rich, good looking and talented. He’s the whole package. I was invited by my cousin, who happens to be part of Jungkook’s group of friends. This is going to be the best night of my teenage life!

I arrived at the house–and when I say house, I mean mansion–wearing what I was told to wear, I had my hair done all wavy and my makeup cleanly done with a hint of blush. I scanned my surroundings to take in the atmosphere. People were mingling, playing games, and some people were doing things that I will not speak of.

I walked around the living room until I found the kitchen, the place to be when you’re an awkward jelly fish. ~(^.^)~

I spotted my cousin from afar, flirting with some pretty girls with some pretty revealing clothes. As expected. I stared into empty space while just drinking a can of soda, or what expected was soda, I found in a cooler.

“You havin’ fun?”

A familiar voice asked me a question. I thought it was my cousin since he’s the only senior that would actually talk to me, so answered I calmly.

“It’s okay, I guess. This is the first time for me so I don’t really know what to do. Don’t laugh at me for being such an amateur, Kay cuz?”

“He-he, I won’t.”

“And also,” I added, “how could you ditch me, your precious little cousin, to go fadoodle with some girls, answer me Yu-”

I turned around to see, not my cousin Yugyeom, but Jungkook Jeon. The Jungkook Jeon. He looked so hot wearing a white v-neck and dark wash ripped jeans.


“Disappointed I’m not your cousin,” he teasing asked with a crooked smile.

“Not exactly, hehe,” I answered shyly.

“Y/n, right?”

I rounded my eyes, “yeah, you know my name?”

“Yeah, cause well I was hoping you would come tonight,” he said scratching his neck.

“You did?”

“Well, yeah. I didn’t invite you personally at the party ‘cause well, I was nervous, so I asked Yugyeom to.”

He approached me slowly and steadily taking each step.

“I’m really glad you came, Y/n.”

He took my hand and caressed it with his thumb. The atmosphere felt really weird like something was going to happen. It was exciting, but also intimidating.

I couldn’t think what could happen next.

“I want you to see something, come with me.”

I reluctantly followed Jungkook to where he was dragging me. I was soon led to a room, what I suspected to be Jungkook since it reeks of teenage boy. I saw comic books sprawled around the room and a hint aroma of Armani cologne.

“So what is it that you had to show me,” I asked nervously.

“Oh, it’s something you’ll never forget.”

He brought to bed and we sat down. Jungkook faces me, pushes a strand of hair behind my ear. I could feel myself sweating. I was so nervous at that moment. I felt him leaning towards me, making me shut my eyes tightly. I could feel him so close that I finally bursted, “I’m sorry Jungkook, but I won’t have sex with you!”


I slightly opened my eyes and looked at him, “I’m sorry, but I will not let you take away my virginity. I don’t know you enough to do that and I’m too young.”

He moved away and laughed. I furrowed my eyebrows in confusion as he laughed like a moron.

“You thought I was going to take advantage of you?”

“You aren’t? Then why did you look like you were about to kiss me?”
He pulled a COD game case from his back, “I was leaning over to grab this from under my pillow so we could play.”

“Oh, thank goodness,” I put my hand on my heart, feeling relieved.

“I didn’t know you thought that way, Y/n. I admit, I wouldn’t mind doing that with you if you let me,” he crookedly smiled.

“But I think I like you too much to take you away your purity,” he added.

"Oh, well why don’t we play then,” I finally said.

"Crap! What the fuck!”

“Haha, you suck.”

“Dammit,” Jungkook threw the the controller on the floor childishly while pouting his lips.

“Hey, it’s okay,” I said patting him on the back.

“No it’s not, why am I losing to a younger girl. Makes no sense.”

He made a tantrum and lay his head on my shoulder.

“Comfort me, Y/n. It’s your fault.”

I just smiled and stroked his hair. I felt him pick up a strand of my hair sniffed it, “your hair smells nice.”

“Haha, you’re weird.”



He lifted himself off my shoulder and brought his face close. My heart started racing, and a natural blush was approaching my face. He then made a weird face, “your heart raced didn’t it?”

I knocked him on the shoulder, “Damn you! You’re such a-”

His lips pressed against mine. He held my face, kissing harder, clearly showing his experience. His tongue enveloped with mine, he taste sweet like skittles. He’s what I dreamed my first kiss would be like. Comfortable and savory. He concluded the kiss by leaving my lips and completed my sentence saying, “good kisser, right?”

I scoffed, and kissed him again, shutting him up.

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Our first day of school together to our last day of school together. Geez, I’m gonna miss seeing your cute little face every day and knowing you’re just a couple buildings away. It’s going to be pretty tough next year without my best friend to have by my side every day. I love you i can’t believe you’re graduating tomorrow…