Five Cards You Have Never Heard Of

That You Might Want For EDH

Herald of Leshrac -

This is a low-profile, bulk box rare from Coldsnap. If you look at the card, you’ll probably notice the massive inconsistency between its converted mana cost and its power and toughness - you are really not getting much value here. What you are getting is an excellent solution to late game stalemates.

I am sure that everyone has played EDH games that have turned into slogs: Everyone’s threats lie in ruins and their answers are expended. Each player is in topdeck mode and fist pumps whenever they draw anything with power and toughness. Suddenly the first person to draw even the most mediocre threat can run away with the game.

Herald of Leshrac is the prefect creature to sandbag for those scenarios. As long as you don’t run him out as a premiere threat, the steady, exponentially increasing advantage that he provides will allow you to stitch together a win from the sloppy remains of a butchered game. 

Bubble Matrix -

This card struck me as a niche piece for my Dralnu deck. I slotted it into the 99 as a strict upgrade over another piece of my protection package. With Bubble Matrix in place, I took the deck to my local Commander league; I held off  Gisela, Avacyn (the good one), and Iona with a Nightveil Specter, Kira, and a drake token long enough for Toxic Deluge to save me.

I have become convinced that the Matrix is worthy of a place in any Control deck that makes heavy use of utility creatures. Even if it is soft to Green decks with lots of trample, it will buy you so many turns worth of cards that I think it’s a worthy investment of 4 mana. 

Constant Mists -

Ok, unlike Bubble Matrix, this one might only be really, really good with Titania - but man, it’s good with Titania. Every combat you get to decide how things work out. And if you have your Commander on the table, suddenly combat on your turn looks a whole lot better (because you have just sprouted another 5/3 Elemental for each time your opponents have tried to attack you). Fog gets really good when it also works towards advancing your board position. 

Planar Birth -

Now we’re really going really deep. My Jeskai deck (which started as Ruhan but has now become something aberrant and strange, which I will write about later) is currently a throwback to the Seismic Swans lists from the Extended format of yore (the precursor of Modern to you younglings). In my odd ball Control list I frequently end up with loads of lands in my ‘yard. Suddenly, for 1W, I can have the strongest mana base at the table. I feel like this card would go well in any list running White that dumps loads of cards into the grave - Karador, for example. 

Slaughter -

I have no idea why this isn’t a Black EDH staple. Yes, it’s more expensive than Doom Blade/Malicious Affliction/Your Favourite Kill Spell, but it also never lets you down. Life is  the cheapest currency you can possibly have in EDH (especially if you’re good friends with a certain Merchant) and there’s rarely better use for it than ensuring every threat that comes up against you dies. 

Undiscovered Loot

These are a few gems that I have been getting a lot of shine from these days, but they are merely a small sampling of the vast treasure trove that Magic has to offer its most diverse format. What are some of your favourite diamonds in the rough?


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