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Faeries and Fallen Angels

One of the most interesting changes in folklore that arrived with Christianity was that the Faeries were associated with a Christian concept – angels. While the tales of faeries as demons (like the tale of St. Collen) see the faeries as fallen angels, there are some interesting and original variations of this tradition. 

According to a common medieval Irish belief (Garvin), the faeries were angels that sided with the devil in the rebellion in Heaven, and for this they were sentenced to Hell. When God ordered the gates of Heaven and Hell closed, some of the angels had not reached Hell yet and they fell on earth and in sea, where they hid (Wilde 1886: 89). These not-so-fallen angels were not thoroughly evil like those who had fallen into Hell, but they were not above sin. They would obey orders from the devil and do evil deeds, but they preferred being left alone. 

A more interesting version of the same legend has these faeries remain unaligned in the rebellion in Heaven, taking arms neither for God nor for devil, and for this, being exiled on earth. This version has these faeries living in hills and under seas, which links this version of the legend closely to the tales of Tuatha de Danann, who were also exiled under the hills, where they mourned for their exile from the lands they had conquested. There are other, quite evident similarities in this version and the legend of Tuatha de Danann; while Tuatha de Danann filled their eternal lives with song and dance so that they could forget the loss of sunlight and their lands, the partially fallen angels did the same things to forget the joys of Heaven, which were now eternally forbidden from them.


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"Another stressful day with Scepan I presume?"

"Da, business as usual." He chuckled a bit, though the action almost immediately resulted in a rough cough. He expertly hid the blood in his brown glove from the woman in front of him. "How was your day, Ma’am?"

RE: Costume Break

This actually happened to me just this weekend at MAGfest. I was doing Yarne from FE:A and towards the end of the shoot, one of the straps for my pauldrons actually snapped off. I was nowhere near any of my repair supplies, which was my Loctite super glue. Luckily, the shoot wasn’t with just myself and a friend was with me. 

With no glue, we opted to choose poses that hid the one arm with the faulty pauldron, through staggering and angling. Luckily, the shoot went perfectly and the shots were great!

While I was going back to the room to repair the pauldron, I had been stopped for hall shots, which wasn’t exactly the ideal event I would have liked. So for posing, I just hid the one arm as best as I could, while still emulating the character.

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Ok Ces, imagine this: you are driving with Harry in hid white Mercedes with the roof off listening to the Rolling Stones, whilst on your way to a music festival.

//sigh// it’s sunday why are you trying to make me sad lol 

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"I’m an art student and you’re not just my friend, you’re my favorite model for my pieces, and we’re both waiting for nude modeling to be on the table but I’m not sure if I’m allowed to ask" for lawstein omg pls feed us with your awesome writing

“If you make one more Sherrie Levine-inspired piece I’m going to set your workstation on fire.”

“Good morning, Elvira, Mistress of the Snark. And what are you working on this gorgeous, sunny day? Yet another angrily painted black canvas titled ‘Stars’?”

“Actually, I was going to melt some candles in the shape of your face and title it ‘Desolation’.”

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Snowflake Shuffle 5K

I was #1204 out of 1295 overall, and 110 out of 118 in my age group.  Official finish time was 45:01.

The weather started out feeling relatively warm, for 34 degrees.  It got chilly, though, when the sun hid behind clouds about half an hour before the start.

I ran it with a lovely lady named Lisa, who speed-walked next to me almost the entire time.  I had 3 brief walks - one at one mile, one at the water stop (needed the stop more than the water!) and one at a big hill at almost 2.5 miles.  I ran all the rest!!  It was like having a pacer with me the whole time - what a blessing that was!!  This was my second fastest 5K of all time, I think.  After the race we had pasta, rolls, chocolate chip cookies, and hot cocoa.  There was beer, too, but I’m not a beer drinker.

This was one of the most fun times I’ve had at a race! Ran into several people I knew, had a great time cheering the early leaders when they passed us on the way back, and actually got to stick around for the post-race activities (I don’t usually have time to hang out afterward).  It was wonderful!  Hope to meet up with Lisa again at future races!!

This is a line of little snowmen on the edge of the restaurant patio.  The parking lot of the restaurant was where the tents were set up for post-race food.  So cute!

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uh oops i sent something by accident i meant to say ▼ AsaNoya ^v^ Thank you!! (Great blog btw!!)

▼ - childhood headcanon

Asahi was actually a really tiny kid to the point where he was picked on for being tiny for his age.  He was always sad he wasn’t taller so his mom had him write a list of reasons being tiny were great.  And so he had this whole list of why being short was so great like being able to hid easily and things like that.

Asahi loves Noya because now that he has taller, he still sees being tiny awesome because Noya is like a walking version of that list.  However he still has that list and keeps adding things to the list like how Noya has to pull him down to give him kisses on his forehead and stuff.

(I’m soo glad you like the blog that makes me super happy!!!!  Also sorry this mostly focused on Asahi…I don’t know why I did that…)

My new manager called me Kel-Kel last night.

I whipped around and said. “What. the. hell. did you just call me?”

He’s a big sweet guy, he had a pack of paper towels in his hands, he HID behind the towels. “Kel-Kel?”

"Duuuude, bad flashbacks. Bad memories. Don’t, please."


"Yeah, I don’t normally acknowledge people that call me that. Bad bad memories. So not good. Just consider this a warning, okedokie?"

He giggled again. “Okay, promise. I won’t call that again.”

okay so my grandfather is still a racist homophobic old entitled white man

but we did manage to get through a meal at Outback without strangling one another

and also he told me how he and my grandma met while he was doing his second tour in Japan just after WWII and he told me stories about how her family (who was Korean and had been conscripted by the Japanese as labor) hid in a cave and watched the American war planes fly over the city

so that was kind of neat

I still wish he wasn’t a racist homophobic old entitled white man though

It would have been cool if we had like a bunch of mini-episodes that were like prequels, where you could play as minor characters/characters who die in-game for a little while so you could get an idea of their backstory. And you play as them right as the walker outbreak starts.

So you see Ben or Mark or Rebecca or Nick or Luke or Sarah or Lilly or Jane or all of them right before the outbreak, and at the very start of it. And how they all cope in the first 24 hours.

[although Mark just locked himself in a closet for two days and hid….oh well.]

Honestly the past few months have been the hardest since entering recovery in 2013. Ive gained a lot of weight (50ish lbs), lost my best friend, made bad grades, and hid in my room. I’m getting things back together. I’m back on my meds, pushing myself to go to school everyday, and trying to do my homework. I’m posting this bc i need some support. I’m trying to get my diet in check(i’ve been compulsively overeating) and trying to get the courage to start running again. I’m in for a challenge over the next few months, but i know I’ll get throughj it — I always do.

About Jax's Shyness

Some things he does/doesn’t do:

  • avoid eye-contact
  • Talk a lot, get worried he’s talking to much, and then stop talking
  • mumble his words sometimes (especially around Kiki)
  • Try to stay away from crowded/public places (rarely ever goes to bars)
  • Start rambling (when he’s feeling confident) and then say something awkward. Afterward he tries not to talk too much
  • Try to hid his face with his hands when he’s embarrassed
  • Not talk to/stay away from new people
  • Drag Edger everywhere with him (ordering food, staying with groups of people)
  • Get edger to say/do things for him
  • get really worried Kiki won’t like him if he messes up/does something (he considers) embarrassing in front of her

Do any parts of hits point to social anxiety, or is his shyness just getting out of hand?

Okay but

•imagine if Sugar was Enoch’s daughter

•imagine if Enoch rejected her and hid her in the room full of sugar

•imagine if her baby brother Zacharie found out and sneaked food and water to her

•imagine bby Zacharie going out into the snow to zone 1 and getting Dedan

•imagine confused Dedan getting dragged over to zone 3 by this tiny little masked dude

•imagine Dedan finding Sugar

•imagine how fucking furious Dedan was when he found out Enoch did this

•imagine bby Sugar clinging to Dedan as he talked to her and got her out of there

•imagine Dedan raising sugar as his own

•imagine Papa Dedan